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Other Aliases: Oswoc, Ozwok, Zice, god.kow (plus any/all of those with '325' after them)

Steam ID: god_kow

Clan Affiliation: [SSNF] and our radical right wing [kssnf]

My favorite genre is generally shooters. RPGs are ok too (especially if they're free). I'm too dumb to figure out RTS games. Racing/Sports games are meh, unless something creative is done with them to make them awesome. If I wanted to play soccer, I would just go outside and do it. If I'm gonna game, I'm gonna blow people's heads off and cleanse the world of demons (things I can't/would never do in real life).

Consoles I Own (in no particular order): Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, mah shweet PC

Oh and I'm part Japanese. My friends seem to think that's awesome so maybe if you guys read this you'll think I'm awesome too. Seems like solid logic to me.

Main Games I'm Playing:
Team Fortress 2 (PC)
Left 4 Dead (PC)
I've also got the random urge to play Morrowind again as well.

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Before we begin, I'd like to make a few things clear. This is not a frag video and this is not machinima. It is, however, strangely awesome and I think you should watch it. There are plenty of moments to watch for including a cube of spy crabs and heavy taunt dominoes. If you are confused at all, just hit play. It will all start making sense soon enough.

Also, I don't know how he did any of this. He wouldn't say in his vid description and I haven't scoured through the comments to find any more information. If you are really that determined to know, consider sending him a PM.


Le source.

In classic Valve tradition, the system requirements are quite low. My computer is definitely ready to kill some zombies, is yours?


*note: The right side of the picture is cut off for me. If it shows that way for you, it says:
"Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for pixel shader 2.0"

Looks like the speculation about the ending of the above trailer was true. Tyranids will indeed become the next playable race in DoW2. Wondering what this new race will bring to the table?

"Philippe Boulle: The Tyranid swarm is a single organism, not an army of individuals. Defensive "meat shields" of disposable creatures protect powerful specialists. These specialists also serve as conduits for the guiding Hive Mind, empowering the smaller units and making them more effective.

"Players will actually see the swarm change tactics and behavior as it comes under the guidance of these synapse creatures."

Sweet. I'll definitely be giving these guys some playtime. Oh, if you don't know what tyranids are, you can gtfo my blog right now. Or just look below. Your choice.


Via IGN. Check it out for a nice Q&A.

10:53 AM on 07.05.2008

I'm sure you've all heard of the complaints of disgruntled Diablo fans everywhere when they saw the art direction of Diablo 3. They've gone as far as comparing it to WoW and even creating an online petition against it (which currently has over 33,500 signatures.) In response to these obvious cries of pain, Something Awful has written an article about it aptly named "The Internet Hates Diablo III". As usual, it's hilarious. Check it out.

My two cents:

This is what early StarCraft versions looked like:

This is the final version:

Looks a little different, eh? I think if Blizzard truly feels that they have soiled the franchise with D3's style then they will change it. That said, I think what they choose will be great. I have nothing against the use of color in video games, and when people complain because the landscapes are too beautiful, there is something wrong with those people.
Photo Photo

So I was perusing the internets today when I came across this little gem. As it says in the title, this is only a fan-made video but I think it's pretty good. It seems to have some of that humor that makes the real "Meet the Team" videos so popular. There really isn't that much more to say, so without further ado I present "Meet the Spy":


Also found he made a "Meet the Pyro" animation. Personally, I prefer the spy one, but maybe that's just me.


Credit goes to the creator, Howard Krieg.

Actually, more like 23 minutes and 37 seconds of gameplay. Also, a note about the below list. I didn't write it as I was watching like a smart person would so I could have missed some stuff. Still, you get the idea.

Things of interest:
-Completely open world.
-50 square kilometers
-No loading, it's all seamless.
-Dynamic day/night cycle
-Dynamic wind/weather cycles
-1 minute in real time is 5 minutes in game time
-There are 9 playable characters. Whichever characters you don't play with become NPCs and can help you on your mission.
-There are over 100 missions.
-Their first estimate was 50 hours of gameplay.
-Africa is dirty so your guns will jam.
-You can fix your vehicles so you don't get stranded
-There is a sort of weapon shop so you can pick what weapons you use for what mission.
-Some animations look a little stiff, but they still have time to change them before the game gets released.
-Intelligent roadside system (road signs telling you where to go). Presenter adds "But it's an open world so you do what the fuck you want."
-Fire. Freaking. Propagation.

"Louis-Pierre Pharand from Ubisoft showing for the first time in the world Far Cry 2, at DreamHack Summer 2008."