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4:35 PM on 01.25.2013

I'm Back!

Not really a blog I'm writing, but just felt like making my presence known to the Dtoid community after a 7 month hiatus of writing blogs and visiting the site. My, oh my has the format change. I may go back to writing blogs in the near future, but for now I letting the Dtoid world know I'm back. I bet many of you right now are saying, "who is this guy" or " I never even notice he left" LOL XD. Also want to give a shout out to Elsa the Queen of Blogging.

P.S It's my golden birthday today.   read

4:02 AM on 05.21.2012

My trip to Tokyo:Day 1

After many years of waiting, I finally have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan. This is actually my second day in Tokyo or Toukyou how it's really pronounced. Today I visited Akihabara and visited many arcade,manga and video games shops. I can't write about all the places I've been to in this blog, but I will briefly write about a couple.

Super Potato

Ever since I read about this place, I wanted to go here. I didn't take any pictures inside because I didn't know I had permission to, but for those who know what it is, it is a large retro video game store. I believe Super Potato is the one of the largest retro video game store in the world. Any gamer who wants to visit Tokyo, should check this store out. It's has floors of retro games and video game memorabilia. The prices of many games were reasonable(well at least to my cheap butt) and there are many retro video game booths for people to play. The last floor featured old arcades, Final Fight for one. Overall this a place worth checking out.

Club Sega

This is another place I had to go. Club Sega to me carry the best arcades I've seen today on my visit to Akihabara. It has many arcades that are classic,modern and many that are exclusive to Japan. I got my hands on many fighting games, like Tekken tag tournament 2 unlimited, few Street fighters and MVC2. I even like the Japanese exclusive games like, Dragonball Heroes. But, one of my favorite arcade machines is the Mario Kart GP 2. I can all day to described in greater detail, but it's no good to read about, you will have see yourself.   read

5:27 PM on 04.04.2012

A few gaming predictions

Now that weíre in April, E3 is only a couple of months away. This is the year of Wii U and in just a couple of months weíll have a full understanding of what the new Nintendo system offers. Whether or not weíll hear from Sony about their new console, is a wait and see. But for now, I have several predictions of how the game industry will possibly move forward in the future.

Gamestop decline in profits

Gamestop is like the McDonalds of videogames. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest gaming retailer in the U.S at least. By buying the competitor gaming retailers, Gamestop has been a Juggernaut and the primary store for buying videogames. Not only Gamestop makes their money buying and selling the latest and greatest games, but they make a butt load selling old and used games. Now, Iím not a business major as you might have read from my profile, but this is what I understood of how Gamestop makes their money. For one, Gamestop buys games from the manufacturers and sell them to the consumer more than what they pay for from the manufacturer. But the biggest way they make money is, they buy used games from the consumers and sell the games back much more than they pay the consumer. Selling used games for more than what they buy from consumers is one of the biggest money making schemes Gamestop is known for. Now if, the rumor about the next Sony and Mircosoft consoles is true; the rumor that both consoles wonít be able to play used games, this could hurt Gamestop financially. I doubt that this would put Gamestop out of business, but Gamestop can suffer a big loss from this.

The game industry could suffer more than now

Though the gaming industry today is now a viable and generally accepted form of entertainment, the next gen of gaming could put this industry at a standstill. Here are a few reasons: cost of games and systems, cost of development and time and the fact that the next Sony and Mircosoft consoles may not play used games. For those who are aware of how the game industry works, are more than likely aware that games cost a lot of money and time. As a programmer in practice, Iím aware that game development in its various forms takes time to develop. Whether itís developing a new game engine from scratch, modifying in existing engine, programming sound, system programming, graphics, etc, all of this takes time. And the higher the quality of production, the more a game cost to make. As technology advances so too, will the cost and time of game development. With that aside, the factor that may cause the game industry to suffer the most is the possibility of the next Xbox and Playstation may not play used games. Gaming has always been an expensive form of entertainment and with economic recession or not. Many people cannot afford brand new games. I know I canít, I usually wait until a price drop or catch a deal on Amazon or eBay. A game has to be really special for me to buy a game brand new. What also makes matters worst is that people may have to buy full production games in a virtual store in the next gen as it seems that the industry is moving towards the buying software digitally age. The internet may be more accessible for people today than people in the late 90ís and early 2000ís, but I still know a plethora of people who donít have the internet, let alone a computer. The game industry is moving too fast to traverse to that kind of movement yet. And I think many people are not going to go for not playing used games for long, which could hurt Sony and Microsoft big time if people are not buying these consoles. This could give Nintendo the edge since so far, we havenít heard that the Wii U not playing used games. People, who didnít consider the Wii as a console of choice last gen, might consider the Wii U this gen.

Or it can go the other way

Itís possible that Wii U could suffer from Sony and Microsoft next gen consoles not playing used games. No matter how crazy Sony and Microsoft designed their systems to do, people may still buy them anyway just because they either donít like Nintendo or may feel Nintendo wonít satisfy their gaming needs. If both companies are successful in the near future then, third party companies will want to develop for them instead of Nintendo because their games wonít suffer from the used game market. So far Wii U has not been reported to not play used games and because of it many people may wait to get a game used when itís cheap. While in the mean time, people who own the next Xbox and Playstation if the rumor is true will have no choice, but to buy brand new games; which will make the gaming companies want to develop for them more, because again all will not suffer from the used game market.

I thought this HD era of gaming was full of surprises as far as marketing strategies, but I believe this upcoming gen will even be more surprising. I donít know what the future holds, Iím no professional marketing analyst, just a broke college student. All I have to say is to wait and see.   read

5:56 PM on 02.21.2012

The top three annoying enemies of all time

Warning this blog have some offensive language, viewer discretion is advised

After reading ďNobody dies on the first GoombaĒ by Sephiroth X I was inspired to share my feelings on what I think is the top three annoying enemies of videogames ever. Keep in mind that this is not a universal list, but my personal opinion.

The Hammer bros and their family.

These annoying son of guns use to give me great trouble in my early years of gaming. Now days, Iím able to bypass them with little trouble, but because these guys gave me so much grief in my younger years, I place them 3rd in my list. I swear the hammer bros had me on the edge of my seat back in the day. When these motherfuckers would stand there with their cold dead eyes waiting on you to make a wrong move. I had to develop those punch-out reflexes to run through these guys. But they call these hammer guys, hammer bros for a reason, because occasionally I have another one above the other constantly throwing hammers while Iím paying attention to his brother. In both SMB and SMB lost levels, the level to test one soul and skills was 8-3. Those gotdang levels had nothing but hammer bros and I had to be quick with it too, when it came to dodging these cats. As the Super Mario series progressed, more of the hammer bros family started to show up like, Boomerang bros and Sumo bros. Not quite as bad as their cousins the Hammer bros, but still are annoying.


Oh Lakitu, did I have some memories with this guy. For the longest he was my top annoying enemy of all time. Like the Hammer bros, heís not much trouble now, but Lakitu can still be annoying as heck. In all his appearances, I found him the most annoying in Yoshiís Island. Not only he was really quick to follow, but from what I remember the bastard had a freaking targeting system. He was more annoying when I had to traverse through the stage flawlessly in order to get the 30 stars to 100 percent the stage. Lakitu also made me wondered a lot of questions. Like, whatís with the seemly infinite amount of ammo? How does he fit all those spinys in that little cloud? Why does his appearance seem friendly but he is really ďDeath from aboveĒ. With this dude looks can truly be deceiving.


The number 1, THE NUMBER 1 worst enemy of all time, are Metalls. These fucking things are by far the most annoying enemies in videogames. In my opinion they are worse than any enemy from the start of videogames till now. To this day, I still have great trouble getting around these metal bastards. I hate them and all of their incarnations. My body shivers every time I see this bitch. Also, in my opinion they are the most punk enemies in videogame history. Always hiding in their little shells. Impervious to all regular and special attacks. You have to have great patience to deal with these guys. To make matters worst, some can shoot back, camouflage and I think some can hover. Nothing I hate more, especially in the classic Megaman games, when I have to jump on a platform and these assholes are sitting on the edge of the cliff. Whether they can shoot back or not, it doesnít matter because as soon as they hurt you as you jump, you get knock back and die in either a pit or spike. Mavericks and Robot Masters got nothing on these guys when it comes to losing a plethora of lives. Because of my constant grief, even up to this day, I place these guys as number one top annoying enemies of all time.   read

3:05 PM on 01.30.2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Megaman reminds me of someone, hmm.....

I didn't take long for me to see that Megaman looks just like Dan Lauria in mine and my brothers' opinion. I'm just posting this pic to see if anyone agrees and to get a good laugh off.   read

4:40 PM on 01.25.2012

Has anyone ever wondered that Nintendoís home consoles come in pairs?

Has anyone ever wondered that Nintendoís home consoles come in pairs? I mean, it seems like Nintendoís consoles come in twoís. To clarify, I see the Nes and Super Nes as one pair, the N64 and Gamcube is another and the Wii and Wii U are going to be a pair. With the exception of the N64 and Gamecube it seems like Nintendo always make direct successor of the predecessor. Itís probably a coincidence, but maybe too obvious to be one.

Nes and Super Nes as a pair

The Nes started what is known as the age of modern gaming. During the 80ís and early 90ís it was the PS2 of its time. The Nes had a plethora of 3rd party support and it introduced almost every genre of gaming that is known today. The Super Nes took everything the Nes was and expanded upon it. Like the name states, it was super and it enhanced every feature that the Nes had. It had the same amount of 3rd party support, even though the library of games was not as big. The Super Nes was basically an enhance version of the Nes and thatís why I see these two as a pair.

N64 and Gamecube as a pair

The N64 introduced 3D gaming for Nintendo alone, not for gaming in general. It also introduced analog control movement for Nintendo, even though Playstation may have been the first. Though not as successful as its competitor Playstation, the N64 showed smoother textures in polygons and with games like Super Mario 64 set the bar on what true 3D gaming was at that time. The Gamecube though not a direct successor (well in name) was an enhancement of what the N64 was. Again, Nintendo introduced a concept to a new system and the successor of that system seems to inherit all of its predecessorís features and bring it to a new level. I guess thatís why I wasnít impressed with the Gamecube, because I believe Nintendo at the time stagnated just to keep up with the competition.

Wii and Wii U as a pair

Now which bring me to the Wii. There have been motion gaming before the Wii but, it was the first videogame console to make motion gaming as the forefront of the console. The Wii is probably the console mostly responsible for grabbing people who werenít gamers before into gaming. With the success of the Wii but, not exclusively because of Wii, the gaming industry is becoming more of a mainstream form of entertainment. But maybe because of the Wii, gamers created an unspoken civil war between casual and hardcore gamers, which Iím not going to get into. With this problem arising Nintendo is trying to address the issues that hardcore gamers have. I donít know much about Wii U at this point, but I think what Nintendo is trying to do is to keep the audience that they have attracted with the Wii(so called casual audience) at the same time they are trying call out to hardcore gamers and let them know that Nintendo can play with the big boys. Thus Wii U is the suppose solution for Nintendo. It is suppose to be an enhancement to the Wii in every way. The Wii U is suppose to be taking everything that makes the Wii what it is now and takes it to a new level.

As I said before I think itís too obvious to be a coincidence that Nintendo produce a pair of consoles that share the same concept. Then again, it could be me, depending on how many people agrees with me. Just putting my thought out there, so what is anyoneís input on this?   read

11:24 AM on 01.20.2012

You know...last-gen(HD-era) is not that bad when thinking about it.

The year 2012 is here now, and itís a whole new year for gaming. Looking back at 2011 and as far as 2004 when the Nintendo DS first kick start the 7th generation (HD era); I have to say that last generation of gaming was pretty good. Now before I continue, I bet many of you are confuse already. What do you mean HD era as last gen? What do you mean the DS kick start the HD era of gaming? Well, it depends on how a person looks at gaming. I tend to see gaming as a whole and not just a console thing. I believe portables are just as big as home consoles and with the launch of the 3DS and PS Vita in Japan; I think that the next gen has already started with the Wii U possibly coming this year and Microsoft and Sony may announce their new consoles this year. I do fit PC in there too, but PCs evolve so quickly itís hard to put them in a generation. However, in this blog I won't speak of the HD-era in the past tense for I know it is still going on and will continue for some more years. Anyway, recently Iíve been reflecting on the gaming industry since the early days of the HD era up to this point and if anyone who had read my earlier blogs may remember I have been pretty tough in my opinions. Though my criticism still stands, I did find quite of few positives that made me pleased with the 7th gen of gaming over the 6th generation (128-bit era).

What I thought about the 128- bit era

Now, I have to be honest. The 128 bit era did not sit well with me at all. As crazy as it may sound I did not like the PS2 even though it held the biggest library of games. To me the PS2 started that hardcore vs casual bullcrap. Though, I think the concept was more flesh out this gen with the Wii being seen as the casual console and Xbox&PS3 as the hardcore machines. Even though, I'm a Nintendo fan boy and I'm not a shame to admit, I didn't care for my Gamecube. I thought most of my Gamecube games were like "meh." I didn't hate my Gamecube, but there were only a few games that "wow" me. The only system I personally think was the best in that era was the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast had the best line up of games to me. Many people had to agree Sonic Adventure 1&2, Power Stone 1&2, Jet Grind Radio, a bunch of arcade perfect titles, the Dreamcast at the time had it going on. Of course, there was Shenmue. I can spend a whole day writing an article on how great that game was. I seriously weep for anyone who has not played that game before, for they have not played a true adventure game. I hope that it will be re-release for the Xbox live arcade and PSN someday. I wish that Sega had stayed in competition long enough to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft. Despite its limitation, I believe it wouldíve had a huge library of great games and who knows Shenmue 3 couldíve made it to the console. With the exception of the Dreamcast, the 128 bit era was like "meh". The way I think about the 6th generation is the way I thought about Super Mario Sunshine; A solid game but, nothing that amazed me. To me that is saying something when a Mario game of a generation is just an average game. But the coming of the HD era of gaming brought a lot of surprises as well as flaws that made it the most interesting era to date.

Online videogame marketplace

Now that the brooding is out of the way for the moment, what separates the 7th gen from the 6th is the amount of innovation. Now to be honest I wasn't too impress with the Wii at first, mainly because of the disappointment of the Gamecube. Even, when Nintendo showcase motion control for the first time, I didn't really care. It was until the line of games being announced when I got more interested. By the time E3 06' ended, I was set on getting a Wii. Now I do like motion controls and somewhat still do, but at the time of 2006 I was really excited for the games that were announced with motion control. The Wii have a great library of games, many in which have some great innovative motion controls. Now at this point I see motion controls some what gimmicky and have moved on with the excitement, but I believe the Wii is a great system of pure innovation. I also think the Kinect which I own, has great innovation. I'm just hoping that companies will be able to harness Kinect's true potential and put out some really awesome games. Though I have some criticism about videogame consoles online connectivity; I do like the online videogame marketplace. I think it's a great way of putting out really good Indie games without big and small companies spending millions of dollars on a title. I'm a big fan of indie games. I also like all three systems game marketplace for retro games. I'm a huge retro nut and I love the library of classic games that Nintendo and Xbox have on their services. Iím sure this feature is here to stay and I will be glad to see in the next gen consoles. Of course the most important reason to own a videogame console is the games. The awesome games I have played for all three consoles can lie under the category of innovation. With the improvement on computer hardware in consoles come the increase possibilities of creativity games. Games that were made for this gen could not be possibly made for the gen before it. Take L.A Noire for example, this couldíve not been made on the PS2 or even Xbox. Though I only played it briefly, I was impressed with the facial engine that allowed a person to tell if someone was lying or not. I would so love to have a Batman game that would use this. That game to me set the bar on detective games and I hope more games use and improve upon this engine. I just used L.A Noire as a prime example of the creativity that only these powerful consoles can produce. Power aside the heart of gaming from this gen for me is the Wii. I think the Wii really pushed game designers creative minds to make very creative games without the use of advance hardware. Since the Wii wasnít on par with Xbox and playstation in terms of hardware, game designers had to work hard into making games that would catch the publicís eyes. I have over 50+ games for the Wii which I enjoy playing a lot, more than any other console this gen.

Online connectivity
Useless apps for Xbox at least
Shovel ware of so called Hardware games
DLC and online passes
Greed of gaming companies

I canít gripe too much about these cons because one I would need to write two or three blogs to do this and two I have done it in earlier blogs if you wish to check them out. Anyway, Iím not a big fan of over the top online services with a million of useless apps like facebook and twitter on Xbox. Though many would probably disagree, I find that the Wii had the best online service because of its simplicity. The only app I care about for the Wii and 360 is Netflix, though I wouldnít mind a separate Youtube channel on the Wii. I donít really care about HD graphics except if it is cartoon or Cel-shaded HD graphics. Oh but, donít get me started about the greed of some gaming companies ďcoughĒ (Capcom) and their DLC and online passes. Even though there are a lot more cons to over weigh the pros to me, those few pros are too great to be over shadow by the cons. Those pros change the gaming industry drastically in a way I think for the better. To get to the core of my blog, as I analyze the pros and cons, I realize that a few of those cons didnít really apply to me. I donít play online very much, so I donít worry too much about online passes. I donít buy any of the Call of Duties, Rock Bands, Assassin Creeds or Uncharted games etc. I donít use facebook or twitter on Xbox. I bought the Wii and Xbox purely for the games and well some online features are great, I mainly care about the games. Many games this gen did amaze me in more ways than the games in the 128 bit era ever could. So in the end, though my gripes were valid, I canít honestly condemn this whole generation of gaming over some features I donít even use.

So in short I believe that the HD era of gaming is a great era. It comes with its flaws, but I think the flaws are overshadowed by the few amazing pros I discovered. I hope that these pros stay alive and well in this new era of gaming. Iím looking forward to the power of the upcoming gen consoles. I know that many innovative and outstandingly design games will come if game designers used their creativity to the fullest. I say the hardware is the limit.   read

7:04 PM on 01.17.2012

MPF: Multiplayer is fun when playing with love ones.

Many can agree that multiplayer is fun, but to me it is most fun when you play it with people you enjoy playing with the most. In my case itís my siblings. Before the N64 in which multiplayer could be played up to 4 people, me and my two brothers had to enjoy multiplayer with one person at a time rather than all together. Donít get me wrong I love playing the Sega genesis and Super Nintendo with one of my brothers, but that sweet day when my dad bought a third controller for our N64, our multiplayer fun began. My grandest time playing multi-player was the N64 years because I think the greatest multi-player games were made for that system like, Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye for example. Now this is before any one of us had friends to play with. Now that we do, I still love playing with my brothers a whole lot more and here is why.

My friends(sigh)... I love them, but sometimes they're hard to play with.

I like playing videogames with my friends a lot and I do have a good time with them, but sometimes it can be a hassle to get the game going. I understand people have different preferences when playing a game, but Iím that type of guy who just wants to start the game. I like to play everything on default because for one I believe the default settings in most games are the most balance and two I just want to start the game. I have a couple friends who have to button check and change the buttons around and the most disturbing part is that they would save those controls, so the next time I or my brothers play a game; we get little tick about the control. I have a few who are not flexible when playing multi platform games and would refuse to play anything other than their own consoles. I can deal with it because I can adapt to any system when playing videogames with a little given time, but I would sure love to play games on my home consoles. Then there are my nerdy college chums. When they are not playing MMOs or playing trading card games we get into some competitive fighting games between classes. Again, I have a good time with them, but it takes a while depending on how many people playing and what are their preferences. My fellow gaming classmates love watching fighting tournaments, so they always have to match the rules and settings of many 2-D fighters which limits me because I love the default settings. My brothers donít have that problem; we just pick up and play without any stresses of settings.

My greatest gaming adversaries are my flesh and blood

Who better to know how you play competitive multiplayer games than the person or people who played with you for many years. I think up to this day my brothers are my greatest opponents. Playing with my brothers for many years tells me a lot how they play and itís the same for them. Itís hard to out wit my brothers when they know your strength and weaknesses. Mario Party for example, is very interesting in that I find it easier to out wit my friends than my own flesh and blood. Whenever I play Mario Party with friends, I often make a temporary alliance in order to gain what I need and screw everyone in the end. However, my brothers know that I canít be trusted and itís pretty much every man for themselves. Thatís why I find it a joy playing with my brothers because they make many games a challenge and we have fun trying exploit the other weakness to end up with a really close game.

My siblings and I love to goof off.

No matter what type of game me and my siblings are playing whether itís first person shooters, fighting, co-op RPGs, etc; we always find ways to goof around in a game. We may not play competitive all the time, sometimes we may try to glitch the game or play differently from the objective. We particularly love laughing at rag doll physics in many games. We may kill each other in numerous ways to see what position our characters land. There are many ways we have fun in screwing the game and we try to keep those memories very dear to us, so one day we can look back and laugh at it. Often we may say out of the blue, ďRemember that one time when IÖÖ.Ē and that can bring a big smile on our faces.

Unfortunately, we donít play much multiplayer games because we are all in college and have our own agendas, but every once in a while I tried to make theme multiplayer games like, Mario Kart day, Golden eye Day or Wrestling day etc. In one of those days, we pick one day in which everyone is free and try to play every game of a certain genre or series. Our last Goldeneye day, we had a blast playing multiplayer from Goldeneye N64 to Goldeneye Wii. Whether itís family, spouses, friends or possibly strangers online, I would like to read more blogs of peoplesí fondest moments in gaming shared with the people they enjoy playing with. I wrote this blog because I felt like it and wanted to start something new or resurrect an old trend on Dtiod.Maybe I call this a MPF blog.   read

6:36 PM on 11.14.2011

Do videogame sequels automatically make a game great?

Iím pretty sure this is noticeable by many gamers, but I donít hear much talk about it. Since Iím writing a blog about this, Iím just going to ask anyway, ďHave anyone notice that most if not all videogame sequels of critically acclaim games are put on a high pedestal? I mean, maybe many sequels deserve the best ratings; I donít know, but I have noticed that many sequels seem to get near perfect scores and Iím starting to think because the first game was awesome. I think many sequels ride the coat tail of its predecessors and because the first game of its kind did great, that automatically makes the sequel great too as long as if it follows the same formula.

Some games are exception to the rules

There are some videogame sequels that may be exception to the rules. Some videogame sequels may be legitimately great because of the vast improvements in all areas of game play and presentation. For example, though I have never played the franchise, Uncharted 2 was a huge leap in presentation and game play over the first one, so I have heard from many fans of the series. I can personally say that Batman Arkham city was a huge leap in game play and presentation over the first one. To keep in mind that is my opinion and Iím pretty sure there are some that disagree. I can see the first sequel to a game to be legitimately great if the game play was vastly improved, but it seems like every sequel afterwards would be along for the gravy ride. Back to the Uncharted franchise, many would agree that Uncharted 2 improved in many ways over the first one such in the way Sonic 2 improved greatly over Sonic 1. However many Uncharted fans may feel that the third game didnít improve much over the second one. It doesnít mean the fans didnít like the game, but many could think Uncharted 3 may have received the high praise because it was put on a high pedestal place by Uncharted 2. The many gamers in my schoolís campus felt that way about Uncharted 3 and it really got me thinking do critics give a high praise to videogame sequels because the first or second game did great?

Analyzing one game in particular

Analyze the Call of Duty franchise for a minute. The franchise has always done great from the beginning, but it wasnít until the first Modern Warfare when the franchise took a leap into a new direction. It seems like to me every since COD:MW2 the COD games seem to get near perfect scores from many game publications, despite to me that Activation slap on some new maps and a new story and call it a new experience. To me every COD game ever since Modern Warfare 2 didnít seem to change too much in game play maybe some tweaking of the engine, yet it gets near perfect scores. I wonder do critics really take the time to analyze these games sequels before they review it.

Now unlike my other blogs in which I rant, this one is not so much as rant as itís just a blog to put a certain topic on notice. I personally donít care about many sequels getting high praise, but I did wanted to put such a topic on notice because many gamers seem to trip when a sequel from a critically acclaim game gets an 8 out of 10. Now 5 to 10 years ago, in 8 out of 10 seem to be a great score to many, who felt a great game deserved it. Now its seems like if games like Assassinís Creed, Gears of War, Call of Duty and many other big franchise get an 8 or lower, World War 3 will happen on the internet. Though I donít take the Spike VGA awards seriously, I find it stupid to nominate the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword as one of the top picks for ďGame of the Year.Ē Now the game hasnít came out yet, WTF!? How about waiting until the fans get a hold of it and play it and let them decide should it be nominated. I guess they figured since its Zelda, itís automatically a good game. Oh well, just putting it out there.   read

8:44 PM on 09.09.2011

Nintendo never forsaked the fans, the fans forsaked it.

This is what Reggie might look like as a bum if Nintendo went bankrupt.

I want to express my opinions in this blog about how I feel about market analysts, game developers and of course, the Nintendo fans. As of late Iíve been hearing facts about how Nintendo stocks are starting to plummet and rumors of how their stock might drastically drop if the 3Ds sales donít pick up soon. Now Iím reading and hearing that a website called are posting articles to discredit Nintendo by discussing the tech issues developers are having.

The unforesight of Investors

Now itís no secret that the 3DS has had a rough start, but the darn handheld only came out six months ago. I was reading an article on goNintendo how investors are worried that Nintendoís 3DS wonít meet the expected sells and because of it; Nintendoís stocks have dropped based on fear alone. Look, Nintendo has not been through one major holiday yet for people to come around thinking to buy a new system. I guess the market analyst and investors alike thought Nintendo was going to hit it big with the 3DS because of the success of the DS. They might have made that same mistake with the PS3 based on PS2ís success. Well unfortunately things donít work that way all the time and investors shouldíve learn from the Atari days not to put all their eggs in one basket.

The woes of game companies

Game companies have been riding Nintendo for many years now on how Nintendo havenít been open to 3rd party support. I can admit that Nintendo havenít been too kind to 3rd party companies especially during the Gamecube era. I believe this era Nintendo has been more open to 3rd party support for the Wii and especially DS. Now, the new complaints from developers are either about Nintendo inadequate hardware or the fact that their games are not selling good on the Wii. I remember reading complaints from developers early in this era about how itís too expensive to make games for HD consoles and how difficult and time consuming it is to develop. Yet at same time they complain about the Wiiís limited GPU and CPU, saying that itís not powerful enough spread there imagination to make a great game. To me the greatest of games donít have to have the best graphics, but unique and fun gameplay, like Angry birds even though I have never played it. If game developers are really as great as they display themselves to be, then they should be able to make great games with the hardware that the Wii has. The Wii has great tools with the potential to fabricate very creative and fun games, but seems that no one wants to use it anymore.

The fans fault

Many game companies throughout the Wiiís mid life cycle have developed very fun games that are sleeper hits. To a small degree I can understand game companies complaints on how games are not selling on the Wii and itís because of the fans. The fans play a big part on how Nintendo is not getting the support they need to keep on truckiní. There are far too many great games on the Wii to say that this system has no games. Games like Mad world, Red Steel 2 and Ivy the Kiwi and many more are prime examples of sleeper hits. Of course Nintendo has some top-notch first party titles, but it seems like for many people the Wii will sit on their selves collecting dust until another hit first party game come. Like Reggie said, ďwe have core titles just open your wallet and buy some.Ē I can admit that Nintendo has made some dumb decisions over the years and no I donít mean the Virtual Boy even though I love the thing. Nintendoís goal with the Wii was to open gaming to everyone and fix the mistakes they have done with Gamecube. Even though they have opened the door for casual gaming, I felt they never abandoned the hardcore Nintendo fans like me, for a second. Nintendo have always catered to their fans by bringing wonderful Nintendo titles. I believe forcibly Nintendo had to quickly develop the Wii U to cater the needs of the masses. Itís a shamed Nintendo had to following the HD trend to satisfy game companies and gamers. Even, though fans will play the Mario Karts, Zeldas, Kirbys etc, many of them still feel Nintendo is not hardcore enough for them. I remember watching an E3 11í reaction video where fans was watching the conference live at Nintendo world store. After Nintendo showcase the games that was coming for the Wii U, one fans blurted, ďWelcome back Nintendo.Ē I quickly said, ďNintendo never left, yaíll left it.Ē Nintendo fans of America are probably the most unloyal fans of the Nintendo world. Its funny I hear the biggest outcry when Nintendo of America decide not to bring three certain games for the Wii, but game companies like Activision and Capcom have been making dumbass decisions for many years now and the outcry if any is moderate in comparison. These two companies are the greediest companies I know today and yet I hardly hear any signs of rebellion. Yeah Nintendo made mistakes too, but they are far and few in between. Even if Nintendo brought those three games over here, many people may not buy those games due to the bad ďNintendo is not hardcore enoughĒ stigma gamers created for it. And after those games are played, the Wii is going to sit right back on people selves collecting dust, while people will play they crap of Call of Duty.

Of course many will get offended by this blog, but I donít care. I wanted to express how I feel. My uncle asked me the other day, ďWhich is the most powerful console to date?Ē I immediately found something wrong with that question. I wished he asked, ďWhich is the best console.Ē I replied, ďWell if you want the best graphically powerful console then 360 or PS3 is your choice, but if you want the best choice of games then the Wii is the best choice.Ē I donít mean to come off as a fan boy, but I been loyal to Nintendo since the Nes days. Now over the years I liked other consoles, like all of Segaís consoles. I love me some Sega. If there is any game company I love just as much as Nintendo, itís Sega. Some people want a Dreamcast 2 but, more likely Sega would get as much support as Nintendo now, so itís best they stick to software development. People in America probably wouldnít be playing videogames today if it wasnít for Nintendo single handedly reviving the game market after in 1983. I wish game companies treated Nintendo more than its worth, because the Wii and 3DS are great consoles. It would be a sad world for me, if Nintendo was no longer in hardware development and decided to drop the videogame industry all together. These tech issues with Wii U scares me because I would hate for Nintendo to bomb if their millions of dollars hardware fail. I guess Nintendo felt they need to rush the hardware to please ungrateful fans. I care less if people are hardcore Nintendo fans, I just wish people give credit where credit is due and show support because I would hate for Nintendo to go bankrupt.   read

7:26 PM on 07.29.2011

Who or what is ruining the gaming industry and will there be another game crash?

Who or what is ruining the gaming industry? Many people who play games may not see the gaming industry is started to decline. While some gaming companies are making more money than they ever before, a lot of people may say, ďWho says there is a decline?Ē Well, it depends of the eyes of the beholder. While there is not much a financial decline for some gaming companiesÖ..yet, the quality of gaming from my prospective is started to fade. I believe the reasons why, is the greed of companies, numerous sequels to hit games and lack of all-round support of all games. After analyzing these factors, I will go as far as to say there might a second videogame crash, but keep in mind this is just me.

The greed of companies

Companies like Activision and Capcom are prime examples of companies who take advantage of consumers. It was not until this generation, when I took notice of how companies make their decisions. When companies make decision which affects me as a gamer, I canít help to wonder whatís going on. Activision with their numerous Call of Duty titles, know that Call of Duty will automatically sell big and thatís why they can get away with making so sequels and no one would complain about it. Also because, they know it sell, they can get away with charging people a subscription fee and knowing your average hardcore gamer they will pay for it. Why pay for online, for a game that people used to play for free? If you want to play a COD game online, why not play COD MW2 or Black Ops because theyíre similar games as far as multiplayer. I always wondered why Activision made so many Guitar Hero games. I figured if you want to update the music base, why not make songs DLC? Then, I realized they just wanted more money and they knew with a used to be hit franchise like Guitar Hero, they can sucker people into buying it. The worst game company of the year award has to go to Capcom. What the heck? This company blew my mind more in recent months than any other company would do in a year. I used to love Capcom. Iím a big Megaman fan, I like the Street fighter franchise and I love Dead Rising but, now I have to put my foot down. I decided that Capcom is not getting a cent of my money until they get their priorities straight. I have so much to rant about with this company; I would have to write a separate blog about it. It might be another blog for another day. However, I will say that between their attempt of cutting used sales, numerous sequels to fighter games and their way of making money through DLC, I say that this company will be next in bankruptcy when more fans wake up and start boycotting them.

Too many sequels

Whatís the deal with numerous sequels to hit titles (Well ďhit titlesĒ to the eyes of the masses)? Have anyone heard of the saying, ďabsence makes the heart grow fonder.Ē Seems like every year we see a sequel to either, COD, Assassinís Creed, Halo, Uncharted and this list goes on. I hate that the game industry a filled with hardcore shovel ware and yes there is a such thing a hardcore shovel ware. Many sequels donít really change too much in the game play which is fine, but it lacks originality. The real challenge of a game designer is to maintain the formula of makes a game great, but at the same time make it fresh. I donít think many game designers care anymore, as long as the game was doing the company good last year; they tend to make the game play almost the same with a few differences. Many people may say, ďWell, Nintendo come out with numerous Mario games.Ē The thing with Nintendo is that until this generation, Mario and Zelda games didnít come out ever year. It was usually one Major Mario and Zelda game per Nintendo console. Even, if there is more than one major Mario game, Nintendo EAD aims for making a Mario game fresh and a few years apart. Games like Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario bros Wii are two different experiences. Super Mario Galaxy is an exception because itsí direct sequel was not far behind and was sort of the same game, but we donít see that much with Mario.

Not an all around support for games

I have to say right off the back that I donít like many so called ďhardcore gamesĒ especially FPS; which is a shame considering I used to like FPS shooters, like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and the Time splitter franchise is not bad. Not to say I only play ďcasual games ď but, I like games that are simplistic to play, unique and fun. Iíve been gaming for a long time and it was some point of the last gen (128 bit era) when I notice a shift of the gaming market. I didnít really care for much of the last gen gaming systems except for Dreamcast and Gamecube to a lesser extent. I think I always knew that the start of the gaming cataclysm started last gen and became more noticeable this era. I believe the biggest hit to the gaming industry is the saturation of casual and hardcore games. There is no middle ground anymore, games appeal to a certain audience. Either a game casual or hardcore, it seems to be no all around support for many games. Itís the both companies and gamers fault. Game companies give the fans what they want and they deliver more of the same games that people love. The Wii may have revolutionized gaming, but it also opens the door for companies to release dozens of casual shovel ware. Every time I look in the bargain bins, I see many games that I havenít even seen advertisement for. This has been the complaint of many hardcore gamers but they too are not safe from criticism. I mention this in my previous blog about hardcore and casual gaming is that, many hardcore gamers are casual gamers in a sense. Many of these hardcore posers play these hardcore games solely for the presentation and over top online multiplayer. Unfortunately, theyíre of the voice of the gaming population and theyíre the ones making big gaming companies all the money. No one doesnít seem appreciate the simplistic or unique games. Even when games like Earthworm Jim and Perfect Dark get an HD remake, not a lot of people support those games. It is very hard to find one other person to play Perfect Dark HD online with, I guess they rather play Call of Duty. I know Iím picking on the hardcore gamers, but I canít just blame them. Both sides have a fault because gamers as a whole donít give an all around support to many games. Video games to me are becoming more stale and even though there may be some unique games, like games made by former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka and Atlus newest game, Catherine; many gamers wonít show much support for those games and many smaller game companies suffer.

With the greed of companies, numerous sequels to games and lack of all-round support of games, I foresee another gaming crash. What kill the gaming industry in America in 1983? The greed of companies is what did it. Everyone wanted the piece of the gaming pie. Many companies thought they can capitalize when they tried to make a game based on the hit arcade Pac-man or make a movie based game like E.T on the Atari 2600. They put too many eggs in their basket and people got wise and realize that companies didnít care about the quality of their games. Companies of the past thought they could release a lot of shovel ware and get away with robbery. Companies today are doing something similar and they see the consumers as lolly pops ready to get lick. Until people realize this, companies like Capcom will continue to make stupid decisions. If there is another crash, itís all good. I have bomb shelter full of retro games to entertain me for a lifetime. Unlike many games of today, games particularly during the 16-bit era are timeless masterpieces that never become boring to play over time.   read

7:21 PM on 07.26.2011

Casual gamer,Hardcore gamer... Oh wait I got a new term "veteran gamer".

Ah yes, many people who are deeply involved in videogames have heard of these terms, hardcore gamer and casual gamer. Whether itís from gaming magazines, sites or any other forms of game publishing news, most people of this generation of gaming probably heard these terms at least once. Iím not sure when these terms came about, it couldíve started a generation ago or longer, but I believe the civil war between gamers became more prominent this generation. So, who do you classify yourself to be? Many newcomers to gaming more likely started this era of gaming if not the last. Does that make them casual gamers? Many people probably assume (at least many gamers I know) that those who started playing videogames this generation of gaming, was more likely brought over by the Wii. As videogames became more popular and is now being accepted by the mainstream as acceptable form entertainment, it also divides gamers, thus creating a civil war among gamers. There are many debatable arguments on why the gaming industry is the way it is. Whether the debates are about casual shovel ware or catering to the so called ďhardcore gamersĒ with numerous sequels to hit hardcore games, it seems to start more flame wars then, a console fanboy flame war.

Iím in my early 20ís, but Iíve been gaming since I been 5 years of age. I donít really care for labels, but if I had to classify myself, I would consider myself a ďveteran gamerĒ. My first system was a Nes and I fell in love with gaming since then. My golden age of gaming was the Super Nes and Sega Genesis era. I played and mastered all types of gaming whether its home consoles, all types of arcades machines and PC. Never until this generation had I classified myself, to be anything. At first, when I heard the terms, hardcore and casual gamers, I was confused until to comprehend what those terms mean. I used to call myself a hardcore gamer because Iíve been gaming almost my entire life. Even though, I love games like Wii Sports Resort, Bit trip and many Indie games, I stilled considered myself a hardcore gamer. One day, I realize that hardcore gamers can come in the form of casual gamers. I called those casual-hardcore gamers or posers. These posers who think they are hardcore gamers just because they play games, like Assassinís Creed, Halo and of all Call of Duty, can be just as bad as so called ďcasual gamers.Ē Many of them play these games for the HD graphics and/or the over top online features. Not to say that many people donít play them for the gameís quality but, many hardcore posers are mixed with those who actually play games for the quality. To disambiguate myself from ďcasual-hardcoreĒ gamers I decided to call myself a veteran gamer. To me a veteran gamer is someone who has been gaming for a long time, but more importantly play all types of videogames for just the love of gaming. Iíve been gaming for so long, that until this generation, Iíve never thought of myself as nothing more than just a gamer. I love so called ďcasual gamesĒ and I love few so called ďhardcore games.Ē

To reiterate myself, I have been gaming all my life and this has been the first time in which I had to question myself and cause unnecessary worries of what type of gamer I am. Who should care and why should I care most of all? Just play videogames for the love of gaming and donít worry about what your peers might say. If you like the Wii, then donít be a shame and if you like the Xbox 360 and PS3, donít shame yourselves. Anyway, like I said I donít care for labels and even though I called myself veteran gamer; I only call myself that to answer the question in the unlikely event that someone ask, ďwhat type of gamer I am.Ē Though I can avoid terms as a whole and simply say, ďIím a gamer.Ē If anyone asks me, ďWhat do you consider yourself, a hardcore or casual gamer,Ē I would say, ďNeither, Iím a veteran gamer.Ē   read

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