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Just a broke college kid who is into computers and gaming.I'm nick named "The Great Enginerd" by my fellow nerdy Computer Science classmates.
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4:35 PM on 01.25.2013

Not really a blog I'm writing, but just felt like making my presence known to the Dtoid community after a 7 month hiatus of writing blogs and visiting the site. My, oh my has the format change. I may go back to writing blogs in the near future, but for now I letting the Dtoid world know I'm back. I bet many of you right now are saying, "who is this guy" or " I never even notice he left" LOL XD. Also want to give a shout out to Elsa the Queen of Blogging.

P.S It's my golden birthday today.

4:02 AM on 05.21.2012

After many years of waiting, I finally have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan. This is actually my second day in Tokyo or Toukyou how it's really pronounced. Today I visited Akihabara and visited many arcade,manga and video games shops. I can't write about all the places I've been to in this blog, but I will briefly write about a couple.

Super Potato

Ever since I read about this place, I wanted to go here. I didn't take any pictures inside because I didn't know I had permission to, but for those who know what it is, it is a large retro video game store. I believe Super Potato is the one of the largest retro video game store in the world. Any gamer who wants to visit Tokyo, should check this store out. It's has floors of retro games and video game memorabilia. The prices of many games were reasonable(well at least to my cheap butt) and there are many retro video game booths for people to play. The last floor featured old arcades, Final Fight for one. Overall this a place worth checking out.

Club Sega

This is another place I had to go. Club Sega to me carry the best arcades I've seen today on my visit to Akihabara. It has many arcades that are classic,modern and many that are exclusive to Japan. I got my hands on many fighting games, like Tekken tag tournament 2 unlimited, few Street fighters and MVC2. I even like the Japanese exclusive games like, Dragonball Heroes. But, one of my favorite arcade machines is the Mario Kart GP 2. I can all day to described in greater detail, but it's no good to read about, you will have see yourself.
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Now that weíre in April, E3 is only a couple of months away. This is the year of Wii U and in just a couple of months weíll have a full understanding of what the new Nintendo system offers. Whether or not weíll hear from Sony about their new console, is a wait and see. But for now, I have several predictions of how the game industry will possibly move forward in the future.

Gamestop decline in profits

Gamestop is like the McDonalds of videogames. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest gaming retailer in the U.S at least. By buying the competitor gaming retailers, Gamestop has been a Juggernaut and the primary store for buying videogames. Not only Gamestop makes their money buying and selling the latest and greatest games, but they make a butt load selling old and used games. Now, Iím not a business major as you might have read from my profile, but this is what I understood of how Gamestop makes their money. For one, Gamestop buys games from the manufacturers and sell them to the consumer more than what they pay for from the manufacturer. But the biggest way they make money is, they buy used games from the consumers and sell the games back much more than they pay the consumer. Selling used games for more than what they buy from consumers is one of the biggest money making schemes Gamestop is known for. Now if, the rumor about the next Sony and Mircosoft consoles is true; the rumor that both consoles wonít be able to play used games, this could hurt Gamestop financially. I doubt that this would put Gamestop out of business, but Gamestop can suffer a big loss from this.

The game industry could suffer more than now

Though the gaming industry today is now a viable and generally accepted form of entertainment, the next gen of gaming could put this industry at a standstill. Here are a few reasons: cost of games and systems, cost of development and time and the fact that the next Sony and Mircosoft consoles may not play used games. For those who are aware of how the game industry works, are more than likely aware that games cost a lot of money and time. As a programmer in practice, Iím aware that game development in its various forms takes time to develop. Whether itís developing a new game engine from scratch, modifying in existing engine, programming sound, system programming, graphics, etc, all of this takes time. And the higher the quality of production, the more a game cost to make. As technology advances so too, will the cost and time of game development. With that aside, the factor that may cause the game industry to suffer the most is the possibility of the next Xbox and Playstation may not play used games. Gaming has always been an expensive form of entertainment and with economic recession or not. Many people cannot afford brand new games. I know I canít, I usually wait until a price drop or catch a deal on Amazon or eBay. A game has to be really special for me to buy a game brand new. What also makes matters worst is that people may have to buy full production games in a virtual store in the next gen as it seems that the industry is moving towards the buying software digitally age. The internet may be more accessible for people today than people in the late 90ís and early 2000ís, but I still know a plethora of people who donít have the internet, let alone a computer. The game industry is moving too fast to traverse to that kind of movement yet. And I think many people are not going to go for not playing used games for long, which could hurt Sony and Microsoft big time if people are not buying these consoles. This could give Nintendo the edge since so far, we havenít heard that the Wii U not playing used games. People, who didnít consider the Wii as a console of choice last gen, might consider the Wii U this gen.

Or it can go the other way

Itís possible that Wii U could suffer from Sony and Microsoft next gen consoles not playing used games. No matter how crazy Sony and Microsoft designed their systems to do, people may still buy them anyway just because they either donít like Nintendo or may feel Nintendo wonít satisfy their gaming needs. If both companies are successful in the near future then, third party companies will want to develop for them instead of Nintendo because their games wonít suffer from the used game market. So far Wii U has not been reported to not play used games and because of it many people may wait to get a game used when itís cheap. While in the mean time, people who own the next Xbox and Playstation if the rumor is true will have no choice, but to buy brand new games; which will make the gaming companies want to develop for them more, because again all will not suffer from the used game market.

I thought this HD era of gaming was full of surprises as far as marketing strategies, but I believe this upcoming gen will even be more surprising. I donít know what the future holds, Iím no professional marketing analyst, just a broke college student. All I have to say is to wait and see.

Warning this blog have some offensive language, viewer discretion is advised

After reading ďNobody dies on the first GoombaĒ by Sephiroth X I was inspired to share my feelings on what I think is the top three annoying enemies of videogames ever. Keep in mind that this is not a universal list, but my personal opinion.

The Hammer bros and their family.

These annoying son of guns use to give me great trouble in my early years of gaming. Now days, Iím able to bypass them with little trouble, but because these guys gave me so much grief in my younger years, I place them 3rd in my list. I swear the hammer bros had me on the edge of my seat back in the day. When these motherfuckers would stand there with their cold dead eyes waiting on you to make a wrong move. I had to develop those punch-out reflexes to run through these guys. But they call these hammer guys, hammer bros for a reason, because occasionally I have another one above the other constantly throwing hammers while Iím paying attention to his brother. In both SMB and SMB lost levels, the level to test one soul and skills was 8-3. Those gotdang levels had nothing but hammer bros and I had to be quick with it too, when it came to dodging these cats. As the Super Mario series progressed, more of the hammer bros family started to show up like, Boomerang bros and Sumo bros. Not quite as bad as their cousins the Hammer bros, but still are annoying.


Oh Lakitu, did I have some memories with this guy. For the longest he was my top annoying enemy of all time. Like the Hammer bros, heís not much trouble now, but Lakitu can still be annoying as heck. In all his appearances, I found him the most annoying in Yoshiís Island. Not only he was really quick to follow, but from what I remember the bastard had a freaking targeting system. He was more annoying when I had to traverse through the stage flawlessly in order to get the 30 stars to 100 percent the stage. Lakitu also made me wondered a lot of questions. Like, whatís with the seemly infinite amount of ammo? How does he fit all those spinys in that little cloud? Why does his appearance seem friendly but he is really ďDeath from aboveĒ. With this dude looks can truly be deceiving.


The number 1, THE NUMBER 1 worst enemy of all time, are Metalls. These fucking things are by far the most annoying enemies in videogames. In my opinion they are worse than any enemy from the start of videogames till now. To this day, I still have great trouble getting around these metal bastards. I hate them and all of their incarnations. My body shivers every time I see this bitch. Also, in my opinion they are the most punk enemies in videogame history. Always hiding in their little shells. Impervious to all regular and special attacks. You have to have great patience to deal with these guys. To make matters worst, some can shoot back, camouflage and I think some can hover. Nothing I hate more, especially in the classic Megaman games, when I have to jump on a platform and these assholes are sitting on the edge of the cliff. Whether they can shoot back or not, it doesnít matter because as soon as they hurt you as you jump, you get knock back and die in either a pit or spike. Mavericks and Robot Masters got nothing on these guys when it comes to losing a plethora of lives. Because of my constant grief, even up to this day, I place these guys as number one top annoying enemies of all time.
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I didn't take long for me to see that Megaman looks just like Dan Lauria in mine and my brothers' opinion. I'm just posting this pic to see if anyone agrees and to get a good laugh off.

Has anyone ever wondered that Nintendoís home consoles come in pairs? I mean, it seems like Nintendoís consoles come in twoís. To clarify, I see the Nes and Super Nes as one pair, the N64 and Gamcube is another and the Wii and Wii U are going to be a pair. With the exception of the N64 and Gamecube it seems like Nintendo always make direct successor of the predecessor. Itís probably a coincidence, but maybe too obvious to be one.

Nes and Super Nes as a pair

The Nes started what is known as the age of modern gaming. During the 80ís and early 90ís it was the PS2 of its time. The Nes had a plethora of 3rd party support and it introduced almost every genre of gaming that is known today. The Super Nes took everything the Nes was and expanded upon it. Like the name states, it was super and it enhanced every feature that the Nes had. It had the same amount of 3rd party support, even though the library of games was not as big. The Super Nes was basically an enhance version of the Nes and thatís why I see these two as a pair.

N64 and Gamecube as a pair

The N64 introduced 3D gaming for Nintendo alone, not for gaming in general. It also introduced analog control movement for Nintendo, even though Playstation may have been the first. Though not as successful as its competitor Playstation, the N64 showed smoother textures in polygons and with games like Super Mario 64 set the bar on what true 3D gaming was at that time. The Gamecube though not a direct successor (well in name) was an enhancement of what the N64 was. Again, Nintendo introduced a concept to a new system and the successor of that system seems to inherit all of its predecessorís features and bring it to a new level. I guess thatís why I wasnít impressed with the Gamecube, because I believe Nintendo at the time stagnated just to keep up with the competition.

Wii and Wii U as a pair

Now which bring me to the Wii. There have been motion gaming before the Wii but, it was the first videogame console to make motion gaming as the forefront of the console. The Wii is probably the console mostly responsible for grabbing people who werenít gamers before into gaming. With the success of the Wii but, not exclusively because of Wii, the gaming industry is becoming more of a mainstream form of entertainment. But maybe because of the Wii, gamers created an unspoken civil war between casual and hardcore gamers, which Iím not going to get into. With this problem arising Nintendo is trying to address the issues that hardcore gamers have. I donít know much about Wii U at this point, but I think what Nintendo is trying to do is to keep the audience that they have attracted with the Wii(so called casual audience) at the same time they are trying call out to hardcore gamers and let them know that Nintendo can play with the big boys. Thus Wii U is the suppose solution for Nintendo. It is suppose to be an enhancement to the Wii in every way. The Wii U is suppose to be taking everything that makes the Wii what it is now and takes it to a new level.

As I said before I think itís too obvious to be a coincidence that Nintendo produce a pair of consoles that share the same concept. Then again, it could be me, depending on how many people agrees with me. Just putting my thought out there, so what is anyoneís input on this?
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