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Today, I payed for a game that I cannot play, because videogame enthusiast. So I shall do the only logical thing anyone could possibly think of, and review the case.

Right away, I couldn't help but notice the excessive amount of the number four on the front cover. PlayStation 4? Assassin's Creed 4? Really creative there, guys. I got mixed up and thought the GameStop bit at the top said "Exclusive missions and shit". I thought this must have been how the game got it's "M" rating, but it turned out that it actually says "ship". That's not quite as interesting.

The plastic case itself is small and blue, just like a Blu-Ray case. It seems like this might cause some confusion. What will happen if someone tries to control a movie, or just watch a game? Pure chaos, that's what! 

Speaking of control, the back cover says something about Remote Play. This seems silly. If I can play Black Flag with my TV remote, then why do PS4 controllers cost $60?? It's a shame that "good guy Sony" would stoop to such rotten anti-consumer policies. If they were just counting on riding all that E3 good will to the bank, then they've got another thing coming!

The back cover also mentions pirates and the Caribbean. I hope that the game features a small, scruffy dog that plays with keys. And if a pretty lady in red doesn't get auctioned off, I'll be very disappointed, indeed! That was a jokey reference to the Disney World ride, called Pirates of the Caribbean. I would never want any lady to be auctioned off, because I'm not a sexist jerk and how dare you suggest that I am!

All in all, Black Flag has a nice case, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys videogame cases. Thanks for reading! And on behalf of myself, and everyone at the Walt Disney World Resort: have a magical day!

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