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garethxxgod avatar 4:17 PM on 03.16.2011  (server time)
Dtoid's 5 Year Anniversary/Game Ramblings

So I guess today is Destructoid's 5 Year Anniversary and birthday to one Niero. Funny how that worked out eh? I can't fully remember what brought me to this site, though I know it was Jim Sterling that got my attention with his How [PROTOTYPE] Is Blatantly Better Than inFAMOUS article which was linked from whatever I was reading on Destructoid at the time. However it was the Community, a group of friends with a common interest in gaming that kept me here. I don't know if it was Niero's intention to form such a solid community of cool people who have a passion for video games but the fact that in that respect the site succeeded is probably it's biggest triumph. So thank you Destructoid, for being awesome and for providing a great place to get video game news! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the community!

Also, yesterday marked the year anniversary of when I started blogging here. I think I jumped on the site sometime in February but I didn't start blogging here until March 15th, an interesting happenstance considering it only became known to me today that it almost coincides with Dtoid's birth but this is one of those...YAY I'VE BEEN HERE FOR A YEAR moments! So fucking yay! Thanks to everyone I've met from Destructoid and game with. I can say my Xbox experience wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it's been had I not been on this site. I think back to the dark days of playing on my PS3 and building gaming communities around the games themselves. It was such a crap shoot. So thanks guys for existing and being awesome and putting up with my opinionated ass! Much Clown Luv (I know Occams is a huge fan, right?)

Just figured at this point I'd talk about games I'm playing, thoughts on them. I'll try and keep it brief.

Shadow Complex

I didn't much care for Shadow Complex when I first got my Xbox 360. It was literally right after I got the thing that I downloaded the demo and I do believe I was still in the midst of shaking off my PS3 haterade that I kinda dismissed the title. For one reason or another, I recently picked it up on a whim and I've actually really been enjoying it. Metroidvania, Castletroid? Whatever, it's actually been some pretty fun side scrolling, platforming action game. I actually like the grappling moves where I can take a guy and layeth the smackdown on his candy ass, making my way through a complex, even Liquid Snake would be envious to invade. Besides, it stars Nathan Drake right?


Developed by Raven Software, this is one of those "middle of the road" games Jim Sterling was talking about. Having played the first 5 minutes of Bioshock (and watching Marcus play it) I immediately got the feeling like it was like that game, taking place in a dank and aged buildings and subterranean areas but in reality the games really aren't all that similar really....atleast I don't think. Bioshock is next on the docket. Singularity deals with the all too familiar "silent protagonist" in Renko, a foot soldier sent to investigate disturbances around the island of Katorga-12. In the process he's eventually given equipment that can manipulate time, such as the ability to turn soldiers into dust, create time slowing energy bubbles and de and reconstruct objects. It's pretty fun if you're into the idea of being able to manipulate time (within the boundaries of the game of course). Plus you jump between November 1955 and October 2010 and severely change the timeline....November sly dogs you....

I recommend Singularity if you can find it for cheap. As much as it's the devil, Activision still puts out some fun original IP's every now and again.

Call Of Duty: MW1, MW2

I think really I became a COD fan at the right time. I know Activision probably loves me (and my money) right now but I have a couple of solid older titles in the series to go back and relive. Since I've only really been a fan since November of last year I can go back and play Modern Warfare 2, untouched by the jaded feeling of repetition. Believe me, I understand that at some point I'll bore of Call Of Duty I'm sure. Atleast bore of the games I have now, however half the fun is discovering all the different locations on the maps. It's kind of ridiculous how many maps MW2 has. Out of the box you get 16, with both map packs it's another 10 maps. That's a total of 26 maps. I also must admit right here, I was that guy that called my friend a tool for buying The Stimulus Package. Difference is, he bought it when there was actually a playlist for it. I ate my words when I bought it the other week to hardly get into a couple of them because assholes always vote to skip DLC maps. I could rattle on about noob tubers, the bullshit overpowered shotguns and knives (it's even a Perk!) but I'm sure all of you got your complaining done back in 2009.

However I will say what I love about Call Of Duty. It's not the soldiers or that it's war it's the competitiveness of the Multiplayer. The gun on gun battles, unless you play objective battles there's no splitting your focus, it's more about relying on staying sharp witted and knowing your environment, I swear Call Of Duty has done more for my awareness in video games than any other game I've played before. I just really love lining up a shot and distance shooting an enemy who thought he found the perfect cover to pick off targets. As much as Monk loves it for it's faster pace which it does have, I really love the protraction of a COD TDM, finding where your enemy or where his most likely path is and hoping you're good enough to take him out, and even when it's not always needed it's still fun to coordinate on enemy locations with my pal Chilly!

Then there's the days where Call Of Duty is the most unbalanced piece of shit Multiplayer games series in history. Take your pick, neither is really "wrong". Though shout out to Modern Warfare 1 for it's lack of Noob Tubers! We should play sometime soon Funk!

No I don't plan using the brackets and the capitals everytime but for whatever reason I've gotten sucked back into Prototype. There's just something about this game that I love. I think it's the fact that Alex Mercer is some kind of typhoon of destruction and death. I guess it's almost the same feeling you get from Raven's Wolverine game, in which Wolverine feels like a complete bad ass. Now amplify that bad ass feeling x10 and you get Alex Mercer. He's a shapeshifter, able to create solid weapons upon his body to wreak havoc upon his targets. Boulders, Claws, Blades...he's unstoppable and what makes him even more unstoppable is the fact that he can "consume" enemies into himself for healing purposes and chameleon their appearance takes this already fun as hell game to another level. He can leap literally over buildings, glide and run at the rate of a locomotive nevermind the fact that with his own powers he can consume army personnel to obtain the ability to utilize and eventually commandeer the army's ground and sky vehicles. In all honesty I wish Alex Mercer was actually a comic book character, not some side character to police detectives. He's a little cut and dry personality wise but the powers man...the powers....if you haven't played Prototype, you should! Plus the extra Gamerscore for playing it again on Xbox 360 (first beat it on PS3) doesn't hurt.

I still don't think Bullestorm is totally my cup of tea. While I can admit there's definitely a sense of accomplishment in beating a score, for me I prefer it when I just do well when it comes to the kills themselves. As some of you know, the frustration of the main mechanic itself really doesn't totally appeal to me. Is it also bad that, some of the tools at my disposal feel utterly useless? Or is it me that's useless with them? Maybe I just suck at it. Then environmental and special kills (Bullet Slide) while cool and interesting and varied the first time around, become repetitive. Then again that's more of a complaint for Anarchy Mode rather than Story/Echoes mode. I think it's great that I'm able to play with 3 other people but unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of Anarchy Mode because the whole point of the game is to get the most over the top kills and while it's fun to work together, the point of the game seems more advantageous to a singular pursuit, rather than setting up a kill for yourself only for your buddy to whip them out of your path.

I know mrandydixon is fucking banana boners for this game, and while I probably disagree that this game is the be all and end all I'm sure I'll still find much to enjoy about it be it the Campaign or doing something satisfying in Echoes. Heck I already love Gray and Ishi's we're-friends-but-now-you're-part-robot dynamic, and Trishka's nonsensical dick ramblings are a highlight! It's stupid fun, I sometimes like to hate it and then I hate to like it, but when it works it works.

That's pretty much it, time to format, add pictures and then make a vital decision on whether to continue on in Prototype (there are annoying times ahead) or finally start Bioshock. Decisions! Happy 5 years Destructoid! Thanks for reading guys, I hope I didn't ramble on too much.

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