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geoffuws avatar 6:08 AM on 05.15.2009  (server time)
Top 25. Number 19. Viewtiful Joe

As discussed on the ForwardSlashAwesome Podcast - The Podcast discussing new games and old... and the occasional bukkake reference. NSFW.

Viewtiful Joe. Da cube. 2003.


This is one of those games that you have your personal favourite of the genre. And the genre here is something I'd like to coin as 'Zone Games'. Forget what actually is happening in the game, this is a game where your reflexes have to be so finely tune that you actually have to merge with the controller.

Everyone has their own (Bubble Bobble, Bust A Move, Peggle and Tetris come to mind). These are games that take over your lives, your higher cognitive functions are suspended as the extra split second the information takes to transmit to the rest of your brain could cost you your life.

So you operate on instinctual automation instead. When you are talking to your significant other you start going into withdrawal. While you are having lunch your fingers twitch and mimic hitting A Y and X. Seriously should go see someone about this.
It's about five dollars now too, go get it.

Awesome Character Profile:


Existing for no reason other than to be Joe's Rival, Alastor is everything that is cool about Joe magnified to the twentieth power. Alastor is actually the name of Dante's sword in Devil May Cry and as VJ basically plays like Devil May Cry in 2d and was designed by a lot of the same staff, the director thought it was appropriate that there was some representation of DMC in the game.

While serving as a pretty awesome rival, Alastor, utilizing a completely different play style, moveset and storyline, is playable if you defeat the game on V-rated (Good luck with that, Six years on and I haven't done it.) giving hardcore players a reason to relive the game over and over again.

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