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haitani's blog

2:04 AM on 12.26.2009

y helo thar, DESTRUCTOID

Hey guys, I'm Tani. Newfaggin' it up here on D-TOID, courtesy of the nagtastic abilites of my good buddy tsunamikitsune! It's all good, it's all good. I won't kill him in his sleep until he turns 21.

My favorite genres include anything that's not sports games or movie adaptations. Although, Forza's technically a sports game, huh?

I live in Iowa, and it's okay I guess. There's like nobody here from the internets, but that's cool I guess. We get along somehow.

I've got some great feature ideas, like A Year In Gaming (where I try to beat 52 classic games next year and review them each week), TV-side Chats (where we look at the literary and philosophical impacts of preeminent games), and details of a super secret INDIE GAME PROJECT!

Stay tuned, and here's hoping for a warm welcome to the Destructoid community!

also here, have a picture of xmas time chun-li BECAUSE IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS IN HAWAII


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