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1:41 PM on 09.16.2008

Mega Man NES cart mock up; I wish this was real

Capcom might have created one of the best video game concept box art in the world. We've all seen the Mega Man 9 logo/cover for the to be soon released XBLA/PSN/WiiWare game, but have we seen it like this? Capcom has gone beyond expectations and have physically created the NES box / nes cartridge disc holder for their up and coming neo-classic. This deliciously retro homage is much appreciated by yours truly, but much more appreciated by the press who actually will be receiving it. Just in case this is TOO retro for you (jim!), just lift open the NES cart to reveal the "asset disc", media DVD. At least I assume this disc is packed with trailers and promotional material, and not the real game. Either way this is a must have for collectors, only if there was an easy way of getting my hands on this. How many old ladies would you push over for this? CHAD?

Via Kotaku   read

11:09 AM on 09.16.2008

A link to the purple?

Whew, okay second blog post.

I actually just wrote up a big entry, then closed the Firefox window because I forgot I had this post in a tab. :( I'm going to try to recreate this the best I can..

Well I've finally set up my banner, and the side of my page the way I like it. I've got my little FFVI troupe over there cheering me on (hey guys!). I just wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments, it's great to be posting in the Cblog community!

Like I said yesterday I'm wanting to lean this blog over to the PC side of things, but often, like today, I'll do whatever I want. I have been playing a lot of PC recently though. Mostly Team Fortress 2 (it's hard to say no when you check your steam friends list and all your friends / roommates are playing), the newly released Spore (i'd like to write on this in a later post) which I'm really enjoying, and the not so new Mass Effect. Mass Effect is a nice addition to the PC library (I missed it on consoles, no 360), and works really well with the keyboard/mouse combo (pc gamer). I'll get to these things in due time though.. today, I'm feeling more of a Retro-Rant.

Today, I want everyone to think back to April, 1992. Legend of Zelda : A link to the past was released for the SNES. One of my favorite games for the console, and for all time. I could write a whole post about it's greatness very easily, but most of you know this already plus, it's been done before. Something that I don't think has been covered is what I'd like to talk about today, a very important matter.

Why the fuck is Link's hair purple?

Just look.

Okay done looking? Good. Can anyone explain this? Sure, maybe 'purple' isnt quite the right word, maybe PINK would be more fitting, or MAGENTA, or PLUM. I'm not a color expert, but the point is that it's not BLOND, or even BROWN. Link has had many forms since the dawn of the NES, but one thing has stayed consistent, beautiful sandy blond hair that varies from brown to blond. I'm not sure where PURPLE fits into there. Lets take a look at this very scientific chart.

From the collected data shown, it's clear to see (as long as the game is in color), that link starts off with brown hair, moves on to more brown hair, takes a freaky trip to purple land, then back to blond, lastly falling into a nice mixture of blond / brown in Twilight Princess. Now before everyone starts yelling in the comments, yes I am aware that each link is theoretically a different "person" in different "time lines" in the saga of Hyrule. Well I don't care about that! The character design is what we all look for, and obviously this purple hair didn't make the game any worse by any means, but obviously the design has always held the same feeling. I just want an explanation, the SNES didn't have a minimal color pallet, the game is full of rich vibrant colors that look FINE. Was there some kind of hardware limitation? Too many browns elsewhere? No room for brown, so they just throw in PURPLE?

Okay, I've calmed down. Anyways, does anyone have anything to add to this? Does anyone have a comment that might shed some light to my question? Does anyone really know? I guess all in all it doesn't really matter, I don't really care that much. I am curious though.   read

6:42 PM on 09.15.2008

Starting a DTOID blog......


I've been staring at the "click here to create your own community blog" button for almost a year now. I've been an avid Destructoid reader for a little over a year now, as it has become my main choice for gaming news and geeky paraphernalia. I'm a podcast junkie, I'm in love with all of the Dtoid podcasts. It's been really great "getting to know" some of the editors and contributing writers that make up Destructoid. They have made my long drives to work very enjoyable. On that note, I'm very excited to finally start posting, because I know that this first step is really the hardest one to make. I enjoy writing, but I never really considered myself good at it, at least good enough for people to read. I remember getting a lot of criticisms in college about too many "run on sentences", stupid college. Alas! This isn't college! College is done, and my new life as a Dtoid community blogger has begun, my life is now complete.

Well not really, then there wouldn't be much point in writing now would there be?

I guess this first blog post will consist of info about me, my little blogography. My name is Nick, I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma but live in Norman, OK (go OU!) I work in Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma Conservation Commission as the Information Systems Network Management Specialist (awesomely long title). I'm 24, been an avid gamer since the Legend of Zelda, but really bloomed when I played Final Fantasy 3 (6).

I think that is all I'll cover today, but at least once a day I'd like to update with more structure. I'm glad to have shared a bit about myself, introducing myself to the community a bit more officially. I've always enjoyed the other commenters / forum posters / question askers on the various podcasts, and am excited to join your strong forces.

PS, I'm leaning on focusing my blog around PC gaming. It seems that the poor PC crowd is left out of the gaming blog loop. It's a smaller community than it used to be, but I'd be happy to add to it. I also own most of the other consoles, my favorite being the DS, and spending a lot of time playing some PS3. I enjoy most games though (sorry not a sports guy though), and I do expect that the blog will go on several tangents as I see fit. Expect awesomeness. That is all.   read

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