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gimmesumlove avatar 1:13 AM on 06.20.2013  (server time)
Microsoft and the Xbox-180

In response to the public outcry against DRM and always-online policies adopted by Microsoft for their new Xbox-One; the company has released a statement thanking gamers for their help in reversing these decisions. Microsoft claims that the feedback and comments by gamers are the reason for their 180 on policies.
No more do Xbox-One owners have to worry about whether they can buy/sell used games, lend them to their friends, or play the game on another console. Gone are the 24-hour suicide checks, where your Xbox-One must connect to the internet or else you are no longer able to play games on your gaming console. Microsoft has gone the way of their competition, Sony and Nintendo, enabling gamers to play offline and to do what they want with the games that they purchase.
Previously Don Mattrick, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has stated that the Xbox-One’s policies were policies of the future but gamers disagreed in the only way that Microsoft is willing to listen to. Although they claim to have read comments and listened to feedback that is not what got Microsoft to change their anti-gamer policies. The change stems from a lack of money coming Microsoft’s way.
Sony’s PS4 has been killing the Xbox-One in presale numbers and the reasons are obvious. $100 dollars more for a machine that lets you do less is not appealing to a customer, and remember; a gamer is nothing but a customer. Microsoft wants to come across as caring for gamers by thanking them and by giving them what they ask for but the fact remains that Microsoft tried to fool gamers into buying a console that was not made with them in mind. The Xbox-One was made to gain maximum profits; not to provide a great gaming experience. If it was not for Sony’s PS4’s overwhelming presale numbers Microsoft would not have even considered changing their views on DRM or always online.
Today was a day of victory for gamers; they killed policies that were made to hinder their experience. We now have another viable option for the next gaming generation but do not forget that Microsoft has not been a supporter of gamers. They tried to trick the gaming community, assuming it was too stupid to understand their business practices, but they were wrong and are now reminded of who is in control of the industry. Fortunately for the gaming community money talks and gamers made their voices heard by not supporting bad business. I’d advise any gamer to be wary of Microsoft in the future. They attempted to trick us and failed but what will they learn from this failure; the importance of nurturing the gaming community; or how to better fool us later down the road?

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