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3:48 PM on 02.23.2008

MGS4's release date possibly revealed?

Ofcourse this info is taken from another website but considering the news is fuck awesome and I haven't seen it posted yet I felt myself obliged to do it myself.

No need to thank me! Well, onto the news.

Apparently, in the latest edition of Famitsu there's an advertisement for MGS4, and apparently, there's a release date on it.

Picture in question:

June 12th 2008. And considering they keep saying that the game has a worldwide simultaneous release it should be the global releasedate.

It could be a fraud though, imo it looks somewhat fake but you never know, it sounds like a reasonable date...

Source: FOK! Games   read

2:58 PM on 07.19.2007

Attention people! Time to dust off those Wiipoints!

It was a day like any other, but suddenly a scream. 'What's that, is someone being murdered?' you pondered. But no, it was me. I finally saw the fulfilling of the prophecy. The enlightenment to my destiny. Paper Mario for the N64, now available for the Virtual Console!

I creamed in my pants, yes. You, yes you. Got Wii, got Wiipoints, perhaps one-thousand of them?! Yes! Wonderful! Now buy Paper Mario, buy it, don't worry, i'll wait right here! Yes, that's it, just a few clicks! Oh yeah!

Don't buy this game if you dislike:

Or a combination of the above.

DO buy this game:

-If you like Paper, Mario, RPGs and a combination thereof.

Buy. It. Now. Buy it!

Look in his eyes, don't say no! Embrace it! Embrace your destiny!   read

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