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gamingindreams avatar 1:37 PM on 06.08.2013  (server time)
My gaming Story: Portal 2 triggers my passion

There are few games that truly shine the light in the capabilities of videogames and how powerful of a medium it is. Itís no surprise to say Portal 2 is one of those games, where I saw the brilliance carved in every inch of the universe but also the potential of the medium itself. I fell in love with this wonderful interactive medium because I got a peek of its enormous potential it wielded, while I was traversing through Portalís 2 mind bending levels.

There are many games I played before Portal 2 like GTA III, Vice City Stories, San Andreas, Super Mario Bros and Dragon Age Origins are all indelible experiences which I cherish. †All these games mentioned are ones I played during the ages from 8 Ė 13. Then my gaming experiences came to an abrupt halt and the burning desires for playing videogames was extinguished. I was no longer in the realm of gaming nor did I care. I have no particular reason to dart at as to why I lost my vigor for this medium because there was none and my interest just simply faded in the ever blowing winds. †My relation with videogames was broken for about 1 Ė 2 years and I simply just continued with my life performing mundane tasks, stressing my focus more on education and entertainment such as TV shows and movies.

My interest got reignited when Portal 2 arrived on the scene flashing itself on buses, billboards and the internet itself. Portal 2 stood out because of its visuals, characters and the world it introduced. I had never been acquainted with such a radically different looking game. I soon found out that Portal 2 was a first person puzzle game which led me to brush off Portal 2 in the abyss of my mind. I imagined this game would receive horrible reviews from gaming critics, so I didnít give this game a second thought. Much to my surprise, this game got critical acclaim causing Portal 2 to be back on my radar. I told myself that I had to play this game which I did and consider it to be one of my best decisions in life as well as a turning point for me.

Portal 2 opened the door to gaming and ignited my love and passion for this medium. The experience I had with Portal 2 was amazing; I still remember jumping on gels, swooping through the air, killing turrets and solving the brilliantly made puzzles. I loved exploring the world and trying to figure out on how to solve the ingeniously crafted chambers. I remember the rush surging through my veins, when I finally solved a chamber that I was literally stuck for an hour or so and there were a few. Those bastards at Valve are geniuses and I am grateful to them for creating this wonderful game. †This is my story and how I got into the wondrous world of gaming.

Note:{I open to criticisms on my articles as this will help me better myself as a writer}

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