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12:22 AM on 08.03.2014

New PS4, Same Problems...

So I took the plunge. I purchased myself a new PS4.

$400 gone, but I figured that I like my PS3 enough that eventually the PS4 would be an inevitable upgrade. I had the money, so why not?

Well, first of all I purchased the game from a Gamestop. It was "new", for $399. My friend bought one simultaneously, at the next register over.

He took his home and got online fine. Instead his box was even a little card giving you $10 bonus for PSN purchases. Fancy, I thought, as my identical system didn't come with that.

Then I saw the seal on my box, or rather, the fact that my "seal" was just clear tape. The actually PS blue seal was missing, replaced with scotch tape which also helped cover the fact that the box had been ripped open at the insert tab. 

I was sold a used or returned system, but was charged for a new one. No wonder I didn't get the PSN $10 code--someone had opened the system up and used that code already!

Gamestop DID let me swap for an actual new PS4.

Then the games got worse.

Since I didn't have a new PS4, I hadn't signed into PSN yet. I knew that if I did, I would want to format it before returning it to Gamestop anyway. So I didn't try to sign in until after the return from Gamestop the second time. Well, I couldn't sign into PSN.

So since I couldn't sign in, I couldn't actually verify my PSN account. It would simply give me the timed out to server error. It hung at that for hours. I power cycled. I formatted/factory reset, and I even tried to do it without updating (you can't).

Eventually I tried to call support. No luck. Waited for 30 minutes for nothing.

So I looked online more. Found lots of PSN issue reports on downdetector:

Same issue I was having. So finally i figured it out: My PS4 was connected wirelessly, and for whatever reason, plugging an ethernet cable in and using that instead solved the problem immediately. Though now that I again removed the cable, it reverted to having some stable sign ins.

So I sort of have a semi-operable PS4 that I already had to return once (through no fault of Sony's I guess.)

Now that I got my PSN working, I tried adding my boyfriend as a user on the PS4. It won't let him play my PSN or PS+ games. I tried fiddling with account/user/license management on PSN to no avail. So am I to just buy all the games again? Is it just them being greedy post PS3, or what?

So guess what I did?

Plugged in my Wii U and played Megaman Battle Network.

-__-   read

4:29 PM on 12.10.2011

Nintendo DS Gems: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor

I'm really the only Shin Megami Tensei fan that I know offline, although my boyfriend likes the Persona series. I like pretty much every entry in the franchise, although I still haven't tried out Devil Summoner for the PS2 yet.

Anyhow, one unique and great entry in the series came to the Nintendo DS back in 2009. Devil Survivor is a turned based strategy RPG. The setting of the game is interesting and somewhat reminded me of another great DS RPG, The World Ends With You, which I intend to talk about later. Basically, you're in the role of a teenager guy who is trapped within the Yamanote circle of Tokyo. The government locks down the entire area, and no one is allowed to leave the circle. It turns out the reason is due to an outbreak in demons, and soon you and your friends are able to fight and summon demons yourselves with the use of strange devices called COMPs.

In battle, the gameplay is a mix of traditional turn based SRPGs, but it also has a bit of a twist. Each unit is lead by your human character, and the human can summon up to two demons to fight by his or her side. When you actually engage an enemy, the view switches to a Dragon Quest-esque view and you select specific attacks and abilities. It's actually a very deep and fleshed out game, and eventually you gain the ability to fuse, buy, and unlock a slew of demons of varying powers and viciousness.

Basically, the game rocks. It was recently released for the 3DS in a slightly extended version, with a playable epilogue and a fully voiced track. Although the slight improvements mean that you should play the game on 3DS if you have the choice, the DS version is pretty much identical and just as great. If you haven't checked the game out yet, and you love SRPGs, you have to check this out now!

Aaand, if you have played the game and loved it—you should support Atlus and get your money ready for the game's sequel! Digital Devil Survivor 2 is already out in Japan, and has been confirmed for an early 2012 US release. The game is—thus far—solely for the Nintendo DS, NOT the 3DS. Obviously, the game will work on 3DS systems, but I do want to point out that you don't require Nintendo's fancy new system to enjoy this upcoming game.   read

11:45 AM on 12.08.2011

Skyrim's Broken World

Well, I finally experienced the true gravity Skyrim's PS3...glitches.

In all my hours of gameplay (60ish), I still haven't seen a floating mammoth, and I never had a dead friend's corpse show up at my wedding. Sure, I have seen graphical glitches but for the most part I wasn't experiencing any of the 'normal' glitches that everyone else was noting as being frequent and hilarious. Then, the lag happened.

Yup, the massive slowdown of Skyrim occurred during my 40th hour or so in the world. My save file was around 5.6MB, and it caused the entire world to stutter around worse than a 1920s newsreel. It progressed slowly, but soon every movement my character took caused the game to freeze and jerk around. It was pretty much unplayable, and so I quit playing for several days until the newest patch came out. For me, the patch has alleviated some of the lag, but not all. A new game file still loads and plays more fluidly than my old file does. Bethesda is reportedly working on another patch, but some mutterings are that a 'fix' might not even be possible due to the infrastructure of the system and the massive workings of the game world.

The lag is the worst, and most game breaking thing I have run into, but after that was slightly alleviated I decided to try and finish the main quest with my original level 40 Breton. (Yeah, I'm a slow player.) I got as far as arranging the peace treaty under the mediation of the Greybeards when I ran in to an even more obvious game-breaking glitch. I couldn't progress the main quest.

The name of the quest that I am stuck on is Season Unending (I know, the irony.) After speaking with Arngeir of the Greybeards, you are tasks with speaking to both General Tullius and Ulric Stormcloak in order to coax the two leaders into a meeting of peace mediated by the Greybeards themselves. This is simple enough, and simply requires speaking to the two men. Tullius went fine, although after agreeing to meet for the peace treaty he preceded to talk to the Legate about matters of war Well, after meeting Tullius I went to Ulric's seat of power and spoke with him.

“I believe Galmar gave you something to do, so go do it!” Ulric stated plainly with a hint of arrogance. He had the quest marker above his head, but no dialogue box would come up. All the stupid Nord would say was that one snippet of generic text. There was not even a prompt for the peace treaty, and so eventually I decided I needed to finish the quest that Galmar had given me or else Ulric wasn't going to talk. Well, I did finish that quest, and afterward Ulric was telling me to go with Galmar to find the Jagged Crown while Galmar himself was stating that he couldn't believe that I got Ulric to agree to this peace talk, and that it was a waste of time. Catch 22.

So that's it, my main quest is basically screwed. I have tried some online work arounds, but I haven't had any luck. There's a command you can use on the PC version, but of course since I am on PS3 I am at the mercy of the developer. Between this and the ridiculous file slowdown, my opinion of Skyrim has been altered somewhat. It's still an amazing game, and I still love it and its world, but its hard to keep playing a game that is essentially broken in more than one way. If I had to review the game, these glitches and issues would easily warrant at least a couple of points. For now, however, I guess I will just wait on Bethesda and start a new file...because I want to kill giant spiders with a bow now.   read

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