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gamesradar avatar 4:19 AM on 05.10.2013  (server time)
Defiance – Action Sci-Fi MMO full of potential

Defiance is finally here, the long-awaited Sci-Fi Action Third Person Action MMRORPG from Trion Worlds. It is one of the first MMOs to be ever released on the same day on Xbox 360 and PS3 alongside the PC version.Defiance tries to justify itself with fresh ideas, interesting game mechanics, different character progression, micro-transactions and being more story driven than most previous MMO games. So how do all these new ideas blend together and what kind of experience do they create?

Visual Style and Sound:

Defiance is a new action third-person MMORPG so the presentation must be particularly good in order to be impressed by the overall feel of the universe. Majority of MMO games are centered around elves, dwarves and humans. However, Defiance is a Sci-Fi MMO video game, so this makes things a bit more intriguing already.Trion Worlds did an excellent job with their dark-fantasy MMO Rift. It had a beautiful unique art-style and looked gorgeous on high-end PCs. So it’s highly exciting to see them go the Sci-Fi route this time around and what they can do.

The voice acting and the narrative story is also a delightful touch, characters are interesting, but some of them can be a bit annoying. The sound of bullets and laser can probably use a bit more work, but it didn’t bother me that much during gameplay.
The music in the game is kind of interesting, its a mix of techno and a bit of dub-step and it also continually loops almost every time you enter into a fight. It clearly adds a good immersion to the combat but sometimes can get a bit over-played.

Enemies in the World:

Throughout my experience in Defiance, I ventured through grassy and hilly areas, military bases and even small towns that you have to save from the horrific Hellbugs and Raiders gang members.The enemy variety so far seems lacking, majority of the time I was just encountering the same mutants for the beginning portion of the game that lasted a good three to four hours. The mutants are the first type of enemies you will come across in the world of Defiance. Mutants are also divided into different classes such as melee mutants, rifleman, heavy large mutants with machine-guns and grenade launchers and of course shotgun officers.As you continue playing the game, you will eventually encounter the Hellbugs.

Questing and Combat

The combat in Defiance is real-time and feels great for the most part. Its designed well enough to feel like a fast paced action game, and it gives a good break from the old-fashioned MMO combat.If you have played any other MMO games then questing in Defiance will be no different for the most part.The game is divided into different types of quests such as the story-line quests, side-quests and challenges.
[justify]The story-line quests are the most fun and the best that the game has to offer. They are full of in-game cinematics, dialogue and voice acting, however, the best part is that they’re fun and not super repetitive, unlike the game’s side-quests.

The side-quests consist of telling players to go to a specific location, repair a generator and fight off enemies. The main issue with that is that those quests repeat way too much and instead of repairing a generator you may have to turn on three switches instead, which in reality are exactly same thing and nothing different.

Co op missions

In Defiance players can participate in special cooperative missions which are essentially the same thing as a dungeon from other MMO games The cooperative missions are fun to do, and they’re well designed. I recommend you participate in them, especially if you have buddies that you enjoy gaming with.

PvP in Defiance is quite fun

The game provides battleground-like matches where players participate in team death-match battles. The PvP combat itself feel great, its fast-paced, hit detection works fine, lag was none-existent, and it felt as if you were playing an online third-person competitive multiplayer title.Defiance PvP also offers something called Shadow War

Shadow War is equivalent of Battlefield 3′s Conquest mode However, PvP is not without its issues due to some abilities being overpowered such as invisibility and guns that infest players with some sort of alien goo that spawns bugs after the player dies this is a new game and PvP will always be changing and evolving.


Defiance is a new Sci-Fi MMO that is different and yet similar to other MMOs. Fun combat, nice art-style and overall feel,great driving mechanics, leveling system is interesting and different.The game has a lot of potential in the future, but currently lacks good character progression and has A.I issues

This game was reviewed on the PC, however i also did a PS3 Review for Defiance , in case you might be interested.[/justify]

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