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My name is Geoff (obviously) and I'm a gamer.

I got into gaming at a fairly young age when my friend brennan brought me over to try out his playstation. Now, I had heard of playstation before, but I didn't really know what it was all about until I picked up a magazine about it at a local grocery store. In that magazine I saw an ad for a game called medieval, and I though it looked like the kind of thing I might like. Needless to say I was excited to finally get to play a playstation, and so I went over to my buddy's house for what was sure to be a good time. We played a few of his favorites, and then I asked him a fateful question: do you have medieval? I know now that his mishearing me was pretty funny, but suffice it to say I was somewhat frightened when he booted up what I thought would be a fun adventure game, but turned out to be resident evil 2.

Now, I was six at the time, and just getting over my fear of the dark. This really, really did not help in that regard, and it would be years before I could sleep without a nightlight. But the game also intrigued me in a way nothing else had ever done, and when my friend offered to GIVE me his old playstation a few days later (it had some broken components, but basically ran fine) I jumped at the chance. The rest, as they say, is history, and because of that chain of events I am proud to say that I now have no life.

My current favorite games are Psychonauts, Steambot Chronicles, Jet Set Radio, Earthbound, and Megaman Legends. I could gush for hours about each, but I'll save that for the blog.

anyway, that's me in a nutshell. For those of you who are aware of the forums, more of my bio is over there.
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Jim Sterling's latest article got me thinking, and I think he missed one key point in his comparison between fundamentalists and fanboys:

They are arguing about two things that are fundamentally identical

For a very long time, Muslims, Jews, and Christians have been blowing each other up over whose imaginary friend is better. What they often seem to forget is that, aside from some superficial differences, they're imaginary friends are exactly the same. They're both all powerful deities who prefer to speak through prophets as opposed to just talking to humanity directly, even though doing so would be easier and far more effective. They both have the same list of superpowers, and they both hate it when people have imaginary friends besides them. Additionally, they're all based on the word of the same prophet, Abraham, and they all preach essentially the same set of values. For all intents and purposes, Allah, Yaweh, and Jehova are all the same god under different names.

Similarly, despite what fanboys will tell you, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are pretty much the same console. They both have approximately the same horsepower, though one is slightly more powerful and the other is slightly easier to work with. They both play pretty much the exact same games, with most of the exclusives having equivalents on the other console. On top of that, they both have 14 button wireless controllers with a home button in the middle, two analog sticks that you can click, and USB charging function. Despite the fact that the consoles are almost exactly the same, fanboys still claim their respective consoles to be vastly superior based on ultimately superfluous things like disk format or the quality of the online service.

Both fundies and fanboys get in bloody conflicts over which of their chosen identical products is superior, and such conflicts are almost as scary as they are pathetic.

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