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galagabug  avatar 10:47 AM on 12.23.2008  (server time)
what's NXEt?

aside from dyslexia, the arrival of the NXE and netflix paints a promising future for xbox 360 owners. in a recent article on Gizmodo, Shane Kim makes mention of wanting to bring Hulu to Xbox Live. Makes sense to me, Hulu gets more revenue through advertising, and Xbox Live has one spiffy free media player. I'm hooked on Hulu since losing my DVR, it's a great way to catch up on shows you've missed with minimal advertisements, for free. Kim goes on about how the XNE experience is about bringing fleshed out services to the console's OS, not not simply 'dropping in a browser' and seeing what works.

here's what would make me a happy 360 owner.

Pandora for live.
Pandora changed the way i listen to music. No longer do i listen to albums. I just plug in a band i wanna listen to, and they provide me with hours of epic new music, some of which i never heard before. i loves it. i'd love it on my 360. i'd really love to be able to stream my pandora playlists as the soundtrack to games that allow for custom soundtracks. make it happen.

not simply because i want more videos, but b/c it makes sense. if you could record and upload videos directly to youtube from your 360, i'm sure Vision Cam sales would go up substantially. As would terrible videos of people cursing out newbs for t-bagging them relentlessly on Halo. but this isn't from a quality standpoint as much as practicality.

ever since XNE was launched, gamertag motto's appear to be changing more frequently. maybe its the cute text bubbles over the avatar. who knows? but give the users the ability to link twitter to their avatar. b/c nothing is more important than the last time you pooped, or how you cut your sandwiches.

I enjoy kongregate's facebook app, it shows my friends what i'm playing right on my wall. why not up the ante and have xbox live and facebook interact? Better yet, recommend people i may know directly from live and let me friend them.

What would you like to see added to the NXE?

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