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geoffuws avatar 7:44 PM on 06.23.2009  (server time)
FSA EP 14: Special Guest Episode. Remembering an interview with Michael Atkinson

This week on FSA we are joined by Gamespot Reviewer Laura Parker and Darryn King from The Vine & 3dworld.
This week Larua talks about movie tie-ins with Indiana Jones Staff of Kings and Harry Potter XXXIV, Darryn covers the still not released in Europe Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Matt talks about the pains of Title Defence Mode in Punchout (SEVEN HOURS ON SODA POPINSKI!) and Fight Night Round 3 to get hyped for FNR 4 (Does anyone in NA even know who Mundene is?). Finally Geoff plays through FFXI and XII at the same time... and then plays Haze...

Indie game covered is Choke on my Groundhog YOU BASTARD ROBOTS!!
Puzzle Quest is the Ridiculous game of the week.
Finally, since Laura has previously interviewed Michael Atkinson we discuss Australia's bizaroo rating system



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