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23 year old part time college student part time video game store employee and full time Montreal Canadiens fan.

I like video games, hockey, horror movies and makeup :)

I'm also a giant nerd, get ready.
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I've been so so so busy these past few weeks. What with trying to graduate and working and current schoolwork and friends and STARCRAFT, I've had literally zero time for Tomb Raider. Recently I've gotten a new computer, just in time for Heart of the Swarm. So naturally my life has been consumed by Sarah Kerrigan and the Zerg and that's when I'm not in class or working. I only have two days off this week compared to my usual four. I'm working like a crazy motherfucker so I can get this promotion already. Oh and did I mention I'm graduating in the spring? So yeah I've had to do those pesky little tests like the CLEP French exam which allows me to skip taking any foreign language classes. And I got 78/80 in less than an hour so yeah I'd say it's worth it. So my point is thanks to Tomb Raider's ridiculously boring multiplayer trophies, I have no clue when I'll be platinum-ing this game. But right now there are better, more exciting games to play (Heart of the Swarm) and more pressing matters to attend to (school, work, friends). Throw on top of that Bioshock coming out next week and the fact that I'm going to be trying to work at other stores I don't know how far I'll be getting.

But hey I did get the Down Boy trophy this weekend. So that's something.

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