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greyXstar avatar 7:14 PM on 11.11.2013  (server time)
Ancient Astronaut Theory and Mass Effect

First off, this is your one and only spoiler warning. This blog will contain very huge-ish plot spoilers for the Mass Effect trilogy. If, by some chance you haven't played the games (and you really should), and don't want anything spoiled, then back out now, ya silly!

Despite the 7th console generation lasting longer than any other, I've had a very tough time coming up with a good "My 7th Gen" topic. I could've done one about Microsoft's shoddy hardware, or the advent of horrendous anti-consumer business practices. But those things have been talked about to death; there's no need to dwell on the negative. I have some very special memories connected to Rock Band, of all things, but it'd be difficult to turn that into an interesting full blog. Plus, I don't know what goofy pictures I could put into it.

So what do?

Well, let's talk about my favorite IP of the 7th gen: Mass Effect. While not exactly known for it's technical soundness, the Mass Effect games created one of the best universes, and groups of characters, not just in videogames, but in all of science-fiction. At least, in my opinion.

One of the aspects of the story is advanced alien technology was purposefully left for us to find, in order for civilization to advance into the stars. This is very similar to Ancient Astronaut Theory.

The extremely short version of Ancient Astronaut Theory is that some millennia ago, aliens visited Earth, advanced neanderthal evolution into modern humans, and later gave humans the use of advanced technology, which is used as an explanation for the Egyptian pyramids, the Easter Island heads, etc. There's a ton more to it than that, but this is enough for the purposes of this blog. You should definitely look it up though, it's pretty interesting.

It is also said that many cultures' gods were actually these aliens. This could potentially be a tie-in with a conversation between Shepard and Sovereign (which is another word for 'god'). Sovereign is,of course, one of the Reapers, the immortal hybrid alien/robot death-bringers, who left the technology to be found. Every 50,000 years, once various  civilizations have found their technology and advanced themselves enough, the Reapers show up, and well...reap. Pretty much all life in the galaxy is destroyed. Rinse, and repeat in another 50,000 years.

At one point late in the first game, Shepard asks Sovereign why the Reapers do what they do. The reply is basically "You couldn't comprehend the reasoning". This is the same line of thinking that many religious people have had throughout history. "God's ways are not our ways", "God works in mysterious ways"; and we are never to know, or question, anything further. This all ties in with the idea that the "gods" were not gods, but alien visitors.

I'm personally fascinated with Ancient Astronaut Theory. I don't think that I'm sold on it, but since I wasn't around when it was all supposed to have happened, I can't disprove it. If it is true, I certainly hope they aliens aren't out there waiting to liquify us. That'd be the worst smoothie ever!

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