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Mario Brother Live Action Puppet Show

Please excuse me as I pick my jaw off the ground. For those of us who cannot ever get enough of Mario, check out what some very creative contestants on a Japanese game show created. Its a live action Mario Brothers puppet show submitted by Chunnel.tv. At the end of the puppet show, the contestants cheer with excitement, because they somehow already know the magic they have just created.


Women in Gaming

I wrote this the other day and KNEW I wasnt going to to post it here. Why? Because I knew I would get ripped to shreds by a select few. Upon getting so much response and support for it on other sites, I changed my mind. So ...


My First Video Game Review: Bonsai Blast

My First Video Game Review: Bonsai Blast Name of Game: Bonsai Blast Platform: Iphone/Ipod Touch/Android Game Developer: Glu Mobile Game Publisher: Glu Mobile Link: http://www.glu.com/noram/pages/product.aspx?pr=Bonsai+Blas...


ahhhh this takes me back....

stumbled upon this video and how quickly within a couple frames childhood excitement overwhelms me. After watching this video, I curse that my mom sold all the games once "the kids moved out"......blasphemy I tell ya. I m...


How I Made my Mario Brothers Costume

It started with an email and several bottles of the infamous E6000. Me and my best friend Sam decided to be Mario and Luigi for Halloween. But not ordinary, slap on some overalls with a faded red shirt type Mario Brothers.......


About guysgirlone of us since 10:11 AM on 10.06.2008

love RPGs and shooters. fav games include splinter cell, rainbow six, bond, zelda(s), mario(s) among others

have my own website called http://www.guysgirl.com where i like to teach girls about video games, sports, fitness and beauty which just so happen to by my passions


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