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galagabug  avatar 1:18 PM on 03.07.2008  (server time)
Not my Turning Point gaming rig

there it is, in all its glory. i have to keep it on a dining room chair, because the chord is only 4 feet long, so its the only way to plug it in, and not have it on the floor. for those unfamiliar with such a technological marvel, might not know that its capable of rendering images in 2 colors. black, and white. its pretty sweet.

since this is a mini show and tell, i'll post an embassing picture of my current console rig:

you'd think someone willing to plunk down a chunk of change on a 42" screen would support it with more than toothpicks and good itentions, but thats just not how i roll. thats my since deceased launch 360, ps2, and a halo edition xbox with all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a console no longer supported by the mfg. it does fun things! since this pic was taken, a wii was added, that premium 360 was replaced with a core, and somehow that tv stand is still in one piece... for now!

and finally the pride and joy, hand made and lovingly crafted, capcom bowling and any 4 player hack and slash as gracefully as a swan. all 4 joysticks are 4-8 way switchable without opening the console. geniune happ trackball. front loading dvd drive, rear usb ports, inifinite possibilities!

notice you don't see any true pc pics.. thats b/c my pc is a piece of shit, and i'm too broke to replace it b/c i keep buyin stupid shit like whats pictured above. gimmie gimmie gimmie.

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