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hammerofthor2011's blog

12:22 AM on 08.03.2014

New PS4, Same Problems...

So I took the plunge. I purchased myself a new PS4. $400 gone, but I figured that I like my PS3 enough that eventually the PS4 would be an inevitable upgrade. I had the money, so why not? Well, first of all I purchased the ...   read

4:29 PM on 12.10.2011

Nintendo DS Gems: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor

I'm really the only Shin Megami Tensei fan that I know offline, although my boyfriend likes the Persona series. I like pretty much every entry in the franchise, although I still haven't tried out Devil Summoner for the PS2 ye...   read

11:45 AM on 12.08.2011

Skyrim's Broken World

Well, I finally experienced the true gravity Skyrim's PS3...glitches. In all my hours of gameplay (60ish), I still haven't seen a floating mammoth, and I never had a dead friend's corpse show up at my wedding. Sure, I have...   read

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