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greks224 avatar 12:40 AM on 08.02.2008  (server time)
Skate 2 - Trailer Reactions


From IGN

The interview at IGN goes over some of the new features in Skate 2.

According to the interview, the vert mechanics in the game have been improved [read: become not broken], there's more of a story in the game, and you'll get even more "xtreme" advertising jammed down your throat.

One thing I am a little dissapointed about is that they have come up with ridiculous ways for Skate and Skate It! (Wii version) to fit into the same universe. Apparently, in Skate It!, the city blew up or some bullshit like that, because the Wii engine won't be able to handle the detail of the PS360 version of the game, and in Skate 2... well... San Vanelona is rebuilt!

Here's an idea EA - Make more than one fictional city! Is it that hard to put San in front of a random Spanish word?

Best feature in the video – I can walk up the stairs!!!!!!
Seriously, it’s the hugest problem I have had with the first game – that to get up stairs is the most frustrating thing in the world.

Actually, this is one of the most efficient trailers I have ever seen in the sense that it gives you a taste of MANY new game play options available in Skate 2. It looks like skaters will be able to rearrange their city’s obstacles manually – hopefully it’s better implemented than in the most recent Tony Hawk (which I only played a demo of). Also, the handplants seems almost like something they left out of the first skate game so that they could have more substantial additions in the sequel. The “walk on the rail” mechanic and “grab grind’ moves look interesting, but not groundbreaking. I also wonder how flexible the “jump over stuff while the board keeps moving” mechanic will be – I feel like it will be something VERY fun to experiment with.

I also hope that they fix the PS3 framerate issues from the last one and up the saturation in the color scheme.

Also, less load times, please!

Other features I noticed:

Go down hills really fast into traffic cones!
Be a woman (and get hit on online)!
Be a true gangtsa!

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