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garganroo avatar 3:30 AM on 12.30.2009  (server time)
tough call (better late than never edition)

I remember a friend asking everyone on Facebook which of the 2 high-def consoles he should get for the holidays. That launched a good wall-full of fanboys and girls, telling him what to buy. Eventually he bought a PS3, since we're pretty much a PlayStation country.

The one I did below is, in a way, inspired of that flame-bait post. Only this time, a child is caught in a console war for the first time.

Well in any case, this boy has what we call a very good problem.

Useless info: This is a sorta sequel to my first Dtoid Christmas post.

Anyway, here are my 5 Gaming Moments of 2009.

1) Lead design for 3 projects -- 1 iPhone, 1 PC, and one iPhone-PC. 1 released, 1 in the hands of our trusty QA team, and one still in pre-production. It's a year of pleasure and pain for me, and more will come in 2010.

2) Met with Uncharted 2's Art Director -- for one of our local dev meet, we had Erick Pangilinan as our guest. He talked about a lot of things, especially on the development side of Uncharted 2, although he also let us in on some secrets in and around the industry. Enlightening stuff. He also handed out Uncharted 2 shirts, but they were all in L and XL sizes so I passed (which I regretted dearly).

3) Game Design Challenge wins -- I know, I know, I've posted about this before. But it's still worth mentioning here. It was fun, and I learned that game devs need not be isolated (a startling parallelism with the "antisocial gamer" stereotype). Talking about how you work and learning much more from others is pure win.

4) Good gaming experience -- while I'm guilty of not following HD console gaming scene (because I only have a Wii right now, PS3's for my birthday later) and barely scratching the surface of what PC offered this year, but what I played, I enjoyed. 2010 promises to double that (because many '09 titles slipped to 1st quarter instead); now, if I have double the time, I'll be, uh, doubly happy.


2010 is almost here. Ready your FantaVision. :-D

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