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geoffuws avatar 5:21 AM on 05.12.2009  (server time)
Top 25. Number 20: Guilty Gear X2

As discussed on the ForwardSlashAwesome Podcast - The Podcast discussing new games and old... and the occasional bukkake reference. NSFW.

20.Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded. PS2/Arcade/Xbox 2002.

Even with the emergence on MUGEN where you can hypothetically put every character from GG against those from capcom, this still stands as an excellent release. This game wasn't just a good fighter, it was a release that rivaled AAA games in terms of length and production values.

Three separate story modes for each character. A mission mode full of FUCKING hard missions. Unlockable EX and EX2 versions of each character that would change every move (think Ken, Dan, Sakura etc).

Then you look at the game, at the time it was the only fighter that had HiRes sprites and still looks better than most of the 2d fighters that came after.

The graphics weren't the main draw though, the main draw was the gameplay.

GG took all the conventions of fighting games and threw them out the window. Instead of your same old Ryu fireballs, characters were given extremely complex moves that could be strategically used to rack up insane combos. Mines and defensive moves could be used to force your rival to fight in a particular way thus giving you the advantage. The game even contained special moves that could be countered by little platforming segments.

Truly, when all the moves and ideas behind the game were mastered it became more like playing a frantic game of chess than a regular fighter.

After playing the kings of the field: Street Fighter 3, Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters. I can safely say that only one other comes close.

Most importantly however, transcending the brilliance of the gameplay and the majesty of the design is the fact that there is a character with a bag on his head... ON HIS HEAD... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Suck my balls.

Awesome Character Profile:


The character design in this game is truly phenomenal and really any character could be on the list, from Bag head (Faust), to the creepy possessed Zappa to the unfortunately named Sol Badguy and his Rival Ky. One of the best however is Dizzy.

Dizzy is really three characters in one, the girl seems to be lost, confused and scantily clad (of course) She has two wings, the right is an embodiment of a demon and the left an incarnation of an angel. Together they let her release the powers of Heaven and Hell on any rival that crosses her path.

Though utterly destructive and badass, the two wings will occasionally bicker with one and other, and that's just cool

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