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hammerofthor2011 avatar 12:22 AM on 08.03.2014  (server time)
New PS4, Same Problems...

So I took the plunge. I purchased myself a new PS4.

$400 gone, but I figured that I like my PS3 enough that eventually the PS4 would be an inevitable upgrade. I had the money, so why not?

Well, first of all I purchased the game from a Gamestop. It was "new", for $399. My friend bought one simultaneously, at the next register over.

He took his home and got online fine. Instead his box was even a little card giving you $10 bonus for PSN purchases. Fancy, I thought, as my identical system didn't come with that.

Then I saw the seal on my box, or rather, the fact that my "seal" was just clear tape. The actually PS blue seal was missing, replaced with scotch tape which also helped cover the fact that the box had been ripped open at the insert tab. 

I was sold a used or returned system, but was charged for a new one. No wonder I didn't get the PSN $10 code--someone had opened the system up and used that code already!

Gamestop DID let me swap for an actual new PS4.

Then the games got worse.

Since I didn't have a new PS4, I hadn't signed into PSN yet. I knew that if I did, I would want to format it before returning it to Gamestop anyway. So I didn't try to sign in until after the return from Gamestop the second time. Well, I couldn't sign into PSN.

So since I couldn't sign in, I couldn't actually verify my PSN account. It would simply give me the timed out to server error. It hung at that for hours. I power cycled. I formatted/factory reset, and I even tried to do it without updating (you can't).

Eventually I tried to call support. No luck. Waited for 30 minutes for nothing.

So I looked online more. Found lots of PSN issue reports on downdetector:

Same issue I was having. So finally i figured it out: My PS4 was connected wirelessly, and for whatever reason, plugging an ethernet cable in and using that instead solved the problem immediately. Though now that I again removed the cable, it reverted to having some stable sign ins.

So I sort of have a semi-operable PS4 that I already had to return once (through no fault of Sony's I guess.)

Now that I got my PSN working, I tried adding my boyfriend as a user on the PS4. It won't let him play my PSN or PS+ games. I tried fiddling with account/user/license management on PSN to no avail. So am I to just buy all the games again? Is it just them being greedy post PS3, or what?

So guess what I did?

Plugged in my Wii U and played Megaman Battle Network.


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