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gajknight's blog

7 hours ago - 9:10 AM on 10.04.2015

Shafts of light emanated from Robo Panda Z's eyes, illuminating the intricately engraved obelisks looming impossibly above him. A whispered voice spoke from the obelisk. Do you pay too much for your Internet? Comcast. Like you have a choice.


7:09 PM on 10.02.2015

Literally the only good thing in Ride to Hell. [youtube][/youtube]


12:57 PM on 10.02.2015

So bye, bye, Miss From Must Git Gud, Wrote my comment in the quickpost but the quickpost was dry, And them good 'ole mods were drinking tears and rye, Singin' this'll be the day that you die, This'll be the day that you die.


9:58 AM on 09.30.2015

Hey guys, I am happy to leak the newest Wii U game. Should be the best one yet! [youtube][/youtube]


3:15 PM on 09.27.2015

Steven Hansen strolled down the avenue, being cute as usual. Clouds of darkness hung around him, constantly raining small children who barked like dinosaurs. They ran at people and glared at them, crushing their psyche. Steven found it rather prosaic.


9:31 AM on 09.26.2015

I just realised that the first trophy I ever got on PSN was called 'Just Getting Started'. How apt! And now, 6200 trophies and 58 platinum trophies later, I'm feeling kinda nostalgic. :3


3:54 PM on 09.25.2015

Finally beat The Witcher 3. Incredible ending. Incredible game. Absolutely GOTY material and, no contest, the best written western RPG ever made. Stunning.


6:14 PM on 09.24.2015

Pixie drove her car up the freeway. Well, drove, in so much as floating on a cushion of air and darkness could be called driving. And car is used loosely. Is a vehicle made of animal bones and children's teeth a car? Pixie didn't know. Yet, she knew all.


8:26 AM on 09.22.2015

The lobsters did smell something fierce, like the stained undergarments of a Norwegian potato farmer. Yet they also reminded Dr Mel and Gaj of that time, on the beach, under the blood-red moon, with the meat cleavers and saws. How utterly romantic.


8:12 AM on 09.22.2015

Thunder clouds rolled across the sky, sounding like a small child being eaten by aboriginal squirrels. Dr Mel floated along the street. His casual defiance of gravity was perfectly normal. He passed by a kindly old lady. She burst into flame and laughed.


11:49 AM on 09.21.2015

Been listening to this almost constantly. It's ethereal yo. So cool and stuff. [youtube][/youtube]


10:55 AM on 09.20.2015

OverlordZetta was breathing heavily. His raspy breaths reverberated loudly in the room, that also doubled as the office for his Holiday Let business. Suddenly he exploded. The phone rung. 'Can I enquire about a Holiday Let?' It said. No, Zetta replied.


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