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12:40 AM on 01.24.2008

"Video Games Kill Movies in 2007"

It's Official. Yahoo says so.

For those that don't like to click links...

Video game sales break records
NPD Group reports a record-breaking year in video game sales.

By YVG Staff

Video game sales topped $17 billion last year, according to the NPD Group, making 2007 by far the biggest year in gaming history.

These numbers mark a 43 percent increase year over year, solidifying the games industry's strong lead in growth over movie box office revenue, which totaled $9.7 billion at a 4 percent increase.

Holiday shoppers made December the most lucrative month of all. Sales of both the Wii and Xbox 360 were strong, but it was the Nintendo DS that posted the biggest December totals, with a staggering 2.5 million systems ending up under trees nationwide. Over on the PS3, December saw a strong rise, but the more expensive system still tailed its competition.

No prizes for guessing the top-selling game of the year, though: Halo 3 wound up shifting just short of 5 million copies.

So now that games beat out Hollywood for money, do you think we'll see a Titanic Game...Virtual Leonardo FTW!


8:47 PM on 01.08.2008

Rez HD is going to be Vibrate-tastic!

I was just checking out that little story on Rez and it's original Trance Vibrator Controller that came out with the game. Now the new Xbox Live Rez HD downloadable game will use the 360 Controllers as the New Trance that got me thinking about a little story I saw about the "Special Use" that some females used for the controllers.

Link maybe NSFW

Yes Gentlemen, your 360 will now pleasure your little lady. Finally it's true purpose has surfaced.

Xbox 360...Really a Sex Machine?

I think the terrorists have won.   read

2:30 PM on 01.06.2008

Is Ubisoft Losing it?

I was just reading Surfer Girls Blog (Yeah I know it's just gossip), and came across an interesting little story. It's about Ubisoft's delays of inferior products. Here is the quote and link to the page.

Disaster: Ubisoft and the Kingdom of Delayed Product

Kudgel informs of the latest episode of the perpetual situation comedy known as Ubisoft.

The videogame based on Lost was so terrible that when the company sent it to Sony for approval, they refused, saying "no, your game is too boring and has no gameplay, we don't want it on the Playstation 3." This videogame will beat records at being bad and will bomb really hard.

The next Splinter Cell game has been redone three times over already. Developers just can't seem to include good gameplay in it. That's part of why it got delayed. Same can be said about Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The story was abysmal and it was supposed to be a prequel to Vegas in the early stages of development. Developers then said it made no sense at all, because the first Vegas game finished with a "To Be Continued" screen. They delayed it to work on the story and add some maps.

Far Cry 2 has also been delayed because it was terrible. The game does not look like NEAR what has been shown. Even with the best PC available to the developers, the game just does not match what has been shown so far. Far Cry 2 is both bad and requires one hell of a machine (PC) to run.

I have not yet played my copy of Assassin's Creed but my bro' says it's ok. mMaybe they are losing they're touch or is this just good quality control after what happened to Assassins Creed not really living up to the hype?   read

5:31 PM on 01.05.2008

My thoughts on the PSP 2000 (AKA Slim)

So about ten days ago I bought a new PSP SLIM (Darth Vader White Model). I was bored and had some store credit at FYE. Well after some playtime with Guitaroo Man I came away very impressed by the new model.

I know some people complain that it's flimsy and cheap feeling now, but I disagree. Aside from the new UMD door, (I'm more than sure it will break later on) I like the PSP Slim. The buttons are all laid out pretty well, except for the Analog Nub, my thumb starts to cramp after about 20-30 minutes. It's new design is not earth shattering but I like what Sony is doing with the Interface and the Ability to hook it up with my PS3 is pretty nice. I also got the Component Cables for the TV Out option and it looks pretty nice on my HDTV. It's just that games do not take up the full screen. Not a huge problem but if you have a smaller TV, it just doesn't make sense.

Yes I have custom firmware on it but I'm not going into details. I'll just say that it makes this little machine even better.

So I would recommend buying a PSP Slim. Just get some Custom Firmware on it so you can play some Double Dribble.   read

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