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12:11 AM on 08.07.2008

i've been drinking

i have had a few beers tonight with a friend who happens to be part of the canadian forces. he went to Afghanistan and all. because this is one of my childhood friends, we like to play some badass old school games. like king of dragons (snes), mortal kombat 3 ultimate (snes also) and top gears and contra 3 (all snes... )yeah fuck you i'm lazy and enven if he fought to not have me die to the hands of some bin laden honcho i dont want to hook up any more than 1 system when he comes over.
For some reason i think retro gaming goes with retro friends. If you make some friends that evolve with you and all yeah sure play some supa new game with them but when you lose touch with a bud... best game to play when you see him again is probably the last game you played when you were last in touch with them. I had a blast with all these. Top gear is the bomb and i will try and play its first song in the vincinity of next week on the guitar.
Like that guy... cept slower.... because i have a gf and ummm a life and im drunk. fuck.

I think my main point in that paracraf of unedited drunked writtting was that playing snes is the shit when you chill with a friend that you havent spent that much time with since the snes was the hot shit. i think i'm implying that consoles define a generation of social links. if the evolve from that then awesome because you get to flaunt all that crazy next gen shit of yours with your ultimate console game or what not, but playing say a little bit of contra with a bud that you've never showed you even had a ps3 to... is just so much more FUN... which is what gamers should be after...

my next entery will be about wrestling games because alot of my friends during highschool were into wrasslin and i got into it for the games... then wrestling itself... and so on.... more on this in a few hours the gf is kinda pissed i spent the evening with my bud playing some retro games in the living room.   read

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