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8:02 PM on 07.04.2009

FSA EP 15: Games to Film, Fracture, The Last Guy

This week we discuss games that became films, films that became games and games that became films and then went back to being games (SF:The Movie:The Game).
On top of that we look at why Lucasart's Fracture didn't do so well and playthrough the only useful thing anyone has ever done with GoogleEarth: The Last Guy.

Stay tuned next week for our hands on impressions of KOFXII and Arkham Asylum.



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7:44 PM on 06.23.2009

FSA EP 14: Special Guest Episode. Remembering an interview with Michael Atkinson

This week on FSA we are joined by Gamespot Reviewer Laura Parker and Darryn King from The Vine & 3dworld.
This week Larua talks about movie tie-ins with Indiana Jones Staff of Kings and Harry Potter XXXIV, Darryn covers the still not released in Europe Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Matt talks about the pains of Title Defence Mode in Punchout (SEVEN HOURS ON SODA POPINSKI!) and Fight Night Round 3 to get hyped for FNR 4 (Does anyone in NA even know who Mundene is?). Finally Geoff plays through FFXI and XII at the same time... and then plays Haze...

Indie game covered is Choke on my Groundhog YOU BASTARD ROBOTS!!
Puzzle Quest is the Ridiculous game of the week.
Finally, since Laura has previously interviewed Michael Atkinson we discuss Australia's bizaroo rating system



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12:15 AM on 06.19.2009

FSA EP 13: Wizball, Infamous and FFXI

This week we go C64 on your ass.
Recorded in zero degree temperatures we go back and look at one of the gaming greats: Wizball. Infamous and Punch Out are also discussed as well a look at trade shows and Klonoa... which sounds like an STD... a pretty vicious one at that.



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Next week we have a reviewer from Gamespot guesting so stay tuned.   read

11:34 PM on 06.09.2009

FSA EP 12: E3 Wrap up (NSFW)

Featuring journalist Darryn King from The Vine this episode covers the same stuff every single other podcast has been over this week. E3 is over and the best, the worst and the weirest are discussed. Matt rages over Natal, Geoff shows off his cyberdong and Darryn creams his jeans over Monkey Island.
This way too long episode goes for two hours and twenty three minutes so you might want to bring a book or something... or alternatively just not listen to it.



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5:44 AM on 06.06.2009

FSA EP 11: CMOA, Rocket Knight Adventures,Bionic Commando and De Blob

Recorded before E3. We read out your crowning moments of awesome and talk about our predictions for E3, was going to put it up earlier but with the insane amount of blog posts going on we assumed that, the site would be down.
Sure, Ep 12 will be out in two days but in this episode we giggle like giddy school girls over Rocket Knight Adventures... I think Shaq Fu is mentioned once or twice too. You can't teach that.

Running time: 01:56:28



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10:11 PM on 05.27.2009

FSA Episode 10: 'Balls in Miyamoto's mouth'

This episode may offend some listeners, so you have been warned. Covering Metroid Prime 3, Plants VS Zombies, Bionic Commando and even the old Nes game S.C.A.T. Podcast also delves into the mystery behind the absence of Punch-Out!! in Australia.
We discuss the importance of story in games, whether you skip or watch your cutscenes, as well as the usual segments on indie and ridiculous games.

Definitely NSFW, seriously.

Running time: 02:05:22




Next weeks episode we delve into your favourite crowning moments of awesome.   read

1:19 AM on 05.23.2009

Your Crowning Moments of Awesome.

In an upcoming episode of FSA the staff and I are considering covering our Crowning Moments of Awesome in gaming.

These are basically moments that you play games for. The moments in games where something happens that just fills you with adrenaline, disbelief and makes the world around you disappear.

A really good one of the top of my head was the trailer (and opening) for Devil may cry 4.

While not my favorite in the series, how Nero yells 'Kyrie' over the logo of the game is epic, as is how Virgil murmurs Dante's name after he is defeated in 3.

Other moments I can think of off the top of my head are how whenever you beat a boss dies in Tales of Symphonia it freezes the screen at the final hit and you just hear the boss mutter their last words.

How you first see Samus emerge from her ship in Metroid Prime (for the first time in 3d) and then it plays the metroid theme.

Any of the final bosses from Zelda and of course the famous Aerith scene.
Who could forget the opening to Homeworld as the camera panned around the flagship as Samuel Barber's Adagio for strings filled the room.

Of course, i'm just being fairly general here and will get into more detail in the episode (expect Shadow Hearts Covenant, Okami and SOTC to make an appearance) but we wanted to know what other people's Crowning Moments of Awesome were so that we could transmit some favourites and read out a few on the air.
So what is your CMOA and why? Give a sentence or two if possible.   read

9:24 PM on 05.18.2009

FSA EP 9: Castlevania, Pokemon and Nightmare Fuel.

Have you ever been freaked out by a game? Perhaps scared stiff? And maybe you’re not sure why… This week, Matthew Griffin and Geoff Larsen explore nightmare fuel in games! Boo haha ha!

We also chat about Ghostbusters, Pokemon and give out more zany E3 predictions. We show some love for Castlevania as we flip-out for Peggle in WoW. The Indie-tasic game of the week will have your head in a classic arcade spin while our game that gets ridiculous will have you hankering for that English Breakfast.



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6:08 AM on 05.15.2009

Top 25. Number 19. Viewtiful Joe

As discussed on the ForwardSlashAwesome Podcast - The Podcast discussing new games and old... and the occasional bukkake reference. NSFW.

Viewtiful Joe. Da cube. 2003.


This is one of those games that you have your personal favourite of the genre. And the genre here is something I'd like to coin as 'Zone Games'. Forget what actually is happening in the game, this is a game where your reflexes have to be so finely tune that you actually have to merge with the controller.

Everyone has their own (Bubble Bobble, Bust A Move, Peggle and Tetris come to mind). These are games that take over your lives, your higher cognitive functions are suspended as the extra split second the information takes to transmit to the rest of your brain could cost you your life.

So you operate on instinctual automation instead. When you are talking to your significant other you start going into withdrawal. While you are having lunch your fingers twitch and mimic hitting A Y and X. Seriously should go see someone about this.
It's about five dollars now too, go get it.

Awesome Character Profile:


Existing for no reason other than to be Joe's Rival, Alastor is everything that is cool about Joe magnified to the twentieth power. Alastor is actually the name of Dante's sword in Devil May Cry and as VJ basically plays like Devil May Cry in 2d and was designed by a lot of the same staff, the director thought it was appropriate that there was some representation of DMC in the game.

While serving as a pretty awesome rival, Alastor, utilizing a completely different play style, moveset and storyline, is playable if you defeat the game on V-rated (Good luck with that, Six years on and I haven't done it.) giving hardcore players a reason to relive the game over and over again.   read

6:19 PM on 05.13.2009

FSA EP 8: WoW, Duke, Punch Out & Muchimuchi Pork.

Going old school, Matthew Griffin and Geoff Larsen talk Virtual Console. Duke Nukem is no more and we discuss the prospect of never kicking ass and chewing bubble gum again. Even if we weren’t all out of gum. Copy protection is also explored and don’t miss our Indie-tastic and Ridiculous games! Also for your listen pleasure, our off the mark E3 predictions. Warning: unexpected World of Warcraft rant included.




Ridiculous gaming exploded this week into two crazy, scrolling shooters. The first, Muchi Muchi Pork only in Japanese arcades. But Sexy Parodius is available on the PSP in the package, Parodius Portable.   read

5:21 AM on 05.12.2009

Top 25. Number 20: Guilty Gear X2

As discussed on the ForwardSlashAwesome Podcast - The Podcast discussing new games and old... and the occasional bukkake reference. NSFW.

20.Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded. PS2/Arcade/Xbox 2002.

Even with the emergence on MUGEN where you can hypothetically put every character from GG against those from capcom, this still stands as an excellent release. This game wasn't just a good fighter, it was a release that rivaled AAA games in terms of length and production values.

Three separate story modes for each character. A mission mode full of FUCKING hard missions. Unlockable EX and EX2 versions of each character that would change every move (think Ken, Dan, Sakura etc).

Then you look at the game, at the time it was the only fighter that had HiRes sprites and still looks better than most of the 2d fighters that came after.

The graphics weren't the main draw though, the main draw was the gameplay.

GG took all the conventions of fighting games and threw them out the window. Instead of your same old Ryu fireballs, characters were given extremely complex moves that could be strategically used to rack up insane combos. Mines and defensive moves could be used to force your rival to fight in a particular way thus giving you the advantage. The game even contained special moves that could be countered by little platforming segments.

Truly, when all the moves and ideas behind the game were mastered it became more like playing a frantic game of chess than a regular fighter.

After playing the kings of the field: Street Fighter 3, Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters. I can safely say that only one other comes close.

Most importantly however, transcending the brilliance of the gameplay and the majesty of the design is the fact that there is a character with a bag on his head... ON HIS HEAD... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Suck my balls.

Awesome Character Profile:


The character design in this game is truly phenomenal and really any character could be on the list, from Bag head (Faust), to the creepy possessed Zappa to the unfortunately named Sol Badguy and his Rival Ky. One of the best however is Dizzy.

Dizzy is really three characters in one, the girl seems to be lost, confused and scantily clad (of course) She has two wings, the right is an embodiment of a demon and the left an incarnation of an angel. Together they let her release the powers of Heaven and Hell on any rival that crosses her path.

Though utterly destructive and badass, the two wings will occasionally bicker with one and other, and that's just cool   read

10:22 PM on 05.10.2009

Top 25. Number 21: Okami

As discussed on the ForwardSlashAwesome Podcast - The Podcast discussing new games and old... and the occasional bukkake reference. NSFW.

21.Okami. PS2/Wii 2006

The best way to describe Okami is as a combination of Kingdom Hearts and Zelda set in a mystical Japan. Also you're a wolf. *cough*
As a corporeal incarnation of the God of Creation it is your task to make the people believe in you once again by performing miracles to gain faith from your followers.
While the Zelda esque adventure should be a selling point by itself, Okami also throws in an interesting mechanic where at any time you can collapse the world into a 2d drawing and then draw ontop of this drawing, adding devices into the game. For example, early in the piece an old woman cannot do her washing because she ain't got no line going on, so you collapse to 2d, draw in a line and then the world is saved. Thrilling stuff, no?
Obviously as time goes on the standard of the miracles increase until it culminates in an apocalyptic battle of galactic proportions. ZOMG Spoilerz!!!

Production values are through the roof. While the game was overlooked there was obviously a lot of green spent on the art style, world design and writing. Every single character you encounter seems to have a deep personality that is excellently conveyed, even if they only have one or two lines. The game has all the tropes I love, the false ending (where the game makes you think you've finished but then you discover an even greater evil), rival battles and humour. God is there a lot of humour in this and, for the most part, it is laugh out loud funny.

Most reviewers critiqued the game for being too long clocking in at one and a half times longer than Twilight Princess... which was no slouch in this area either, even though the game remained fantastic throughout with little to no padding. Stupidly enough the same people who said it was too long are now asking for a sequel.

Clover Studios have now collapsed and moved onto not as great things, so the chances of seeing an Okami 2 is very slim. On top of that the creator stated that he would only do an Okami 2 if he thought something fantastic could be added. Okami was designed to be self contained with every part of it's history fleshed out and every question answered, which they were... except the ending which, while insane and ridiculous, was cool and satisfying anyway.

Awesome Character Profile:


A lazy wandering artist the size of an ant, Issun is pretty much as worthless a character that ever existed. Despite his lower social status however he has no qualms grabbing the ample bazoogas of mother nature, wise mouthing off at demonic gods and bossing around the God of Creation.
Issun is basically a perverted freeloading flea. He has much to teach us.   read

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