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grataxe avatar 5:21 PM on 05.07.2012  (server time)
Review: Triple Town

Triple Town is a fun and challenging game that offers players a pleasingly addictive puzzling experience that marks it as one of the best puzzlers that could be expected for iOS. Triple Town is based on a common match-three puzzle standard, yet branches out to incorporate unique elements that make for wholesome puzzle gameplay. Although, Triple Town lacks deviation from its basic functions, and skips out progressive goals or unlock able features that could enhance gameplay.

A player matches three objects to root a "town" by planting grass, bushes, and trees; that eventually convert huts into castles. Other than resource materials that are utilized to construct the player's settlement; Triple Town adds a challenging element that calls on town wandering and sporadically jumping ninja bears that attempt to clutter the player's blueprints. These anti-establishment bears produce gravestones once they are trapped. Gravestones that represent the passed bears may be tripled to form churches. However, besides confining the bears to a single space on the town's grid; the Imperial bot wipes a single plot that can be used to remove anything; including pesky bears and the gravestones they leave. The other single-use object besides the Imperial bot is the Crystal. The Crystal acts as a development shortcut for the player in which only two similar adjacent objects are required to triple and upgrade the respective object. The crystal can also fail if no two adjacent objects are similar and turn to stone. All items are available to purchase in game with earned or purchased coins.

Triple Town is free to download, but gameplay is restricted without the purchase of unlimited turns for $3.99. The purchase of unlimited turns essentially unlocks a full game with multiple map variants, enabled achievements, and unlimited turns. The $3.99 purchase is basically required in order to experience everything the game has to offer. Before purchasing unlimited turns, the free version acts as a demo allowing players to get an understanding of the game. The price of $3.99 may be a little so much so ask, but puzzle game fans should quickly find this to be an easy purchase. The purchase of coins is unnecessary, as they are easily earned by simply playing the game, and are not a required purchase in order to properly play the game.

The Triple Town plays well, the simple controls work and are accurate, the menus are efficient and easy to navigate, the tutorials are comprehendible, the multiple map variants add some variety to the gameplay, and will remain challenging with each attempt at successful town creation. However, the gameplay overall is relatively the same. The goals stays the same, even achievements are based on simply collecting more and more points with each session. The variance of the game is greatly dependent on player input, and lacks additional elements to unlock. Yet, the never-ending challenge of bettering a player's empire promotes fun and addictive gameplay that is sure to entertain and capture any puzzle-seeking iOS gamer's attention.


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