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Gantz's blog

9:50 AM on 01.20.2009

50 Cent > Killzone 2 + Street Fighter IV

According to Maxim.... Kill zone 2 3.5/5 stars "Impressive lighting effects, motion blur, and graphics make this first person shooter the hottest girl at the ball, if not quite the best dancer." Street Fighter 4 3/5 stars "...   read

12:11 AM on 10.03.2008

Media Molecule Opens their Hearts

So earlier today Media Molecule (creators of LittleBigPlanet if you somehow don't know) decided they would give everyone who had posted on the LBP News site before oct 1st at 5pm a beta key within the next 48 hours. I'm real...   read

2:38 AM on 08.13.2008

BC:ReArmed Demo Now Up On JPSN in Full English

So for those of you dying to give this remake a try, its currently up in the Japanese PSN Store -and- its completely in English so long as the account you play it through is set to english (fyi) Not lick of moospeak to be se...   read

11:57 PM on 07.23.2008

Streetfigher HD Never-Ending-Title gets Fan Soundtrack

The guys over at Capcom, who are working on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, will be using top Remixed/Remade Fan songs off OCRemix for the soundtrack in the upcomming PSN And XBLA Title. I think this is a brilliant idea and personally love some of the stuff the OCRemixers have come up with. They've got some major talent floating around over there. From Ars Technica   read

10:55 PM on 07.22.2008

Little BIG Sackboy

see what i did thar Without further adieu... Behold the Giant Sackboy! From what i gather it was at a convention of sorts by Sony Japan to showcase a bunch of games seen here. How awesome would it be have that costume?   read

1:02 AM on 07.11.2008

RockBand's Drums Revealed! + Additional Info from GameInformer Mag.

My First Blog, I knew I was saving it for something special. Heres the new drums with enhancements, followed by the new limited edition "Ion" drum set. An educated guess would price the Limited Edition "Ion" set for about 2...   read

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