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habslove avatar 12:11 AM on 03.07.2013  (server time)
Tomb Raider: The Road to Platinum Part III

Snow days. I love them. It was actually snowing somewhat heavily but the temperature went up and it turned to slush. So on to Tomb Raider! I started where I left off: nearly at the end. It took a few hours but I managed to beat the game no problem. I even went back and collected all the leftover GPS changes, documents and relics I had missed. The only tricky collectible I had left was that damn minesweeper challenge. But thanks to PowerPyx on YouTube I wrapped that up pretty quickly. I even managed to get a few combat trophies as well. My single player is now only missing three trophies: The Professional (fully mod and upgrade every gun), Deadeye (shoot ten enemies off ziplines) and Chatterbox (complete every conversation with the Endurance crew). For The Professional I'm not too sure what to do. I have lots of upgrades left on my shotgun so I think I will wait until someone else figures out the best place to farm it. Same goes for Deadeye. Chatterbox is a whole other story. I thought I followed the guide accurately but what it doesn't tell you is one of the conversations you have with Dr. Whitman at the beginning of the game is actually two conversations. So I am going to have to start a new game and run through it just to do all the conversations again. That's fine. That's on me.

After completing the single player I threw myself into the multiplayer which is extremely similar to Uncharted's. I jumped into a standard team deathmatch. Now I don't know if someone was lagging but every single player in the game was bouncing around the map like there was no gravity. It was hilarious. It was also extremely difficult to kill anyone. Thankfully I haven't had this problem since. I was lucky enough to get most of the trophies like Adventurer (complete a match in all multiplayer modes), Entrapment (catch a player in a snare trap), Good Samaritan (revive a teammate), Sole Survivor (be the only player on your team not dead or incapacitated), Lights Out (kill ten enemies with your melee attack) and On My Way Up (reach level ten) without trying at all. I got lucky with Master Blaster (kill two enemies with a single explosion). I got it without even noticing! I'm All That! (win a ranked match in all multiplayer modes) took some effort but it's really no problem. Monkey Around (escape death three times using the rope ascender) was actually really fun to do. I played free-for-all as a Solarii and hung around the bottom of the zip lines. People eventually start shooting at you and you just jump up and zip away. And most people play as a Survivor and don't have the rope ascender.

I played the multiplayer for a few hours. I am now at level 22. Still pretty far from 60. The fire alarm went off randomly in my building so I ended up taking a lunch break until firemen came and did their thing.

I have one huge complaint about the multiplayer though. The Shopaholic trophy, a bronze trophy, is listed in the strategy guide as: Buy every upgrade and multiplayer character. That sounds pretty reasonable. I mean a bronze trophy is kind of a crap reward considering True Commitment (reach level 60) is a silver trophy but still it's doable. This same strategy guide also lists all the characters and at what level they are available for purchase. Turns out the last character, The General, is not available until you reach Prestige level 3.

So if I am not mistaken, to get the platinum trophy you will need to spend countless hours playing a mind-numbingly boring and repetitive multiplayer just to earn what will (surely) be your last trophy? And on top of that it's only a bronze trophy. Maybe this would be passable if the multiplayer was the main focus of the game like say Call of Duty where people often are willing to prestige 9 times. But Tomb Raider is a single player experience. Come on Crystal Dynamics get your shit together.

I know, I know. #firstworldproblems and all that. We all have bigger problems in our lives. I'll suck it up.

As it stands right now I'm at 85% completion and Kanye is at 8% completion. You would think I got this in the bag but I'm working the next three days while Kanye has off. And it's going to be the weekend and I can guarantee I won't be staying home to play Tomb Raider when there's drinking to be done.

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