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garethxxgod avatar 1:25 PM on 04.06.2012  (server time)
10 Things..F*** IT, I'M WEIRD OKAY?

Thanks to everyone whose written about themselves because honestly reading some of your stuff has kind of allayed my fears that I am not a total weirdo about somethings...though I still wear the weirdo badge with pride. So thanks for doing these and bringing this back...I haven't had a reason to write in a long's been 6 months!


You're probably thinking this was Halloween...nope this was boredom and borrowed work clothes....

10. This isn't the first online community I've been apart of...

From around 2003 till about 2006-07 I used to frequent the site which was a website based around college aged kids talking about whatever and later on when their partnership split into 2 communities I'd occassionally visit the few people I liked over at They were basically like forums, so when I say I've "been there, done that" in regards to foruming it really is true. All I know is that neither site is around now. Most of the pictures here are from that time.

9. I'm a fat lazy procrastinator....

This one should be obvious. I started writing this on I think Wednesday and I'm posting it today. Remember Retro Fight Nights? Remember when that didn't happen? You now know why. Don't get me wrong, I get things done but I'm really terrible at time management and getting myself properly motivated...even with stuff I know I'll enjoy. I think I'll sum this up with one of my favourite lines from "The Simpsons"......I'll do it this afternoon!

8. I used to make stupid pictures in Paint...

like these...maybe now that I have a PC again I'll try and do some more with Dtoid in mind.

7. I once spent an entire Ozzfest by myself....even though I had friends with me.....

It was actually the second time we'd went and the first we'd managed to not get lost...not so lucky the second time around. I even unintentionally met up with a co-worker at the concert (she and I shared a love for....Cradle Of Filth...shut up) but I ended up losing my friends and hooked up with this other group of people and got really really high. Ironically my 2 friends who managed to stay together also got high and after the concert started wandering up and down the long entrance road to DTE Energy Center. Our ride picked me up and we found them wandering. I literally had not seen them since early in the show. HIJINX!

Carl, Rick & Myself meet Dani Filth from Cradle Of Filth...again..shut the fuck up.

6. I hermit...

I used to be intensely shy through grade school and into high school and I'm sure being bullied didn't help my self esteem and social skills. I still prefer being alone or the company of a few people to a huge crowd. I try harder now to be more sociable but anyone whose talked to me on Xbox LIVE knows how clumsy and awkward I come off when I talk to people. I do appreciate the friends I've made here though, thanks guys for just being around even if it was just taking my mind off of how shitty things are.

5. I met my best friend and had the best summer of my life because I wanted to play his N64...

I used to make friends with kids so I could play the game systems I didn't have. Sometimes this would come back and bite me in the ass in people "pretending" to be my friend only to lock their doors as I arrived. Either way I stopped doing it during the PS1/N64 era as I started making money and buying my own systems but my fondest memories involving video games comes at making friends with my buddy Rich because I wanted to check out the Nintendo 64. I'd already gotten a PlayStation and thus began a friendship of console swapping and game sharing. We literally spent a summer watching him play Final Fantasy VII like it was some episodic soap opera. We also both played through GoldenEye's campaign and competitively against one another. It's a tradition we still somewhat share today as I occassionally bring my (formerly Marcus') PS3 over to his house to show him some cool games. We started playing through the Telltale Back To The Future game recently cause we're both huge fans.

4. My passion is music...though I barely share it with people...I should probably do that...

Former teen metal head (since mellowed) I've been singing and playing guitar since around 1996 though I rarely talk about it. It's part procrastination partly because I'm shy damn it about sharing what I consider my "baby" for criticism. Actually I have played in several bands and actually done a little touring and played with some bands that achieved a modicum of success in this area. Even came over to the states to play a few times, that was fun. In all the things I do, music is the one thing I'm absolutely sure of. I don't care what level of success I have at it (I'm not that great honestly) I just want to be involved in it in some way. So I've been looking to find a program that is more music focused as the ones locally encompass music, vocals which are fine but acting as well...which I have no interest in

Anyways, do me a huge favor. I hate being a shill but I honestly found the only demo (the rest got wiped when my computer died) of some of my scrapped recordings and I wanted to share. It's mostly metal-y stuff but there's some softer music in there too, my favourite is the song at the 4:30 mark. Tell me what you think! Honestly...please...listen? This is the only way I can express myself that I don't completely and utterly fail at!

3. I am the ChillyBilly of Movies.....

2. I'm into BDSM.....

Some of you knew this from Twitter. This is that lifestyle where people tie each other up and do all sorts of consensual nastiness to one another. I'm just glad to see it's becoming less taboo every year. I got invited to a Munch once and it was probably the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done as I went alone. Everyone was really nice and polite though if gathering in large groups to talk about sex and sexing each other in sexy ways is not your thing then this isn't for you.Though I do enjoy the subject as I think it better helps understand who we are as people. A podcast about sex and sexy people needs to happen already.

1. I have a tattoo...

Peer pressure is a terrible thing. Especially when you're in a Clique. I wasn't sure if I was the last but getting a tattoo became a right of passage with the group of friends I had at the time. My friend Sean is forever tattooed with a Grizzly Bear surrounded by flames bursting out of his top right shoulder blade. I however went the less painful (and less expensive) route of a smaller tattoo on my right arm. It's a ying yang as you can see and I always liked the "there's a little bit of good in someone mostly evil and a little bit of evil in someone mostly good" philosophy of the ying yang.

So yeah thanks for reading to whomever made it this far have a smiley face for your trouble.

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