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9:12 AM on 04.02.2010


This is the most important thing you'll read all day, obviously.

In roughly 9 days, the world will split open, and the KFC Double Down Cheesy Bacon Orgasm Sandwich will emerge as your new king.

Brad will be glad to know it's only 540 calories 32 grams of fat, and 1380mg of sodium, with numbers like that, it's GOTTA be healthy. Look at all that science.   read

11:27 AM on 12.31.2009


Just a Tweet a day.

How much is it worth to you for us to be able to find the actual cause and subsequent treatment of why Samit won't play Portal? Most of us find that this illness robs Samit in every way possible of pure happiness and joy. However, many find that they can afford just a TWEET A DAY! Right now, the "#goddammitsamitplayportal" Twitter Hashtag has started what we feel may as well be the most important research done in this field to date. We're asking all those who can to put aside just one tweet a day to help us fund this research so that we will be that much closer to a real treatment.

For those who can afford more, we certainly will never turn down two tweets a day or even dozens of tweets a day, but we find that our tweets for research have continued to mount with just the percentage of each reader's tweets that goes toward research. If you can begin setting aside a tweet now, it will shorten our delay to begin the most promising research ever attempted anywhere in the world in this field.

Help us help you by seeing how quickly a tweet a day can speed up the future! To all those who continue to help via by complaining when Samit tweets about snow, sports, or other gay stuff, thank you! To those who have read this outreach letter that explains what "Samit won't play portal/chronic fatigue syndrome" is, you're both educating others as well as helping research. Please forward this along and help us, help Samit. Together we can make real change, and better Samit's life in everyway. #Yankees #Playoffs

In advance, thank you to all those who help to find the answers that matter the most. Follow Samit on Twitter @SamitSarkar, and be sure to tweet daily, if not hourly in his benefit with the hashtag #goddammitsamitplayportal.

God Bless us every one.   read

2:10 PM on 09.22.2009

My dog Sofie is a Scribblenaut!

I wanted to share with you pictures of my dog Sofie wearing what (I thought) was a useless reserve bonus from Gamestop. It fits her like a glove, and I think she likes wearing it (for a few minutes anyways). I took this picture (and video below) with my iPhone, but I also took some much more crisp shots with my Cannon Digital Rebel(ooo fancy!) I might upload some of them later :D

I'm using this post as an excuse to write more, and become a more prominent member in the Dtoid community. I've been reading/listening/posting at dtoid for almost 3 years now, because I'm sure none of you really know who I am. Hopefully I'll use all the downtime at work to become more active in the C-blogs and the forums! I don't know the reason I avoid updating my C-Blog, I think my last post was in January and that was only my 5th or 6th attempt at posting. I actually enjoy writing, I just don't find myself very creative, or particularly good at the written word in general. I do suppose that practice makes perfect, or at least practice makes (a tiny bit) better !

That being said, I do wish I had more to offer here at Destructoid. I look around in the forums, and the amount of talent (even you phallus knife fight) in some of the art, videos, and other forms of creative humor from the community, and I just feel depressed (but still impressed!) So instead of twiddling my thumbs, afraid to impose my writings upon a very talented community in fear of not being "up to par" with some of you, I've decided that I'd still like to be apart of you even if I'm not particularly funny/interesting/creative/talented :D

This is quickly becoming a emo-blog or some kind of pity party, so I'll stop here and bless you with my dog Sofie trying to get this Scribblenauts Rooster hat off her head (no help from me or my roommate mind you, it's just too cute to see her struggle with it being over her eyes). See you tomorrow!? Yes.

I can't get the embed code to work (I added the id code into the upload, but it doesnt work. :( Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Here's the link.


Picture Update! Sofie in High Resolution GLORY!


9:08 PM on 01.13.2009

Netflix on your PS3 or 360 without Xbox live

As you know the 360 got Netflix support a few months ago so now you can stream up your instant queue from your account to your TV. Well if you don't have a 360, or don't have live, or have a ps3 you can now stream Hulu, Youtube, and Netflix to your PS3 or 360 just like any other media server (like tversity). The only thing is it isn't free, it's a 30 dollar license fee for the software, but I started the trial today (on netflix and with playon) and with almost no setup I am streaming complete tv series, movies, etc to my ps3 in great quality.

So if anyone is looking for an alternative to 360 Netflix in your living room, here it is.

30 bucks for a license (you don't have to renew or upgrade or anything, you get updates, etc like any other software).

Netflix is 8.99 a month if you don't already have it, this gets you 1 dvd rental, and unlimited streaming to your PC / TV. Up to 50 different items in 1 streaming queue. It's easy to use and through the PS3 it's 100% easy to navigate, shows or movies are separated by folders, and they include the thumbnail image for the dvd or box art.

ALSO, if you have a ps3 you can rent bluray movies for 1 dollar more a month as well as dvds.

So if you want to try it there is a month trial on netflix, and a 2 week trial for playon. I'd try it out first to make sure there isn't any compatibility problems with your network set up. I know some people have said they have had problems trying to stream hulu stuff so you might want to try it out before paying. If you follow the FAQ you can forward any ports or whatever for your router IF you have problem. Just try the 2 week trial with the month trial of Netflix before you pay for anything. I've been using it all night though and its very, very awesome.
__________________   read

1:15 PM on 12.29.2008

White Knight Chronicles

The end of last week (the 25th) White Knight Chronicles was released on the PS3 in Japan, launching with 130,000 copies sold in one day. Compared to large releases here in the States, or even in Japan itself these numbers are mediocre and perhaps disappointing for Level 5, the developers of such games as Rouge Galaxy, Dragon Quest 8, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, and Jeanne D'Arc. While this information is old news, see Jim's post Here , the user response here is a little disappointing. Usually anytime there is news on the ps3, specifically regarding sales, there is a huge biased outpouring of comments who just love to say "I told you so, I'm so right about everything" &
"PS3 suks omgz". What is frustrating to me as a reader is seeing the response the community gives anytime an article is posted about anything to do with the ps3, but more specifically frustrating is when users bitch and moan about a game that no one here has played, no one, not Jim, not Niero, and certainly none of the users. Can anyone see why it's frustrating to read users comments slamming something they have no interest in, only leaving ignorant comments to fuel their ego and boast their 360 love in their head? Of course maybe the game really is terrible, after all I haven't played it either, but I have read reviews, and watched a few videos, and I think it looks quite awesome. While the game may not be for everyone, it would be nice if dtoid would encourage it's readers to step outside the dtoid box and go read other peoples opinions, reviews, watch videos, etc, before they saturate every ps3 related sales post/new game post with negative banter that is not backed by any kind of intelligence.

If you want to know what the game is really like, go read a review of someone (a journalist for 1up) who has actually played the game. Here, everyone go read this review .

Okay done? For my own sake, I'll assume most of you are still reading my post, and never clicked the link. He goes into detail about the game mechanics, what Famitsu thinks based on other level 5 rpgs, what he liked about the game, and what he thinks could be better. Basically a standard review, giving the reader an inside look at a video game most of us do not have the opportunity to play. I'll make it easy on you.... READ THIS REVIEW

" By Nick Des Barres (1up)

As I sat down to write this preview, I reflected on the influence a major critical entity, such as a magazine or a website, can have on a product. In the case of White Knight Chronicles, my preconceived notions were strongly colored -- stained, really -- by a damning 29/40 review from Famitsu. The score seemed shockingly low, especially for a game coming from a major advertiser like Sony. Even the generally horrible Infinite Undiscovery did better (32/40), and the unfairly maligned The Last Remnant did much better (38/40). More alarmingly, Level-5's own disappointing Rogue Galaxy was considered a superior game (36/40). In short, I was expecting a disaster.

White Knight Chronicles is anything but a disaster. I don't get the feeling that the game's a vibrant masterpiece -- not yet, anyway -- but it's certainly superior to Infinite Undiscovery, and it corrects most of the problems with the deeply flawed Rogue Galaxy. Although WKC should be enjoyable comfort food for fans of Japanese role-playing games in whatever state it arrives on Western shores, a few simple tweaks could improve it dramatically. I hope this preview highlights some of the niggling interface problems that I encountered in WKC -- those little issues that all too often find their way into otherwise highly polished Level-5 games.

Despite how Sony's promoted WKC since its announcement at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, it's a massively multiplayer online-RPG at heart. Indeed, online adventuring is ostensibly half the game: The giant robot fantasy, or "Story Part," that you've been seeing images of for two years now is but a one-player experience built on a foundation clearly erected to serve the "Live Part," a Final Fantasy XI-lite four-player online-RPG. (I say "ostensibly," as it has been impossible to play WKC online since its release two days ago. More on that below.) To serve the Live Part, the game presents you with an incredibly elaborate character creation mode as soon as you complete the 5 minute, 2GB install necessary to play the game. Level-5 president/evangelist Akihiro Hino said that he expects gamers to spend 2 hours crafting their avatar before the game even begins, and in my case that turned out to be accurate: After an evening spent coaxing nine pages of sliders ranging from ear curvature to nasal-labial trough ratio, I ended up with an unnervingly accurate 3D representation of myself -- faithful down to slightly asymmetrical eyes. When all's said and done, WKC may be best remembered for this feature; I'd be fully comfortable calling WKC's avatar editor the most advanced in gaming history. Indeed, it makes the character creation modes of things like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and PlayStation Home look laughable in comparison.

Once you're satisfied with your in-game persona, the one-player Story Part begins (you aren't able to access any online functions until you've advanced a few hours into the campaign, which acts as a tutorial for the various game systems). Your avatar is a mute employee at hero Leonard's liquor shop, where you're both tasked with retrieving a shipment of wine for Princess Shizuna's coming-of-age festival. By nightfall, the low-born Leonard's finagled his way into the royal palace, an event which -- wouldn't you just know it -- happens to coincide with an enemy invasion led by a menacing Black Knight. Soon the Princess is kidnapped, and her father, the King of Valandor, is killed...but not before Leonard makes a pact with a suit of ancient, sentient armor lying beneath the palace, granting him the ability to transform into a 30-foot-tall robo-knight. All of this happens before the opening credits!

The story may not be remarkable (Hino, who "wrote" the wildly incoherent Rogue Galaxy, also wrote WKC), but the experience it sets up is enjoyable. I mentioned that WKC was an MMORPG at heart; that might be too kind. WKC is Final Fantasy XI. The near-identical controls, battles, camera angles, onscreen log, emote commands, macro shortcuts, and design -- extending even to lawsuit-worthy analogues of FFXI's Hume, Elvaan, Tarutaru, Mithra and Galka races -- nearly convinced me that I was living a cruel flashback. FFXI held my life in a death grip for half a decade, but a return to its familiar control schemes was strangely enjoyable. For those who never tried Square Enix's soul-stealing online RPG, its game engine is a brilliant one; you've likely experienced a great deal of its influence in FFXII, but it's even more profound here.

That influence is first noticeable in WKC's vast, wide-open areas, which can take a good 15 minutes to travel across. Cities are completely seamless -- opening the door to a shop or home simply lets you inside, with nary a screen transition to be seen. Environments have a true lived-in quality; there's a sense that the world continues beyond the boundaries your characters can move within. WKC may not be a technical marvel, but its superb world design can make for the occasionally breathtaking moment as you crest a rise to see glittering lakes far below or stop to admire the intricate way a bridge loops back over an area that you had been through hours before.

The controls are also lifted from FFXI, with movement on the left stick and the targeting of enemies, NPCs, and objects accomplished with the digital D-pad. Targeting your character brings up a list of commands. In battle, you can freely assign individual attacks, weapon skills, and magic commands to a palette of shortcuts -- a concept identical to FFXI's macros, though with somewhat less freedom. Enemies roam the field (some are aggressive, and some aren't) and will link together on sight just as in...yeah, I don't even have to say it anymore.

Two areas in which WKC differs significantly from FFXI are its character growth and combo systems. You have complete freedom to acquire whatever weapon skill, magic, or stat bonus you choose through skill points obtained when you level up, and learning these unlock subsequent skills. It's like FFXII's License Board system, though with a less visual implementation. You can also create custom combos by linking together several attacks via a submenu, which are unleashed in battle through a quick time event-like button-tapping scheme. Contrary to how they may sound, combos may be the most enjoyable aspect of WKC's battle system, offering great freedom and accompanied by spectacular camerawork. "

Still think it's the worst game in the world, and it's going to bomb? That's fine, at least you've read up on it first. My point is that dtoid users are too quick to judge, close minded, and do little research from gaming review sites and only focus on dtoids "blog" style of "journalistic commentary". All I ask from my fellow users is to research what you're commenting on, good or bad, go read up, travel the web, check out some other sites, watch some videos, watch more than 1 video of a guy running around leveling up, just take some time into what you're saying, back up your opinions with something and give me a reason to value your opinion.   read

1:27 PM on 10.17.2008

Little Big Planet Delay, a call to gamers for maturity

Alright guys I'll make this as sensitive and appropriate as possible. We've all read about LBP delay, caused by a Qu'ran reference in the song "Tapha Niang" from the 2006 album Boulevard de l'Independance by Grammy award-winning Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté". My first reaction was that the quote from the Qu'ran was offensive to English speaking territories and must be about God, or something specifically sensitive. This seems to not be the case as the 2 sentences specifically quote some apocalyptic type of material (that can be found in most holy books). Specifically:

"كل نفس ذائقة الموت" ("kollo nafsin tha'iqatol mawt", literally: 'Every soul shall have the taste of death').

"كل من عليها فان" ("kollo man alaiha fan", literally: 'All that is on earth will perish').

So we can take this whatever way we want, and the media seems to be focusing on the lyrics up above as the reason the game has been delayed, but this is misleading. Gamasutra reports the incident started on a Muslim gaming community message board. Saying,

"I asked many of my friends online and offline and they heard the exact same thing that I heard easily when I played that part of the track. Certain Arabic hardcore gaming forums are already discussing this, so we decided to take action by emailing you before this spreads to mainstream attention.

We Muslims consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Quran deeply offending. We hope you would remove that track from the game immediately via an online patch, and make sure that all future shipments of the game disk do not contain it."

Basically, the offense is the use of the Qu'ran in music (being mixed, etc) is offensive to a small amount of Muslims who are considered by most other Muslims as a little extreme in what rules they follow.

Seeking to put this all together I spoke to a friend of mine, a Muslim woman who helped me make some sense of this all.

I linked her to several stories, and filled her in on all the details, she first responded "I don't understand, what's the problem". I explained that perhaps the lyrics were a bit sensitive to English territories (of course this is silly) and she said "i have no idea
there are tons of verses like that." Shortly after I found the article explaining the real reason, and asked her about the offense to Muslims, she said "yes
its not allowed. but, only extremist folks follow that rule but it only takes a few ignorant people to ruin everything." Obviously the very people who were offended have caused a new problem, media attention to the lyrics, and ignorant behavior from the internet community. Something they probably didn't want, which makes all of this the more pointless.

Now to the reason I sat down and took time to talk to everyone. Please, I'm begging the Destructoid Community, the gaming community, to have respect and maturity over this matter. I've already read a lot of offensive material on this site, and every other gaming site regarding Muslim people, and religion in general. I'm not a religious person, and I don't want to start a debate that leads into a quarrel about personal beliefs. I do want to plead for people to realize that a few extremist people do no smear an entire group of people. I beg everyone to be mindful of others, and to take the anger of disappointment and use it constructively instead of bashing groups of people who are on the same side as you.

While this is terribly disappointing, everyone should breath a sigh of relief! Why? Because this month is a gaming cluster bomb of enjoyment and this is one less game I have to worry about for a few weeks. This week alone so many exciting releases for us to play instead, here is a list of some exciting games coming out this week and next, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Rock Band 2 for PS3, Fallout 3 for PC, Dead Space, Bioshock for PS3, Star Ocean for PSP, Eternal Sonata for PS3, Fable II for 360, and FarCry 2 for PC.

So everyone calm down, be respectful, and go enjoy some of the great games we have to choose from just this upcoming week alone. We are lucky to have so many great choices this week, and just because the truly amazing Little Big Planet will not be in our hands doesn't mean we can't have some fun anyway.

Although it would be nice if Media Molecule released an open beta to calm the hordes of people who are disappointed by this announcement, just to tide us over :D

Please go out with respect, it's very easy to be offensive when we don't mean to, and please encourage mature behavior. We all represent the gaming community when we're posting on gaming sites, make us proud.   read

1:41 PM on 09.16.2008

Mega Man NES cart mock up; I wish this was real

Capcom might have created one of the best video game concept box art in the world. We've all seen the Mega Man 9 logo/cover for the to be soon released XBLA/PSN/WiiWare game, but have we seen it like this? Capcom has gone beyond expectations and have physically created the NES box / nes cartridge disc holder for their up and coming neo-classic. This deliciously retro homage is much appreciated by yours truly, but much more appreciated by the press who actually will be receiving it. Just in case this is TOO retro for you (jim!), just lift open the NES cart to reveal the "asset disc", media DVD. At least I assume this disc is packed with trailers and promotional material, and not the real game. Either way this is a must have for collectors, only if there was an easy way of getting my hands on this. How many old ladies would you push over for this? CHAD?

Via Kotaku   read

11:09 AM on 09.16.2008

A link to the purple?

Whew, okay second blog post.

I actually just wrote up a big entry, then closed the Firefox window because I forgot I had this post in a tab. :( I'm going to try to recreate this the best I can..

Well I've finally set up my banner, and the side of my page the way I like it. I've got my little FFVI troupe over there cheering me on (hey guys!). I just wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments, it's great to be posting in the Cblog community!

Like I said yesterday I'm wanting to lean this blog over to the PC side of things, but often, like today, I'll do whatever I want. I have been playing a lot of PC recently though. Mostly Team Fortress 2 (it's hard to say no when you check your steam friends list and all your friends / roommates are playing), the newly released Spore (i'd like to write on this in a later post) which I'm really enjoying, and the not so new Mass Effect. Mass Effect is a nice addition to the PC library (I missed it on consoles, no 360), and works really well with the keyboard/mouse combo (pc gamer). I'll get to these things in due time though.. today, I'm feeling more of a Retro-Rant.

Today, I want everyone to think back to April, 1992. Legend of Zelda : A link to the past was released for the SNES. One of my favorite games for the console, and for all time. I could write a whole post about it's greatness very easily, but most of you know this already plus, it's been done before. Something that I don't think has been covered is what I'd like to talk about today, a very important matter.

Why the fuck is Link's hair purple?

Just look.

Okay done looking? Good. Can anyone explain this? Sure, maybe 'purple' isnt quite the right word, maybe PINK would be more fitting, or MAGENTA, or PLUM. I'm not a color expert, but the point is that it's not BLOND, or even BROWN. Link has had many forms since the dawn of the NES, but one thing has stayed consistent, beautiful sandy blond hair that varies from brown to blond. I'm not sure where PURPLE fits into there. Lets take a look at this very scientific chart.

From the collected data shown, it's clear to see (as long as the game is in color), that link starts off with brown hair, moves on to more brown hair, takes a freaky trip to purple land, then back to blond, lastly falling into a nice mixture of blond / brown in Twilight Princess. Now before everyone starts yelling in the comments, yes I am aware that each link is theoretically a different "person" in different "time lines" in the saga of Hyrule. Well I don't care about that! The character design is what we all look for, and obviously this purple hair didn't make the game any worse by any means, but obviously the design has always held the same feeling. I just want an explanation, the SNES didn't have a minimal color pallet, the game is full of rich vibrant colors that look FINE. Was there some kind of hardware limitation? Too many browns elsewhere? No room for brown, so they just throw in PURPLE?

Okay, I've calmed down. Anyways, does anyone have anything to add to this? Does anyone have a comment that might shed some light to my question? Does anyone really know? I guess all in all it doesn't really matter, I don't really care that much. I am curious though.   read

6:42 PM on 09.15.2008

Starting a DTOID blog......


I've been staring at the "click here to create your own community blog" button for almost a year now. I've been an avid Destructoid reader for a little over a year now, as it has become my main choice for gaming news and geeky paraphernalia. I'm a podcast junkie, I'm in love with all of the Dtoid podcasts. It's been really great "getting to know" some of the editors and contributing writers that make up Destructoid. They have made my long drives to work very enjoyable. On that note, I'm very excited to finally start posting, because I know that this first step is really the hardest one to make. I enjoy writing, but I never really considered myself good at it, at least good enough for people to read. I remember getting a lot of criticisms in college about too many "run on sentences", stupid college. Alas! This isn't college! College is done, and my new life as a Dtoid community blogger has begun, my life is now complete.

Well not really, then there wouldn't be much point in writing now would there be?

I guess this first blog post will consist of info about me, my little blogography. My name is Nick, I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma but live in Norman, OK (go OU!) I work in Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma Conservation Commission as the Information Systems Network Management Specialist (awesomely long title). I'm 24, been an avid gamer since the Legend of Zelda, but really bloomed when I played Final Fantasy 3 (6).

I think that is all I'll cover today, but at least once a day I'd like to update with more structure. I'm glad to have shared a bit about myself, introducing myself to the community a bit more officially. I've always enjoyed the other commenters / forum posters / question askers on the various podcasts, and am excited to join your strong forces.

PS, I'm leaning on focusing my blog around PC gaming. It seems that the poor PC crowd is left out of the gaming blog loop. It's a smaller community than it used to be, but I'd be happy to add to it. I also own most of the other consoles, my favorite being the DS, and spending a lot of time playing some PS3. I enjoy most games though (sorry not a sports guy though), and I do expect that the blog will go on several tangents as I see fit. Expect awesomeness. That is all.   read

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