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ghnvt avatar 10:25 PM on 07.18.2008  (server time)
Pleasing the Core

Oh Nintendo, have all those riches gone straight to you head? You promised us that you would please the "Core" gamer. All we got was some damn Animal Crossing and a GTA on the DS (just a logo for that matter). Nintendo has so many great franchises and uses them, basically, as little as possible. Now that you have roped in the new crowd of old ladies and the rest of the "Casual" crowd, you are leaving us with our Gears of War and other games made for the HARDcore gamers. I know that Mario Galaxy was great, but we need games like that at least every couple of months. What do you think we are? Lazy, stupid, or even bad at your games. We need those great franchises or even something new. Overall I would say that this E3 2008 at was one of the least compelling and worst of all for Nintendo. I watched the press event, O-M-G Wii Music, Wii Sports Resort. Come on, I just hope that you use some of those profits to invest in new IPs. That would be the smart things, but I know you have to please the "Investors," who seem to be most important right now. And yes, I do have a Nintendo Wii and I am not a hater, just a disgruntled gamer who wishes he had way to voice his displeasure anyways, but all I have is D-Toid...........................But those fucking Animal's from Animal Crossing are too cute. Keep it up Nintendo and you may loose out on your audience that actually buys games that include your GOOD franchises.

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