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1:15 AM on 03.21.2012


That sounds gross. Now I'm imagining some sort of disgusting feces-only adoption agency where the babys are just giant poo sculptures and I now need to scrub my brain. Sometimes I hate myself.


I'll be attending PAX east this year and I need some sweet, sweet avatars to bring along with me. Mostly because Max will probably be busy doing whatever the hell his job entails and I'll be lurking behind Darik and hoping he doesn't mind the smell. HEY DARIK, YOU'RE GONNA BE MY BEST FRIEND AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Then when Darik decide he's had enough of me, all I'll have left are your awesome avatars to take pictures with. I think I'll be taking two or three along with me and will select them based on no criteria at all.


Is it a bit early to be making adoption posts? Fuckit, I'm punctual (read:impatient).

Note: anthropomorphic boobs and animals with abs kind of freak me out. So, you know. Drop your avatar in the comments!   read

1:54 PM on 08.18.2011

Dear Destructoid: Pika-Jenn needs a good avatar parent

I am filled with bubbling green jealousy towards all of you who are attending PAX. While you're all galavanting about, making blurry memories, I'll be here - looking at graphic photos of horrifying things like oral cancer and Sarah Jessica Parke (I just started watching Sex and the City) [NSFL]. The point is, everybody needs to floss.

Just kidding. I want you to adopt my avatar (but you should still floss anyway).

Unfortunately, since my mac died, I don't have a high-res photo of my present avatar. I do however have Pika-Jenn who is my avatar over in the dtoid forums.


You might be asking why I'm looking for an avatar parent when my very own roommate is going to be attending PAX. "But Jenn," you might say, "Aren't you and Max Scoville doing the whole boyfriend girlfriend thing? Wouldn't he make the perfect avatar-parent?" Yes and no.

First of all, him adopting my avatar would be sort of weird, incestual, reverse-Woody Allen type situation. HI, I ADOPTED MY GIRLFRIEND. Ew.

Secondly, have you met Max? He's pretty flighty and his twitter addiction makes me wonder if he'd have the mental capabilities to remember snapping a picture with my avatar before he started tweeting about that incredibly sexy bikini girl in stilletos. UM I WAS GOING TO DO FUN THINGS WITH YOUR AVATAR BUT THEN A BOOTH BABE TOUCHED ME AND I DROPPED IT LIKE YOUR STANDARDS.

Lastly, I live with him, I have enough pictures of the two of us doing things together. I would much rather be hanging out with people I don't see on a regular basis.

So, now that we've gone over that stuff, here's a list of reasons why you should adopt Pika-Jenn:

1. She was the source of much controversy when she first arrived on the dtoid Cblog scene. You know what people think of when they thing controversy? Prince. Er, the artist formerly known as Prince. And you know what? Prince is fucking awesome. So there.

2. Carrying Pika-Jenn around is like a combination of having a Chobit and Pokemon, except she's a dentist. THE INTRIGUE.

3. She will be the perfect accessory if you plan on wearing yellow.

4. Asians are all patron saints of arithmetic. Need to impress that girl you asked out to dinner by quickly calculating the tip in your head? Well, Pika-Jenn is there for you (just take the tax, move the decimal to the right one space, and double it).

And there you have it. Please adopt my avatar, Pika-Jenn would love to see Seattle.   read

11:32 PM on 07.20.2011

getting crafty

I've been dying to post this ever since I finished it but had to wait until it arrived at Mr. Andy Dixon's doorstep so I wouldn't ruin the surprise. He was one of the first people who popped into my mind when I began my goodie exchange saga.


Apologies for the short post but I just got my white coat which means I am officially obligated to spend a bajillion hours on patient cases so I'm tired as balls. Who's balls? Ron Jeremy's balls.


If you'd like to be a part of the goodie exchange, PM me with your name and address! Be warned, I'm a little slow.   read

6:05 PM on 06.24.2011

Today is my birthday and I am a lucky panda.

Oh hey. I didn't see you come in there. Have a seat, watch the candles. Wouldn't want you to burn yourself. I know, it's been a while. I can't keep making excuses to you. I keep making these promises and I know it hurts. Baby, just give me one more chance.


Remember ages ago when I said I was doing a gift giveaway? Well, I'm still doing that. It's turning out to be more like a gift exchange, which is all sorts of awesome for me. Especially since the Dtoid community members are much more interesting and creative than I am. So far, I've gotten goodies from both Occam's Electric Toothbrush and DJKirsch and though I doubt either of them knew it was my birthday I'm going to pretend they were sending me birthday gifts. Because I am pathetic and lonely like that. LET ME LIVE MY LIE.


This was the first thing to arrive from Occam. I want to write about the second package, which is full of all sorts of amazing goodies but Max wants to do an unboxing video so I'll leave that to him (I have an irritating voice). I'm pretty sure that Occam is some kind of wizard, there's no other explanation for how he could know about my rampant love for Xena. Just a few months ago, Max got me this:


I found some more teeth models laying around while cleaning out my sim lab station so Occam's Electric Toothbrush, you've got more teeth headed your way in the near future. I think this is the only place on the internet that I can say that without it being weird.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to play every single gameboy-accessible Zelda game created by the end of my summer. I realized all the friend visiting and family catching-up-with that I have to shove into a mere 4 weeks just wasn't going to allow that to happen. Sigh. This isn't going to stop me from trying, though. I powered through Link to the Past and Minish Cap in about 2 weeks and proceeded to order Link's Awakening. When it arrived, I realized it wasn't compatible with my DS lite and proceeded to whine about it in Outer Heaven (my Dtoid hideaway). DJKirsch decided to end my incessant whining by sending me his old gameboy advanced, along with a few other goodies.


He also sent me an old gaming magazine and Boktai. Max Scoville has taken both of these things with him to work, because the magazine is actually pretty fun to look through. Oh nostalgia. I haven't had a chance to play Boktai for two reasons: 1) I'm still on my Zelda mission 2) Max stole it.

I really hate using this word because it sounds awfully cheesy and lame but I feel pretty blessed to find so many awesome friends in the Destructoid community. Max and I were talking about the community members last night, discussing who's having a baby, what's so and so's work schedule, when we might be able to meet up with somebody while we're in New York... and I realized how much more Dtoid is than just an online community. At the risk of sounding like an after school special: Dtoid is like a family. A family that makes a lot of cock jokes, but a family none the less.

Thanks for making me feel welcome. It's my birthday today, and I know at least a few people still like me now that I'm 23.   read

2:40 PM on 05.15.2011

Jenn's mystery goodie giveaway: Round one

I know that clogging up the cblog stream is a big no-no but I completely forgot to post a few days ago and I wanted to get it up before THE PACKAGE arrives. After I wrote about being a dental student a few posts ago, Occam's Electric Toothbrush and I bonded over a mutual affinity for teeth-related things. One email led to another and now this is on its way to his home:

Yo dawg, I'M IN YOUR MAIL.

The picture frame is there to cover up our addresses because my mama told me not to tell the internetz things like that. Yes, I framed a napkin. Max drew that for me before I started my first day of dental school and I might have been PMSing because it made me cry. He also drew the unicorn thing in the background (that's actually a portrait of Zwuh, the alpha and omegacorn).

ANYWAY I don't know about you, but I really like sending/receiving things in the mail. I like it even better when those things aren't bills. I hope this becomes a thing (I am so good with words). I'm really excited to see unboxing c-blog posts with pictures of the silly things I've sent out and peoples' smiles. I'm kind of gay like that. There are 3 other Dtoiders on my list of people to harass with random shit but if you'd like to join in on the fun and don't think I'll stalk you or steal your identity, send me you address at: [email protected]

I've been kind of slow about sending things out but think of it this way: by the time I actually send you something, you'll probably have forgotten about the whole thing and be pleasantly surprised. I LOVE PLEASANT SURPRISES. You know what I love even more? PRESENT SURPRISES. Get it? I'm Asian.   read

9:46 PM on 05.14.2011

Nintendo gives me blue balls, once again.

In my mind, there are two reasons you never listened when that glowing twat demanded, "HEY, LISTEN." First of all, what kind of self respecting fairy DOESN'T look like a tiny version of someone I want to fuck? Secondly, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I don't need some non-big-titted, winged being telling me what to do. I think a general rule for female video game and/or cartoon characters should be thus: if you're going to be irritating, you better be hot. Of course, in real life I really don't care how hot you are. If you're irritating then do us all a favor and go chug some bleach (here's looking at you, iJustine).

When I first heard about the OOT remake I burst into a flurry of sparkles. It was as if I saved Rachel McAdams from certain death and she rewarded me with baby pandas and a feel of her tits. Unexpected, but nice. Then I heard more about it, and it was more like I got a quick hug and some underfed rats

As a raging fangirl, I'll have to admit that I made loud squeeing sounds at the thought of a shiny new opportunity to ride Epona into the Hyrulian sunset. As I read on about all the new bells and whistles in the re-release, I felt less like an anime character and more like a Matt Groening creation - confused and generally disgruntled. So… Navi's still around, huh? Have you ever met anybody that ACTUALLY enjoyed Navi's presence? And they haven't changed anything about the main story at all? There are really only two notable features in the upcoming release, those being the inclusion of Master Quest and Boss Rush modes. And, on a more personal note, I don't even have a fucking 3DS.

I'm sorry, but what's the point? Sure, you can cruise through the menu lightning quick with the touch screen, get helpful hints from the improved gossip stones, and wave your arms around like an idiot trying to gyroscopically introduce your arrow into that Skulltula's ass, but is that worth $50? For those like me who don't already own a 3DS, is worth $300? Zelda lovers have probably already played through the entire game at least three times and super serious Zelda lovers have probably already bent Master Quest over their knee and spanked it a few times over. Boss Rush mode seems like a neat little novelty but it feels like Nintendo R&D just phoned that shit in.

"Uh... yeah. We'll challenge them with exciting timed battles with all new opponents and abilities and magic stuff. Wait, we spent all the money on making Zelda's hair look shiny? Fuck, okay well… just line up all the bosses. OH, and give them ONE LIFE. Man. I am good. I totally M. Night Shyamalaned that. THEY WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING."

Sure, Link's shield looks more tree-y but and Navi still looks like a pain in the ass.

Nintendo could have done something awesome here, but they decided they were too afraid of potential nerd rage to commit to any real innovation. In my mind, the only thing that this re-release accomplishes is introducing the wonders of Zelda to a whole new generation of gamers. Sounds great, but keep in mind Nintendo only sold a third of the 3DS units predicted by early projections. There isn't much of an incentive for parents when most of their kids already have a DSi, the system is just too expensive.

The thing is, this revamped Zelda just doesn't hold enough appeal for the non-3DS-owning gamer. Those unfamiliar with Zelda aren't inclined to buy a brand new system just for this game, and there just aren't enough changes to satisfy those fanatics who spent hours wondering what the hell Princess Ruto is. It's just not enough for me that I can now count the stitches in Link's tunic, it's not enough that I can beat up on Bongo Bongo as many times as I want. I didn't give a shit about the gossip stones then, Nintendo, and now I already know how to solve all the fucking puzzles.

Wait, didn't you kill Steve Irwin?

Okay, I'm a bit biased here. I have a terrible astigmatism in my right eye that makes it impossible for me to see 3D. Except, you know, real life. Whenever I tell people that someone usually starts shouting “BUT I HAVE AN ASTIGMATISM AND 3D WORKS GREAT FOR ME”. Thanks, asshole, way to rub it in my face that my eyeball is more fucked up than yours. That's awesome. No, it doesn't look like Voldemort is actually coming at me. Yes, I can only tell that Chun-Li is closer to me than that barrel by looking at context clues. Even aside from that little medical hiccup, the 3DS isn't all that alluring to me. Its short battery life, small library of games, my trusty old DSlite, and my grad-student state of poverty all kind of point to a pass on this one for me.

I just wish my mom didn't give our N64 to goodwill.   read

10:38 PM on 04.05.2011

Hamza fixed my blog!

For those that care, my blog was a glitchy mess for a while there. Since its inception it wouldn't show up unless you had a direct link to each of the posts but now it's here and I am a happy panda.

kind of like this panda but not as adorable

I'd like to thank rexwolf2 for asking Hamza about it. I love how I asked Hamza about it but he didn't look into it until rexwolf2 said something. I'm pretty sure we all know what this means, folks. The shark is a sexist.

My boyfriend is telling me that I look like a Berkeley student from the 90's so I have to go kick his ass now but hopefully time will be found to write about the wonders of wondercon in the near future. Just wanted to gloat over my functioning blog for a moment.   read

4:11 PM on 03.06.2011

pokemon aka the reason I won't be getting a degree

I'm totally that guy. You know. The one that starts a blog, gets all excited about it and abandons it when life gets a little busy. To be fair, since I last wrote I've: removed man's brain, attended a lame school dance, and was given Pokemon White. It's really the last one that did me in.

I asked him if he liked me, liked me. He said he'd think about it.

Max has been letting me play his copy of Pokemon White since he's been busy with GDC all week. I started a file on Thursday afternoon and have since logged roughly 20 hours. I have no self control. I did the same thing when a friend of mine gave me Final Fantasy Tactics Advance II back in college. My roommate at the time said that hanging out with me was pretty much like hanging out with a tempermental autistic kid, what with all the muttering and swearing about team configurations and squeeing over tiny outfits.

I don't care what anybody says, geomancers were fucking adorable.

Holmes needed to try out the whole wifi-battle function this weekend and showed us the much anticipated triple battle function for the first time. I'd like to note how hilarious it was watching a grown man curse bewilderingly at a gameboy whilst trying to figure out how to "add a friend" over Pokemon wifi. I'm assuming this is Nintendo's way of discouraging the pokemon-wielding pedophiles running rampant all over the internets but this was just entirely too difficult. Since Holmes has played through the Japanese version and we've only just gotten the bike on our version, he mercilessly creamed us with his level 100 legendary pokemon. Bully. It's cool though, he traded us a mysterious egg and all he got in return was a fetus covered in dick-veins carrying a 2x4.


I'm still waiting for that egg to hatch. Any day now.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating studying for finals and since I've spent entirely too much time cradling my pink DS in the last few days, staring into its bewitching screens right now gives me shooting pains in my eyeballs so I decided to write a blog post instead. Max promised to hide Pokemon on a tall shelf during finals week so hopefully I won't be failing out of dental school entirely.

where there's a will there's a way

I'm gonna go learn about teeth stuff. Or something. Hopefully I'll be writing more during that precious, precious week off after finals but chances are I'll be drowning in a sea of take-out and liquor so no promises.

Jenn: Oiy, are you gonna fap my post?
Scoville: How about I just literally jerk off to it?
Jenn: ...   read

12:40 AM on 01.23.2011

A proper introduction, at least 3 times that size.

Apologies for my last, very brief post. I was wrestling with the blog system and it beat me into submission. Rather than upload my avatar for the 16th time, I went out with friends and forgot my html sorrows in a sea of tapas a booze only to come home shockingly discover comments. By Jove, people can see my blog?! And here I thought was but a black screen informing me I had written nothing (LIES).

So here's a bit about myself: I'm a dental student, I have a penchant for making high pitched noises when I encounter oversized stuffed animals, I fucking love Final Fantasy, and I used to be a goth in high school. My favorite color is blue. If I were a pokemon I'd be a pikachu, because they're yellow and I can relate. My hobbies include eating and swearing. I used to ignore my loved ones in favor of spending time with a tiny pixellate effigy of myself on my pink DS but swore off video games cold turkey for the duration of my first year in dental school. I have absolutely no self control so I simply cannot be trusted to spend a "moderate" amount of time with my DS. Whenever I promise myself "only an hour of playing," it usually ends with me rocking alone by an electrical socket in the corner (ahem, battery life) surrounded by empty cheese-it boxes - lit dimly only by the haunting glow of a medium-brightness DS screen.

I like to think of myself as a gamer-in-hiatus. I spend most of my time in the lab at school, some of my time studying tooth-related things, and the rest of my time trying to convince Max Scoville to let me have bite of his sandwich.

I joined Destructoid because Max had been telling me for a long time how nice the community is, and how awesome it is to participate in dialogue among like-minded people - even (especially) those with different opinions. He told me about how generally, people who disagree are still quite nice about things. It was rather jarring for me to open up my comments and see that this isn't always the case. To be honest, it really hurt my feelings and pretty much turned me off the community for a second. I kind of figured, what's the point of being a part of a community that enjoys tearing its members down? I realized that like the real (ie non-intarwebs) world, the few do not always represent the many.

To those that I offended by not writing a "proper introduction," I apologize. I take that back, to those who politely informed me of their offense - I apologize. To those who were unnecessarily rude, I say: fuck you. And for that, I do not apologize.

While I see why I came across as a brainless twit, I don't think that under any circumstances that it's appropriate to come out with guns blazing (unless you know... there are zombies involved). I legitimately thought my blog didn't exist and gave up for the day. I decided to just figure it out with Max next time we both had a spare moment. Little did I know, it DID exist and people were not happy about it. I have just have one thing to say about that:

Please don't be a dick. Just don't. Okay?

I get it, you're a regular. You've been here a while and don't want dumb bitches posting pictures of themselves to whore for attention. You joined for the gaming community, you're here to engage in gaming-related conversations and you're not interested in bullshit. Gamers are hard to win over, they're protective of their culture and they're sick of seeing it diluted with scantily clad women of little to no substance. According to the mainstream media, gaming is a bastard medium - something meant for children and adults who partake are somehow deluded. It's understandable that you'd be defensive.

Well, I'm not trying to sell you anything, I just want to be part of the community. From my irl interactions with dtoid members, it seems like it attracts nice folks. But either way, I'm really not interested in unnecessarily mean comments.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. *TEARS SHIRT OFF IN FIT OF RAGE*
Just kidding. I hardly ever tear my shirt off and I rarely get angry, except for when my boyfriend eats the last Sausalito cookie. YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE SAUSALITO, MAX SCOVILLE, YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE THEM.

However, I am avidly interested in any pictures of baby animals you want to send my way.

I really do love baby animals. And ice cream. And you know, this drunk asshole:


3:46 PM on 01.22.2011

Oh hey

I'm Jenn, I think we'll get along.

*photo by Avery Wong   read

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