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9:43 PM on 03.18.2009

We're all fucked

I've never been one for a conspiracy in my life but this one too erie to pass up.

Recently Avon came out with a new product called ANEW, but more suspiciously ANEW CLINICAL Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum. Now according to the site this is what ANEW does:" First from Avon: injectable-grade facial filler. A skin care breakthrough! Fullness perfected, not injected!* Dramatic results for dramatically less! Super concentrated serum.** 3x the level of injectable-grade hyaluronic acid for dramatic filling & plumping.*** In just 3 days, begins to reduce the look of deep folds. In 2 weeks, 82% of women saw more youthful fullness in the cheek area.**** In 4 weeks, dramatically reduces the look of deep facial folds and hollowness. Use after PM cleansing, before moisturizing. 1 fl. oz."

When I this ad I was struck with an odd sense of Deja Vu, and then it hit me.
Are we all screwed? I say aye.   read

7:20 PM on 11.08.2008

Choice choices choices

Well i currently have about $110 dollars in my pocket and have a few options ahead of me. Well if anything, millions of possibilites but i'll just limit it to videogames.

Btw, as a side note i guess i'll get the intoduction out of the way. I'm just an average gamer with no apparent skill in certiain videogames, though i am a master at Wii Fit's jacknife challenge, I play as often as i can when school or my girlfriend doesn't get in the way. I only have a PS3 and a Wii, oh and my beloved PS2 and Dreamcast (complete with shenmue and marvel vs capcom 1 and 2) I've done the 3 hearts challange in OoT and my favorite game is Majora's Mask which pisses my brother off, well I guess that's it for now, more to come. On with the show!

So I've recently come into some birthday money Dad was a month and a half late but i still love the old fart and I've narrowed it down to a few options. I'm rather choosy with my videogames as i am with my hats, I have a collection, but anyway I've gotten it down to this

World at War

and Mirror's Edge

Well to start off with, the headset is damn near confirmed because I'm so damn tired of not being able to actually work together in MGO and GTAIV. I've done some research and for the money I hear it does superb work on audio quality and background noise reduction, but I may save my money, nothing's for sure here.

Annnnnnd next, World at War...two words.....OMG ZOMBIES!

In all honesty I've never been much of an FPS guy, but I just can't wait for this game to come out, however, I'm still undecided.

Last but not least, Mirror's Edge, since downloading the demo, I've been absorbed in this game's environment alone, just admiring the beauty and serenity of the city and the controls, although simple are just the way to go in a fast paced game like this one.

To be honest, I suppose i wrote this to get my thoughts down and what better way to write than on Destructiod? I'll mull this over for a day or two and will update with my decision.   read

12:20 AM on 11.02.2008

First Blog: Mirror's Edge Demo Impressions

This is the first thing i've actually done to contribute to this site and here...we...go!

Meh, just needed a pic

My first impression was along the lines of "Oooooooo, pretty" For some reason I was reminded of Red Steel ( yes i bought it.) wiith Celeste's movements. Loved the opening animation, and the ambient music in the background, it's simple notes here and there and a good beat going but to me it adds so much. At first I just stayed in one spot admiring the street sounds, watching small pieces of trash float, looking at the sun, then i was off, I've been reading that some people are disliking runner's vision but for me this wasn't a problem. I was certainly impressed with the demo and can not wait for this game to come out. I suppose i'll try and give it a full review when it does

--Thanks for reading kids   read

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