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22 year old gamer from Philadelphia, got my big boy job not too long ago Creative IT Director, graphic design and general tech support. Love movies, videogames, and drawing but I really need to be in the mood to ever finish a sketch, now just trying to pay off those student loans and see where life takes sara and I.

Well I was greeted to an email stating that I successfully added 1600 points to my account on XBL but wait my Xbox has been unplugged for a good week. I thought maybe this was a mistake but I logged in and there it was an extra 1600 points magically appeared. I would say this is a blessing but with the shit I have gone through with Microsoft SUPPORT I feel owed these points for the grief caused by having to call 10 times for only 2 separate issues.

The Microsoft machine is a great investment until a cog in that system is thrown off then be prepared to be punished for your patronage. But I digress, now with this sudden influx of live points I am wondering one thing.

What should I buy?

I am wondering if I should get Dishwasher, maybe EXIT 2, or go nuts on Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC. Perhaps the community can suggest older games I have forgotten about since their release or know of some upcoming sale of the week I should hold out for?

I already have a modest but fun collection of Arcade games including Castlevania, Small Arms, Wik, N+, Castle Crashers, and a handful of ports of old arcade classics.

Well that is all for my first post, looking forward to adding a few of you to the friends list.