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Constant Re-evaluation

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Massive Haiku Madness

So, yeah, I like haikus. Last time there was a haiku competition I was in the middle of a really busy period in work and I still managed to think up a few but this time round, well, I made a few more... Here is the list. 2...


Hancock Trailer & Superhero Games

People are really starting to get into the idea of superhero movies putting butts on seats. Here's a little trailer... but there's lots (LOTS!) more in an extended trailer if you follow this link. I like the look of this...


Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig

Ok, so it might well be. I think I'm late for the competition! That's ok though, if I am, I am. I've had this little beauty for a few years now, though the monitor is less than a year old (and not very good). 2.66 Smith...


How to play video games: FPSs

FPSs aren’t just for shouting insults at pre-pubescent teenagers and informing your colleagues as to how and when you violated their parents; they are a vast sea of possibility for a gamer who loves to win and have fun! Belo...


Toshiba deny plans to drop HD-DVD

For today... Plenty of people have been speculating on this one but I decided to wait it out until a press release came along. Well, here it is... Toshiba deny HD-DVD cancellation The original story was on many major webs...


Official: Video Games are Art!

In Europe. For tax credit purposes only. Thanks to France. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3523/video_games_officially_art_in_.php Actually, it's quite nice to bring up this subject every now and again, much like it...


Call of DToid, phwoar!

I’ve had a cracking weekend so far. Xbox live is still playing up every now and again so I wasn’t able to send any friend requests initially but, once I did manage to get playing with the DToiders, well, WOW, what a differen...


In case of emergency…: Part 1

Break Game So, I have a great tolerance for doing things… right. Some people would just call it stubborn but I follow a distinct logical path. Bioshock has been my “after New Year’s” game and, regardless of the fact that I...


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I've not gone away, I'm just really busy trying to make games!

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