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    Gareth here, it's been a while since I posted one of these so it's nice to be back in the big comfy chair. Remarkably the place looks the same....damn it who left that coffee laying there! Why is this seat so wobbly now? This floor is sticky! Damn it Sephiroth...if that IS your real name. It takes a certain type of class to do the Dtoid FNF, not incoherent Macho Mans and WWE ramblings....a certain type of class I'm bringing back right now.

    I've felt for a while now that we here on the Destructoid Friday Night Fights have needed a rallying cry, a theme song if you will to let us know that it is indeed that time again and what better way to let people know than we be playing video games than by tellin' em it's "okay though, you'll play Halo" or that you'll "play Black Ops, on your Xbox Live". Set to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" I give you Mr. Punch. Your lives will be changed forever and maybe just maybe with the help of the book of love you'll be able to fix your broken wings.

    Every Friday, a few Destructoid readers host Xbox 360 games online and you're welcome to join. If you're new to the whole thing, here's how it works: First, things are planned in the forums. Just look for the 360 FNF post with the coming Friday's date and you'll find a rough schedule for that week. Sometime on Friday, a post will go up in the cblogs. If you want to get into things, leave your Xbox Live Gamertag in the forums and/or cblog comments and let us know where you'll be participating

    8:00pm EDT - Left 4 Dead 2

    Yo Dawg Maria. If you got that zombie killin' itch why not join me for an endless bloodbath of undead dismemberment...Left 4 gets gory!
    Host: garethxxgod (GT: garethxxgod)

    8:00pm EDT - You Don't Know Jack

    Caiters is betting that you Don't Know Jack, but I believe in you because even if you don't, you probably know a John, Jacques or Jacob
    Host: Caiters (GT: Six Is A Robot)

    9:00pm EDT - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Forum Admin, Comic Book Guru and Ken Foree enthusiast Mxyzptlk is betting you can't stab him before he can stab you in some AssCreedBroHo. Just watch out for the Poison...ohhh the Poison!
    Host: Mxyzptlk (GT: MrMxyzptlk123)

    9:00pm EDT - Halo: Reach

    Feeling down and out? Oatmeal Ninja has you covered with some Reach. Remember it IS okay though...we'll play HALO.
    Host: xOatmealNinjaxX (GT: xOatmealNinjaxX)

    10:00pm EDT - King Of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

    King Of Fighters? What is this, 2002? SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Epic wants to fight you. Will you accept the challenge? Do you even have KOF2002?
    Host: Epic-KxDtoid (GT: Epic KxLIVE)

    11:00pm EDT - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops

    We Shoot People....In The Face. Then there's a tinglling sensation...down there. Come play Black Ops on my Xbox Live!
    Host: garethxxgod (GT: garethxxgod)

    And as you finish reading let the soothing words of Mister Mister carry you fix those broke ass wings.

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    For most people Nintendo's defining moments came in 1985 when Super Mario Bros. arrived and changed the landscape for video games forever. During that time, my cousins, friends and almost everyone I knew would have a Nintendo Entertainment System or later a Super Nintendo to call their own. Everyone except this guy. Even back then I was a rebel, a staunch Sega supporter. Really though back then, it wasn't because I hated Nintendo because I did have fun with it, I just was drawn to other games like Shinobi, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Wonderboy, Alex Kidd & Miracle World and not to forget multiconsole stuff like Double Dragon which at one point had it been only on a Nintendo console might have swayed me to Nintendo's side. However it wasn't meant to be and ironically I'd miss out on the beginnings of a great partnership that would last through several console iterations. That partnership you ask? Nintendo & Star Wars. A winning combination that would lead to some of the best Star Wars games ever put to a video game console. However I'm here to talk about the one that would change my perception not only action/adventure games but Star Wars games in general. It's one of my favourite games of all time and it's name is Shadows Of The Empire.

    In September of 1996, Nintendo had finally released the Nintendo 64 console, which to most Nintendo fans had taken a brutally long time to hit stores having been teased about it's existence for almost a year. Now it was finally here, in homes dazzling fans of the next generation of gaming with it's superior graphical power, making it's new competitor the Sony PlayStation look downright bad in comparison when only a year ago we'd all 'oohh'ed' and 'ahhh'ed' over it's leap over the last generation of gaming. So it was with this generation's latest consoles that I ventured into the beginnings of my High School years and would make new friends. Two friend's in particular stood out as my best at the time, both would ironically represent either side of the arguement. One friend, Lukas who represented Sony at the time, would invite us over for games of NHL '98 on his brand spanking new Sony PlayStation with which sterilization was key to enjoyment as before sitting down on his proper bed in his neat and clean home would make guests clean their hands before taking to the ice. This coupled with games like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal and Die Hard Trilogy had me sold on Sony's machine pretty early on. However there was another side to the story and that would come from my friend Richard (if you've played with us on Xbox Live he's "Delta Rico 9er") who championed the Nintendo 64 in all it's glory. Originally it was Mario 64, International Superstar Soccer 64, Goldeneye 64 and the like that he touted as the reasons to own a N64, but it wasn't until around the time that I started to see advertisements for the new Star Wars game that I became interested in what the N64 had to offer.

    In 1996 coincidentally LucasArts were creating a multimedia project surrounding the Expanded Universe novel"Shadows Of The Empire" by Steve Perry. The multimedia project included an actual score composed for the book by Joel McNeely, an action figure line featuring the mainstays of the cast plus the new characters and a video game for the Nintendo 64 console. But what was the game based upon? The novel told of the events that took place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi as our familiar cast in Luke, Leia, Chewie & Lando searched out for information on Boba Fett, the bounty hunter tasked with the delivery of Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, to Jabba The Hutt. During the course of the book they meet some new players in the Star Wars Universe that were meant to disappear after their appearance considering the obvious reasons that they were not in the Original Trilogy. One such character was Dash Rendar a smuggler like Han Solo but more in line with how Han was at the beginning of 'Star Wars' a scoundrel to the end. Another Prince Xizor, a Coruscant gangster acted as the new antagonist for the story in which a power struggle between him and Vader for The Emperor's favour took place.

    So with that basic premise a game was made, with the player taking control of Dash Rendar. Shadows looked amazing, like nothing else out on the market at the time. Most amazing of course was the greater detail in 3-D. Even though for a long time now we'd seen some great visual treatments for Star Wars stuff on the PC in the guise of Tie Fighter and X-Wing but now we were getting fully rendered 3-D graphics of places I'd only dream about playing. Unlike most other Star Wars games which would opt for more top down viewpoints we saw Dash from behind in those 3-D environments, we saw them stretch out for miles as he begun his journey.

    The summer months of '98 seemed to melt away as I became more and more engrossed with Shadows It had in my mind become a must buy if I were to ever get a Nintendo 64. I have fond memories of being in that sweat box of a room that Richard had, mastering the game. Playing on different difficulties to see the "true ending". Scouring the sewers of Xizor's palace, trying to avoid as best I could the Dianoga's in lieu of the big boss fight at the end. Having it out with IG-88 in the scrapyard's of Ord Mantell, fighting off a Swoop Gang hell bent on reaching and assassinating Luke Skywaler, traversing the one of the cliffs on foot and via jetpack in the jagged mountainscapes of Gall Spaceport, one of my favourite and one of the longest level's I've ever played in a video game. Going back and locating each and every Challenge Point, even the one that was hidden behind a know who you are! Parts of Joel McNeely's score for the book were featured in game as well. I remember playing the final level of the game, piloting Dash's Outrider in a giant space battle as ships whizzed by to McNeely's score, which for me made the game even more special as certain game levels had music written specifically for the multimedia project itself...a rare thing for Star Wars as they usually recycle the movie music. By extension it made the game even more epic and once I bought my own N64 based upon my love of the game alone, I'd sit there playing the CD as I traversed through Dash's adventure time and time again. For others maybe the standout game was Rogue Squadron but for me anyways, Shadow's is a classic that blew me away at a time where both the graphical power of consoles and the best stories for the Star Wars Universe were yet to be told or seen.

    The beginning of this video features music composed for Shadows specifically by Joel McNeely, later though we find out what happened to Dash Rendar. Watch if ye doesn't mind spoilers


    Originally I was going to write about my experiences with later consoles but thinking about it nothing quite affected me like the first time I played Shadows. However I will give note to Star Wars and Nintendo's continuing partnership in the following generation. During the Gamecube's heyday, I wanted the system for Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III because not only did it feature flying and ground combat but several of the levels featured events from the films. I can't tell you how ecstatic I was once I got to play as Han Solo pretending to be a Stormtrooper heading to cellblock 1138 to rescue Princess Leia, flying around and taking AT-AT's on the ground at the Battle Of Hoth as Luke Skywalker to the infamous skiff battle at the beginning Return Of The Jedi and zipping around the forest moon of Endor on swoop bikes. Rebel Strike not only looking amazing, as it literally was the best looking game on the Cube in my opinion. It also had alot of replay value based upon the whole medal system which meant improving performance to unlock levels as well as Rogue Squadron II in it's entirety as a Co-Op experience. It's almost bittersweet though, considering it was the ending of a partnership that had been strong since the SNES days of Super Star Wars and it's sequels. Now the focus has shifted from putting out quality titles on Nintendo but to bring the experience to a wider audience in the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Sadly Star Wars titles haven't been nearly as quality as those but atleast we'll always have our fond memories to look back on.

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    So I guess today is Destructoid's 5 Year Anniversary and birthday to one Niero. Funny how that worked out eh? I can't fully remember what brought me to this site, though I know it was Jim Sterling that got my attention with his How [PROTOTYPE] Is Blatantly Better Than inFAMOUS article which was linked from whatever I was reading on Destructoid at the time. However it was the Community, a group of friends with a common interest in gaming that kept me here. I don't know if it was Niero's intention to form such a solid community of cool people who have a passion for video games but the fact that in that respect the site succeeded is probably it's biggest triumph. So thank you Destructoid, for being awesome and for providing a great place to get video game news! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the community!

    Also, yesterday marked the year anniversary of when I started blogging here. I think I jumped on the site sometime in February but I didn't start blogging here until March 15th, an interesting happenstance considering it only became known to me today that it almost coincides with Dtoid's birth but this is one of those...YAY I'VE BEEN HERE FOR A YEAR moments! So fucking yay! Thanks to everyone I've met from Destructoid and game with. I can say my Xbox experience wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it's been had I not been on this site. I think back to the dark days of playing on my PS3 and building gaming communities around the games themselves. It was such a crap shoot. So thanks guys for existing and being awesome and putting up with my opinionated ass! Much Clown Luv (I know Occams is a huge fan, right?)

    Just figured at this point I'd talk about games I'm playing, thoughts on them. I'll try and keep it brief.

    Shadow Complex

    I didn't much care for Shadow Complex when I first got my Xbox 360. It was literally right after I got the thing that I downloaded the demo and I do believe I was still in the midst of shaking off my PS3 haterade that I kinda dismissed the title. For one reason or another, I recently picked it up on a whim and I've actually really been enjoying it. Metroidvania, Castletroid? Whatever, it's actually been some pretty fun side scrolling, platforming action game. I actually like the grappling moves where I can take a guy and layeth the smackdown on his candy ass, making my way through a complex, even Liquid Snake would be envious to invade. Besides, it stars Nathan Drake right?


    Developed by Raven Software, this is one of those "middle of the road" games Jim Sterling was talking about. Having played the first 5 minutes of Bioshock (and watching Marcus play it) I immediately got the feeling like it was like that game, taking place in a dank and aged buildings and subterranean areas but in reality the games really aren't all that similar really....atleast I don't think. Bioshock is next on the docket. Singularity deals with the all too familiar "silent protagonist" in Renko, a foot soldier sent to investigate disturbances around the island of Katorga-12. In the process he's eventually given equipment that can manipulate time, such as the ability to turn soldiers into dust, create time slowing energy bubbles and de and reconstruct objects. It's pretty fun if you're into the idea of being able to manipulate time (within the boundaries of the game of course). Plus you jump between November 1955 and October 2010 and severely change the timeline....November sly dogs you....

    I recommend Singularity if you can find it for cheap. As much as it's the devil, Activision still puts out some fun original IP's every now and again.

    Call Of Duty: MW1, MW2

    I think really I became a COD fan at the right time. I know Activision probably loves me (and my money) right now but I have a couple of solid older titles in the series to go back and relive. Since I've only really been a fan since November of last year I can go back and play Modern Warfare 2, untouched by the jaded feeling of repetition. Believe me, I understand that at some point I'll bore of Call Of Duty I'm sure. Atleast bore of the games I have now, however half the fun is discovering all the different locations on the maps. It's kind of ridiculous how many maps MW2 has. Out of the box you get 16, with both map packs it's another 10 maps. That's a total of 26 maps. I also must admit right here, I was that guy that called my friend a tool for buying The Stimulus Package. Difference is, he bought it when there was actually a playlist for it. I ate my words when I bought it the other week to hardly get into a couple of them because assholes always vote to skip DLC maps. I could rattle on about noob tubers, the bullshit overpowered shotguns and knives (it's even a Perk!) but I'm sure all of you got your complaining done back in 2009.

    However I will say what I love about Call Of Duty. It's not the soldiers or that it's war it's the competitiveness of the Multiplayer. The gun on gun battles, unless you play objective battles there's no splitting your focus, it's more about relying on staying sharp witted and knowing your environment, I swear Call Of Duty has done more for my awareness in video games than any other game I've played before. I just really love lining up a shot and distance shooting an enemy who thought he found the perfect cover to pick off targets. As much as Monk loves it for it's faster pace which it does have, I really love the protraction of a COD TDM, finding where your enemy or where his most likely path is and hoping you're good enough to take him out, and even when it's not always needed it's still fun to coordinate on enemy locations with my pal Chilly!

    Then there's the days where Call Of Duty is the most unbalanced piece of shit Multiplayer games series in history. Take your pick, neither is really "wrong". Though shout out to Modern Warfare 1 for it's lack of Noob Tubers! We should play sometime soon Funk!

    No I don't plan using the brackets and the capitals everytime but for whatever reason I've gotten sucked back into Prototype. There's just something about this game that I love. I think it's the fact that Alex Mercer is some kind of typhoon of destruction and death. I guess it's almost the same feeling you get from Raven's Wolverine game, in which Wolverine feels like a complete bad ass. Now amplify that bad ass feeling x10 and you get Alex Mercer. He's a shapeshifter, able to create solid weapons upon his body to wreak havoc upon his targets. Boulders, Claws, Blades...he's unstoppable and what makes him even more unstoppable is the fact that he can "consume" enemies into himself for healing purposes and chameleon their appearance takes this already fun as hell game to another level. He can leap literally over buildings, glide and run at the rate of a locomotive nevermind the fact that with his own powers he can consume army personnel to obtain the ability to utilize and eventually commandeer the army's ground and sky vehicles. In all honesty I wish Alex Mercer was actually a comic book character, not some side character to police detectives. He's a little cut and dry personality wise but the powers man...the powers....if you haven't played Prototype, you should! Plus the extra Gamerscore for playing it again on Xbox 360 (first beat it on PS3) doesn't hurt.

    I still don't think Bullestorm is totally my cup of tea. While I can admit there's definitely a sense of accomplishment in beating a score, for me I prefer it when I just do well when it comes to the kills themselves. As some of you know, the frustration of the main mechanic itself really doesn't totally appeal to me. Is it also bad that, some of the tools at my disposal feel utterly useless? Or is it me that's useless with them? Maybe I just suck at it. Then environmental and special kills (Bullet Slide) while cool and interesting and varied the first time around, become repetitive. Then again that's more of a complaint for Anarchy Mode rather than Story/Echoes mode. I think it's great that I'm able to play with 3 other people but unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of Anarchy Mode because the whole point of the game is to get the most over the top kills and while it's fun to work together, the point of the game seems more advantageous to a singular pursuit, rather than setting up a kill for yourself only for your buddy to whip them out of your path.

    I know mrandydixon is fucking banana boners for this game, and while I probably disagree that this game is the be all and end all I'm sure I'll still find much to enjoy about it be it the Campaign or doing something satisfying in Echoes. Heck I already love Gray and Ishi's we're-friends-but-now-you're-part-robot dynamic, and Trishka's nonsensical dick ramblings are a highlight! It's stupid fun, I sometimes like to hate it and then I hate to like it, but when it works it works.

    That's pretty much it, time to format, add pictures and then make a vital decision on whether to continue on in Prototype (there are annoying times ahead) or finally start Bioshock. Decisions! Happy 5 years Destructoid! Thanks for reading guys, I hope I didn't ramble on too much.
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    [Note: This is one of them there fancy smancy "opinion" pieces. Hence it's my opinion and thus in no way a definitive authority on the subject matter. It's also a look at sequels that I feel ultimately outdo their predecessor and more so it's a basic look at sequels that get the shaft either by namesake or franchise connection. Basically an attempt to get people to give a game a "second look" if anything]

    This should be fun. I gotta say I appreciate that Jim Sterling has his own opinion on things and I usually see eye to eye with the fellow. I gotta say that while Jim sees the existence of this game as the downfall of gaming or at very least the rabid sequelitis I honestly loved it. I loved Kane & Lynch 2 a HELL of a lot more than the first game. Infact truly, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is fucking dog shit compared to Kane & Lynch 2.

    I initially bought Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for a whopping 10 bucks around the time Kane & Lynch 2 was released. The subject matter intrigued me enough to want to check it out. Theieves, Criminals traversing the underbelly of society. Seemed like it had a solid enough premise even if I'd heard less than stellar reviews about it. I'd initially thought the Kane & Lynch 2 demo looked nice but seemed hard as hell. Little did I realize.

    Admittedly though I could see why playing these games out of order might have seen me come to a different conclusion but for some reason I did what I normally do when I buy a new game. I play a little bit into it to give it a try with the intention of going back to it at a later date and starting a new game. Except with Kane & Lynch 2 it got it's meat hooks into me. I was really enjoying the visual style and even though initially the gameplay was frustrating, I found Kane & Lynch 2 had a learning curve as small as it may have been but once I understood it or atleast understood their limits the game became abit easier.

    Is the game short? Sure, most say it can be knocked off in around 4 hours. Does it look into the backgrounds of Kane & Lynch like the first does? Not really. Kane & Lynch 2 is a 4 hour campaign that ends abruptly but it has a few thing it's predecessor doesn't have. Style and Playability.

    The game follows Kane & Lynch through some turbulent times in Shanghai and the whole event is presented in a "hand held digital camcorder" style which means the only thing missing is the "REC" and tape time indicator.You get glare from lights and even those digital paneling like you'd get from someone streaming media over the net. It's an interesting visual style that in my honest opinion works for the story which takes two men through hell and back as they fight their way through a country that is not their own. Also during cutscenes, there are jump cuts and angle shots presented from a single point of view which gives it that low budget documentary feel, giving the player not only a feeling of being apart of it but experiencing it live as it happens.

    One example of Kane & Lynch 2's superiority to the first in terms of presentation takes place during the section you play in the demo. Just those few instances where we see Kane smoking a cigarillio, which jump cuts to his hand over his head with fatigue tells the story of two weary individuals, caught up in the only lifestyle they know and are good at, tells a more compelling story visually than ANY of the flashback and scene dialogue in the first game. Infact Dead Men's presentation of story is pretty dull, with being downed providing snippets of Kane and Lynch's past and one scene where Lynch loosing his cool before it never really being mentioned again, that and some talk between game sections is all you get. Atleast Kane & Lynch 2 is trying for something different this time around and it's fair to say that if you don't want your games presented with an attempt at gritty realism or movie type qualities you won't enjoy what Kane & Lynch 2 has to offer visually.

    Now then there's playability. Kane & Lynch 2 does suffer from the same misgivings of the first game in that enemies are many, spread around various cover. Like any good game that offers up a co-operative function like Splitscreen or online co-op the use of flanking or picking targets helps plus this time as apposed to Dead Men when your partner goes down and starts going towards the light (literally the dying player's half of the screen went white in the first game) the second player's screen doesn't go pitch black thus making getting to the downed player a trial in and of itself. I'm still amazed that Stevil did it by himself. You get downed in Kane & Lynch 2 you can easily get back up without aide and the environments are easier for seeing and picking off targets. Locking on, throwing objects and just overall the functionality is vastly improved from the first which when the screen wasn't bleeding out in Co-Op saw you struggle to take out hidden targets.

    And to that end let me quote Cliffy B, a quote I've beaten to death but is totally appropriate here when comparing the two games. "a game can have a bad story as long as it plays well. A game with a great story but bad gameplay is still a bad game." Too true Cliffy.

    Conclusion: I'd say if you can get it for a cheap price it's worth checking out. I bought my copy for 20 dollars and I was more than satisfied with it. I don't believe it's as bad as Jim says it is and it's certainly a ton more playable and fun than the first game which was a mess. Besides if this doesn't convince you I don't know what will!

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    Well guys, I figured there would be no point in holding off one more day and decided to announce the contest winners! But first let me say this because like any good contest thrower guy I have to pad this baby out! But before you do, check my previous blog. I only threw it up yesterday and it's a love fest in tribute to Occams, so if you missed it head there now!

    I asked you what your favourite Gun and Perk was so let me answer my own question. All this stuff is in reference to Call Of Duty Black Ops since it's my first Call Of Duty and the one I play the most. So my favourite perk is "Ghost" because it keeps me off the radar. Combine that with a silencer on any of my guns and I'm almost virtually undetectable on the map. Getting the drop on my enemies is a huge advantage.

    My guns however rotate between 3 different "favourites". They're all basically set for 3 types of gameplay. The AK74u is made more for my "run and gun" style and with a Grip and Rapid Fire it's one of the more powerful and versatile guns in the game. My "middle of the road" gun is the Famas w/ Red Dot Sight, which if you know how to use it, is great for face to face showdowns and distance shooting. Then for the bigger maps unless it's just not working out for me I roll with the AUG w/ Reflex sight. The AUG is really good for distance shooting so long as you remember to shoot in bursts...something that due to the frenetic pace of Call Of Duty I sometimes forget.

    Okay Okay enough stalling...and the contest winners are....


    Funktastic! Dag Yo!


    Nyktharas! Hell Yeah!

    Log into your Destructoid account and check your inboxes. I've sent the codes there! Congrats guys and enjoy the points! Thanks to all those who entered and props to Beyamor for almost winning with his answer both cards almost kind of "oh you" kind of winning...

    Also apparently I need to send a friend request to Funktastic and Wrenchfarm so that's coming soon! Take care everyone!
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    A while back whilst sitting in a session of whatever the hell it was we were playing at the time, Occams Electric Tooth Brush casually announced he'd be sending out some packages to some of us fine folks here at the Destructoid. As you all know, Occams is quite the character here on the Destructoid blogs and thus the ideas began flowing on what he'd be sending out. Would I finally get a physical copy of the decoder ring he gave me so long ago, or would what he'd sent amount to more than mere Decoder Rings or more Decoder Rings. Read on to find out and BE WARNED....this blog is PICTURE HEAVY. I'm sorry but Occam's Package couldn't be contained to like a few pictures.

    All the way from some place called LA. Where's LA? Why Los Angeles of course, no wait...there are two LA's? Oh one's a state the others a city. Well atleast we can all agree that the band "The La's" have nothing to do with this package. Bad joke is bad...

    Look at this haul, where do I BEGIN? Trading Cards? You're speaking my language Hug 'O Bear..err Occams! Zombie related materials? Could a 13 year old Indian boy ask for anything more? Check this out.

    At night when I sleep, two Zombie action figures from the hit Resident Evil 2 Toy Biz line watch over both my Beatles records AND The Starship Enterprise!

    Update: Sadly, on a night like any other, the Zombies were enticed away by the promise of brains only for one of my cats to enter my domain without permission and destroy said Enterprise standee. The Zombies were put on suspension where Zombie Cop pulled rank on the Scientist and got him busted down to Sargeant so fast his head spun.....FOR DAYS.

    The good news, that awesome Imperial Party Pin (or IPP for those who hate remembering things) has an honored spot on my latest awesome hoody or LAP...which really is just my new striped hoodie. Either way I need more pins. The BAD news however is that I don't own anything awesome enough to ever perminantly behold the presence of this Harvey Dent sticker.

    Yes, I quite literally am Gangsta Tim Curry.

    I once bought a box of those Marvel Cards in bulk but I thought the asking price was too high, either way these cards are amazing. I hadn't become aware of the Dinosaur Attacks! cards until a few years ago. Whether he threw them in for fun or just knew I absolutely love Non-Sports Trading Cards. By the way I'm pretty sure that's John Landis on the right in that "Comics Con Catastrophe!" card.

    Predator! I won't lie, I absolutely pooped in my pants the moment I saw that Predator 2 mini poster, which details the weaponry used by The Predator. I also am not going to lie and upon skimming through Wolverine Revolver before reading thoroughly I honestly thought he was playing Russian Roulette with Xavier....tee hee.

    This next part can only be described in pictures....well except the end...I'll talk about that.


    Hugh is a pretty thoughtful guy, not only did he want me to have fun trying not to choose a wrong path fraught with possible danger, he wanted my adventure to be colourful and vibrant and adorned the book with Lisa Frank Stickers! The Underground Kingdom doesn't seem so dangerous now, infact it seems rather silly now that Occams has made sure Ballerina Princess Bear helps to guide me!

    Right Back at you Mr. Morrow! My Cthulu will see your Cthulu on the playground afterschool!

    Unfortunately I haven't listened to this in a while. Perhaps now is a good time to throw it in the Computer CD-R drive and see if good 'ol GraceNote can figure out what the hell is ON this CD. All I know his Occams Eclectic Jukebox is what he should have really (no not really, yes...really) called himself. Though Erasure IS on this CD so that's all that matters.

    Occam's Thank You Letter that promises "All The Tacos" won't come between us. I just hope that means that at some point I will be getting Tacos. I think we can take down a Taco Army and long after you quit, I'll keep on fightin' the fatty fat fight!

    Now I'd like to get a little serious. Occams or "Hugh" if you prefer is a pretty cool guy. He didn't have to do this for anyone but he enjoyed doing so. That makes him a pretty swell guy and someone I hope to be enjoying the company of for whoever long it takes for two people to get bored of coming on this here Internet. He's a pretty fun and warm guy and I'm lucky to have gotten to spend some time with him to chat and just discuss life and games with. You owe it to yourself as a member of this community to seek him out at some point and do the same! So as best I could, I salute you sir and thank you for the kind words and the fancy trinkets!
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