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Ok, as you sure know ubisofts pressconference just ended with an trailer for I am alive. You see your average brown haired normal-guy-saves-the-world hero running from some people, which obviously want a bottle of water from him. Then you see a destroyed city and then a flashback of the city being attacked. The flashback looked a lot like 9/11 to me.
That´s it.
Oh I see the trailer is already on GT, so there you go:

Am I the only one who could not care less about that game?

Anyway the Prince of Persia ingame footage was bloody freakin great. I wan´t that game NOW!!!!

Gt is really fast these days.

As you´d expect some stupid jerks, who have NOT played the game yet, are demanding a higher score. ugly cunts.
Attached are two scans of the test (not my scans), so read it.