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BioShock Infinite, the newest venture from creator Ken Levine and developer Irrational Games, takes you through the floating city of Columbia as Booker Dewitt, a former soldier and currently indebted gambler tasked with saving a girl named Elizabeth from the clutches of the city and its prophet......for more - BioShock Infinite Gameplay , Walkthrough, Weapons & Trophy Guide

Elizabeth is the prime example of a home-schooled girl — self-educated, naive, and, more than anything else, incredibly innocent and Soooooooo SEXY as well........................

BioShock Infinite wants you to notice Elizabeth. It tries its hardest to keep her in frame in natural ways even when the two of you are just idly exploring Columbia. The developers said that “she’ll find a way to entertain herself,” but in my experience, that usually means she’d pick a wall I was looking at to lean against with all the practiced aloofness of a hipster trying way too hard to achieve that “just woke up” look.

The game tries so hard to keep Elizabeth near you that I’d often turn around after examining some interesting poster or sign and find Elizabeth inches from my face.

Often characters regulated to a role like Elizabeth's stand off to the side, while each encounter relies on your powers and skills. I can't tell you how many times I've just wanted to scream at characters, "A little help here?" The developers at Irrational Games read my mind, because Elizabeth is an asset in battle, not just some character standing on the sidelines afraid to get her hands dirty.

Elizabeth could have just been another character in need of rescuing, but Irrational made her feel like a real person, not just a plot device to make the story function. She's a better companion for it, and one that I know will stick with me for some time.

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