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gajknight 's blog
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So I play games, watch movies, eat loads of pizza, drink loads of Dr Pepper and comment far too much on this site.

Attending University, hoping to not fail too hard and become a Clinical Psychologist. And in debt. But a Psychologist first.

A Playstation fan (NOT FANBOY!) but I have a soft spot for the Mega Drive.

Chiptune music is my passion, Mega Drive being my favourite.

Kingdom Hearts is the best series ever. I will fight you if you disagree!

Anyway, enough about me. Here's Hitler-kun.

Also Fenrif is amazing, thanks for this masterpiece man!

Extreme thanks to Robertoplankton for this image. It's an honour to be immortalised in this awesome, awesome way.

Kudos to Jinx 01 for the banner! You sexy, sexy bastard.

This is where I'd put my Dtoid Official Trading Card...

Current blogs and series:

-Genesis Retrospective
Elemental Master
Altered Beast
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

-Standalone blogs
Emotional moments in vidogames
Top 10 fetishes of all time
Top 10 chiptunes!
10 Things about GajKnight!
I bought a 3DS!
My Favourite game: Kingdom Hearts 2

Add me, if you want, I d-don't care, BAKA!

PSN: gaj76
NNID: Gajknight
Steam: Gajknight
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