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gingerbreadben's blog

10:49 PM on 07.02.2008

immashark in rock band

Well, as requested, I have created what appears to be a shark. It could be a viscous leech for all I know. Also, I'm working on that EVA. Anime characters always have so much detail -.-   read

4:49 AM on 07.02.2008

Rock Band Doodle

Well, here it is again. One of my doodles with the art maker in Rock Band. Closeup on the artwork Sadly, I can only present you guys with one artwork today. I've been working on two others that I might finish eventually. The reason for this was to ask the community for ideas of things I could make in the art maker. It would be much appreciated.   read

2:31 AM on 03.13.2008

moar boredom!

I got bored once again and started doodling on the art maker. Also, I'm working on two others that I'll put on my guitar. A shark (the suck my dick one) and the triforce (TP version) Anyone got any other ideas?   read

4:57 AM on 03.12.2008

i can has lulz?/d-toid guitar.

I figured I'd start off with two of my most favorite videos of all time. Also, I spent a lot of time recently on the Rock Band art maker. I got bored and ended up creating this: (The Domokun sweater was an idea from the RB forums. The guitar is my original :]) Here's a closeup of the actual art itself: Also, cocks.   read

4:35 AM on 12.18.2007

You've Just Gotta Love Technology

Seriously, the first thing I did when this happened was reach for my camera. This is a first. I didn't know you could fail during that blank fret part at the end of a song. I started struing the bar as fast as I could and I...   read

5:08 AM on 12.17.2007

God told me to start a blog. Also, Assassins Creed ending (somewhat of a spoiler?)

Hello to the people of the DToid Community Blogs! I would like to welcome myself to the Destructoid community :D I've been coming to the site for about a year already, and yet I only have 3 comments. I feel ashamed of myse...   read

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