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1:41 PM on 06.01.2013

Webcomics...and I'm not dead, at least not yet...

Hey guys, long time, here are 5 of the 11 images I have finished (9 left to complete, hopefully hundreds to follow).  Can safely say I'm launching before summers end. So this was really THE first comic conceived for Fullic...   read

10:07 PM on 03.06.2013

Sadly not launching this month due to fair use and images...

For those few of you who may be wondering, is NOT launching this week (sad face). In fact it's not launching this month. The site was well on it's way to completion, and it really had a bumpy start. Working with...   read

2:54 AM on 02.13.2013

The Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges of the Ouya and Steam Box

Hi guys, it's been awhile and I just wanted to stop by and ask for your help. I've been extremely busy with not only working on the website but typing up a blog for debates in another community. However, the dtoid community...   read

6:01 PM on 01.29.2013

Cram session: What the Fu-Beta?! Why Bungie is Awesome, and patent law.

Alright, seriously can we just start calling it the Pre-Game now? Every game seems to have a Beta lately and while some games like SC2 are truly making attempts at wonderful changes to balance or create more competition, oth...   read

12:08 PM on 01.28.2013

When is it Ok to Quit a Match?

Never, some will answer. You shouldn’t leave a game until it’s over, some still declaring the strong, proud, and timeless motto of “Never give up! Never Surrender!” In fact, this is often a belief held by many skilled play...   read

1:48 AM on 01.24.2013

There is Certainly a Silver Lining to ThQ's sad circumstances...

This most definitely is a sign of the industry and potential things to come, but it's a good sign, even with such sad circumstances. I was hoping I'd be able to articulate my thoughts further upon this matter but it turns o...   read

2:05 PM on 01.22.2013

Cabin in the Woods Stumble Upon...

Every now and then, Disqus just stops working for me. In the past I've just been able to reconnect to the service later, or just reboot my system. That's not working this time...I've tried most, reasonable solutions but see...   read

2:20 AM on 01.20.2013

Where's your comfort zone?

I'm curious about the place where you're most comfortable, at least gaming/entertainment wise, ya know. Why? Well, it's been on my mind for awhile, after my dad pointed out that it was a little odd that I don't spend much t...   read

5:41 PM on 01.18.2013

A new score system for reviews...

In my first post that broke down issues with current review scoring systems, I wrapped up with the creation of a new scoring system that I've implemented in my reviews. In the blog that follows, I elaborate on it's purpose a...   read

9:55 PM on 01.17.2013

DmC receives a 6 - 8 FECS score, what does it mean?

For those of you who may be knew to this blog or a Fullicide review, welcome! This review uses a unique score system that can be read about here. I will also be posting another article tomorrow that will elaborate further on...   read

9:32 PM on 01.16.2013

The Comical Side of Fullicide

On a softer side of things, here's an intro to the webcomic side of things at Fullicide. I'll also be posting my DmC review on Friday, with it's FECS score, and another version of explanation on how the system works. Next w...   read

1:07 PM on 01.14.2013

No Ma’am, I’m a real f’ing boy! (The Black Ops 2 Probation Article)

There are points of contention in this article that are in fact being revised to make the content more salient to readers. These changes will be posted soon. Please note that my intent to contact activision via customer sup...   read

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