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grataxe avatar 9:17 PM on 05.20.2012  (server time)
Goldeneye: Doubling Up

After years of playing Goldeneye for Nintendo 64, I was recently told that the game can be played using two controllers. I was doubtful, so I popped in the cartridge and opened the in-game menu. Indeed, there were control schemes that displayed pictures of two gray N64 controllers. I recollect seeing this option in years past, but I did not think anything of it. I had no clue that the option allowed the player to use two controllers simultaneously. I chose this and proceeded to pick up both controllers by the middle peninsular handle and began controlling Bond through Dam. What this is, is really an early version of what we see with dual stick controls in modern games. The creators of this game were so innovative that they created a dual stick control scheme when the controller had but one joystick. I was impressed to discover this. This little treat had been hiding from me and many others, I am sure, for years. The control scheme functions, but takes a little time to get used to. The novelty of playing with two controllers is definitely amusing; as I doubt there are many other games, if any, in the N64 library with this option. I found this to be quite interesting, and I encourage anyone who has access to a copy of the game and two controllers to try it out.

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