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GamesAreArt's blog

1:51 PM on 05.10.2010

Monthly Musing:Runs in the Family

With our beloved Anthony Burch gone, the Monthly Musings have left for now, and a gaping hole blown into the usual flow of community blogs that keep dull news weekends interesting here on Destructoid. However Xzyliac, Antwhan...   read

6:10 PM on 04.17.2010

Forum Adventures, Guest edition. [Shortblog]

FullSize I made a comic with some of the forum members as the characters of scooby doo. Yes, I used lined paper, deal with it. That is all. Tell me what you think, I am not as skilled as Gobun.   read

1:41 AM on 04.01.2010

Artcast Recording today(Scarves Mandatory), Give us some Questions

Artcast is recording tonight. As the cast roll for this week we have Anthony Burch, Rod Humble, Jonathan Blow, and Me. We will be discussing a couple of things, Starting with the human condition and the meaning of life on e...   read

1:19 AM on 02.19.2010

Why Destructoid is not a real journalism

Processing Power What you may not know is that the Destructoid servers don't have REAL processing power. What most people don't realize is that the Destructoid server is, in fact, a Commodore 64. Yes, that means that the ...   read

11:55 PM on 12.28.2009

The Destructoid editors in their favorite game boxes [shortblog?] [Pics]

I was just surfing destructoid when the brilliant idea struck me. What if I photo shopped nick chester in the guitar hero box. Latter on I thought, What if I put the faces of the destructoid editors in their favorite games. T...   read

8:32 PM on 12.05.2009

GAA's Review of T.R.o.K.R.oE.R.o.Rb.R.o.J.R.o. The Sabotuer(shortblog)

Subject: Review of Review of the Review of the Review of the Review of the Review of the Saboteur Author: Tubatic Released: December 5, 2009 MSRP: 1,000,000Yen I found this review to be severely lacking. The review itse...   read

7:47 PM on 11.26.2009

Why you should buy plants vs zombies instead of COD4:MW2

[Note: The following article might contain a bit of what some may call “ZOMG SPOILERS” If you do not want any of the following game to be “spoiled” for you please hold your hands to your ears, start yelling “LA LA LA LA LA LA...   read

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