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4:17 AM on 06.22.2010

E3 - Crix Lee meets a Frag Doll Cadette at Suede!

while at the party, we ran into member and newest Frag Doll Cadette, PMS Whisper!

she was very sweet.


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12:50 AM on 06.21.2010

Call of Duty: Secret Spielberg Level Unlocked

I've been asked about my blog pic, so here's the story: epic win comedy writer James Serafinowicz, brother of actor Peter (Shaun of The Dead, voice of Darth Maul), from Funny or Die UK put out a call on his personal Twitter for gamertags to use in a Call of Duty sketch they were writing.

James and I were Twitterfriends (now IRL friends) at the time and as I could think of worse ways to use my gamertag, I gave it to him.

This is what became of it. Voices featured in game are: James Serafinowicz, Peter Serafinowicz, Dom Joly (Trigger Happy TV), friend Nat Saunders (Airport85, writer/creator of Misery Bear) and Chris Henchy (producer, Eastbound and Down)

Watch close and you'll see my name fly by a couple times, I'm the lv 29 4-star. Well, it's really my friend, Matt's (they put my gamertag over his) but I'll take it. lolz.


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12:27 AM on 06.21.2010

E3 First Look - Rock Band 3 In-House Demo

Everything you wanted to know about RB3 (but were afraid to ask) will be answered by this exclusive demo provided by Harmonix and MTV Games. And you'll get to see me and fellow colleague Emily (aka GG-Kaboom) test out the wares!

It said 'no cameras' but I am crafty and got permission. Further proof that tubby chicks can get away with JUST as much as skinny chicks.

You're welcome!

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6:37 AM on 06.19.2010

E3 - Days of Thunder with Michael Rooker

My AWESOME interview with actor Michael Rooker at E3, courtesy of Paramount Digital. We talk from about what it was like to reprise his Days of Thunder role as Rowdy Burns, only this time in a different capacity (from nemesis to mentor) for the upcoming title of the same name available for Playstation3 later this year

The last 20 seconds made me fangirl out a little, but when you see'll let me have this moment.

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7:00 AM on 06.15.2010

EXCLUSIVE! Call of Duty: Black Ops Ext Trailer From Activision E3 Event

So my buddy Nicholaus Goossen and I found ourselves rocking a private Press Suite for Activision's MEGA AWESOME E3 event at the Staples Center and had GREAT f'in seats (being Editor-in-Chief at has its perks, indeed).

One of the MAJOR gems of the night was this 7 minute extended trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Holy LORD. This is so pretty you'll cry. It was LOUD and AWESOME.

They used REAL explosives in time with the game play. I nearly jumped into Nick's seat, as witnessed by the video. lolz.

WARNING: I DID swear, but in my defense it was out of my control, so...NSFW.

Oh, I TOTALLY zoom in when they jump in the is SO choice.

Enjoy, my little GamerDarlings.

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8:27 PM on 06.12.2010

EA3 with Crix Lee and Nicholaus Goossen

As Editor-in-Chief for, I get the opportunity to see tons of fun stuff...including hitting EA for EA3. This year I took friend and Grandma's Boy director Nicholaus Goossen...enjoy.


also...enjoy this outtake!

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