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let's see, well let's start off with usedtabe is my husband...there i said it, moving on. i'll be the first one to tell you that i'm a noob or nooberella, as i like to call myself (usedatbe just rolled hi eyes at me...again). i just like to play doesn't matter what gender you is...stfuajpg! i'm a girly girl, i don't like to bate my own hook, i love the color pink, and i love video game violence and gore:) i hate girls that think they're so awesome for playing gears and halo, or whatever game they play just to be considered one of the boys. i love to hear my husband talk trash to other online players, especially his own teammates. i like to play my stupid easy games like, kingdom hearts, viva pinata, eternal sonata...and some of the more "grown up" games like, gears, mass effect, and bio shock to name a few. i'm a photographer that works with bratty high school seniors. i was born and raised in maui, hawaii, and i have never seen such a large group of stereotypes in all of my life since i moved to texas.

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it's been soooooo long since I've been to the front page blogs. but i'm sure that no one really missed the rantings of a grunchk1n. In case anyone is wondering what I've been up too, it's nothing much really. Trying to do this whole stay-at-home mom thing is pretty cool, I still have a lot to learn. It feels like I'm still transitioning from single couple to family slowly but surely. I'll get there someday soon, I already got the mom look down that my daughter can tell when she did something bad, and have that awesome mom tone of voice where I can get her to pick up her toys and such. And I'm starting to freak out when things don't go back where they need to be. Luckily, I still have time to play games. I'm actually playing Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls for the first time, and I'm loving it. I get so lost in the side quests that I almost forgot about the main quest. Sometimes I'll let my daughter play with the controller while me character runs around in a forest or field, and she can after shoot the bow and arrow. Pretty talented I'd say for a 20-month-old, but then, everything she does is amazing. Speaking of the offspring, she is crazy! I love her to death though, her personality just blows my mind, she can be a stinker, and she can be a sweetheart, sometimes both at the same time. We're starting to venture into potty training, GOD BE WITH US! Luckily, she's a bright kid, and already has the concept in her head, but now needs the control of the bladder.

Lets see, let see...oh, my photography is going pretty well, I have done 2 weddings and some sessions here and there. Hopefully I'll be able to continue booking weddings and such as the years roll on. It would be great if I could do 1 wedding a month. I started those photobooth type deals for my weddings:

pretty fun, and the guest enjoy it.

What else, what else? Usedtabe, the offspring, and I will be going to Maui at the end of August to visit my family. I'm so excited for that. I have become super white here in "da mainland" and it will be nice to lay out and tan in the cool tropical breeze. Don't worry, I'll post pics to make you all jelly;) Well, I think that's all that's been on my mind. Take care all you crazy kids out there!

YEAH! 4 years have past with the man that I married named Usedtabe. It's been quite a funky ride, but we're here at 4 years now. I never thought I would be anywhere else except my little island home in the Pacific. Home is were my heart is and as long as Usedtabe is here with me, I will never be homesick. He provides me shelter and warmth. He gave me the greatest gift of all, our daughter Lilianna. He introduced me back into gaming. He broadens my horizons and challenges me to go farther and beyond my own expectations. Without him, I am literally nothing. Thanks for the 4 years of marriage dude:)

12:41 PM on 06.20.2010

This one goes out to all the fathers, soon to be fathers, baby daddies and those who might have some unknowing offspring running around;)

I wish I could give you all a piece of usedtabe's father's day cake, but we'll think of you when we eat it:)

12:42 PM on 06.18.2010

Since I've become a stay at home mom, I am able to reconnect to my creative roots. In between the naps, feeding and cleaning (somehow), I was able to make my little Lilianna her first d-toid apparel. Of course, I had to make it all cute and girly so this is what I came up with:) And usedtabe said I should share this as well...

Oh, and I made the tutu and bow as well. I'm going to sell it on, but let me know if anyone wants dibs . And in case anyone is wondering, Delightful Photography is my photography business. So if Mr. Destructoid is ever in Houston, Tx, I would love to do a photo shoot with him free of charge;)

So the game has been out for a while, but I haven't told you what I think about it yet:) Like you're all dying to know what I think right. Anywhoo, I about peed my pants at the opening sequence. My heart fluttered to see all the familiar faces and felt that stinging pain when you get your heart broken when I saw the Normandy crumble as it was attacked. I don't know what I'm so emotionally attached to this game, but I am. I was completely crushed when Kaiden "broke up" with me, and every time I see his picture on my desk, I get a little teary eyed it seems. It's crazy, I love the relationships in this game. My heart skipped a beat every time I met someone from ME1. I loved seeing Wrex again, it was almost like meeting an old friend in real life. I do notice that in ME2 I use my biotic powers more. I even tried to use them in the first game, but it didn't seem easy to me as it does in ME2. I like how you can choose your characters casual outfits. Of course I'm a female Shephard and I hope that they come out with new outfits like the asari stripper outfit so I can run around like a skank all up and down the new Normandy for fun. I thought that I liked scanning the planets for all those elements that you needed for you upgrades, but half way through my first run though, it got tedious and boring. I didn't mind in the first game actually going to the planets and looking for them. I felt like I was exploring uncharted territory and I liked finding ancient artifacts and such. Better than sitting there and scanning planets just to upgrade my assault rifle. Now my right trigger is all messed up from it. To me I like the combat even better and I love using my biotic powers. The first time i went through the game I played with a new character as a soldier. Second time I played with my ME1 character as a vanguard which was awesome because all I did was just hit enemies with my biotics. Now I'm going through a third as a sentinel, which is the best of both worlds to me. My favorite is the biotic power is the slam. I can't tell you how many hours I played ME1, I can tell you it is well over 60 hours because I got the achievement for it, lol. They're will be many more play through's for me with ME2. Oh, and here's what my character looks like, tee hee:)