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Do you have questions about theupcoming remake of Final Fantasy IV? Would you like to have thos questions answered by the development team? Well now you can. If you already have a Square Enix Members account then you can go here here and fill out the submission form and beginning praying that your question actually gets answered.

Considering the game is released in Japan already theres not much that people can be told about the game itself that could not be answered by someone who imported it. The only other options are to ask about the development process or ,preferably, to plead with them to leave the spoony bard line in the final translation. God knows thats what Im doing.

picture blatantly robbed from DSFanboy


I dont know if anyone here has been following the progress of Wizard of OZ based JRPG (Yes it is as cool as it sounds) RIZ-ZOAWD but since I havent seen any news about it either in the cBlogs or on the main page I tought it was my time to step in a vanquish the ignorance that is present in this place.

Famitsu recently revealed a small number of new screens including a world map and some shots of the different areas. By the looks of things the world map seems to be split into different areas based on each of the four seasons and the emerald city plonked happily in the middle. The spring area contains a beautiful backdrop of cherry blossons while the summer are is much more tropical. The autumn section naturally contains a golden brown canopy of trees. The art direction for this game is, in my opinion, astounding. I love the idea of a Wizard of Oz RPG and I love what they've done with the whoel world as well. I dont know of there are plans for an english language version yet but this may just be worth learning japanese for.

Famitsu Article

I have nothing really to say about the video other than the fact that shadow puppets rule and because this guy rules at shadow puppets he therefore rules at life. Also, he not only rules at shadow puppets in general but until I say this video I was not aware that it was posible to do a Louis Armstrong shadow puppet. If that itself isnt worthy of my time then nothing is. Nothin' i tells ya.



Extra Cool Thing

Some people are just idiots.

4:54 PM on 08.28.2007

This is more than likely staged and you've probably seen it already but for those of you who havent here it is in a perfectly embeded player that saves you the trouble of having to go all the way to YouTube to watch it.


Was playing Bioshock yesterday when I managed to initiate a kick ass battle between two Big Daddies. Presumably Im not the first person to see something like this but I hadnt heard of this happening before and tought id post it because of the levels of awesome associated with it.

At the time I was showing one of my friends how cool the game was. Decided to show him one of the Big Daddies and got lucky enough to spot two near each other. By a clever use of the enrage plasmid I witnessed a fight to the death between the two. The winner then became easy pickins. A nice show overall. Shame I had no way of recording it.