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CAPTION CONTEST: Jim Sterling in Miami!

Thanks to Niero and the wonderful state country are you sure it's not a country i'm pretty sure it's a country you guys city of Miami, the above photo (sans caption, of course) appeared in Niero's Facebook photos just now, ...


In Honor of Samit Q. Sarkar Jr. III Esq.

You know, Samit Sarkar is a respected member of the Destructoid community. As an editor, a genuine sports lover, and the token punching bag of the Podtoid cast, Samit Sarkar (aka Bronxbomber21, Summit Soccer, Browntown, Mei...


Ahh, Sony Marketing Strikes Again

Dear Sony: This commercial sucks. Disregard the fact that the “It Only Does Eveything” campaign has been setting itself up for jokes since it started, this one is the worst of the series so far. Why? Because in a supposed ...


The All-New Destructoid HTML Widget

See that HTML widget up there? That's Sir Niero's community blog, displayed in a 620x368 wrapped RSS feeder, completely styled in Destructoid colors. With help form SrpingWidgets, I made an RSS widget that can be used on yo...


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