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fullicide-SD avatar 2:20 AM on 01.20.2013  (server time)
Where's your comfort zone?

I'm curious about the place where you're most comfortable, at least gaming/entertainment wise, ya know. Why? Well, it's been on my mind for awhile, after my dad pointed out that it was a little odd that I don't spend much time in a common room or family room, whatever you prefer to call it. I love getting out with friends but since I graduated from college, I spend a lot of time at my desk. It's a big L shaped desk that really has everything important to me, and NO I'm not talking about my site womp womp.

Yeah, as many have pointed out I've been too focused on my site, and really haven't said much else to the community. Part of it's the fact that I started more than one blog at once, which was dumb to begin with. It's hard to focus on more than one at once. Still, it's no excuse. I have enjoyed reading blogs for OSGA21 and jbcrazy305, and commenting with Occam, the Phils, and others. Shortly after I started I forgot to include myself in this, which I meant to all along.

This is my old dog Woody, and our crazy bird Romeo...

My dog died recently, we had to put him down, and even though that may be of less impact to some, it's hit me more than I thought it would. The economy sucks, we all know that. So exiting school I wasn't going to fool myself and "try and make it on my own" that whole gig. I came home to my parents to find out if I could see this risky endeavor of mine through, and with no friends left living in my home town, I'm without distraction. I guess it hasn't been as good a thing as I thought it would be...I've had friends asking me if I'm ok, and I just tell them I'm busy. I'm not ok, I miss Woody, our collie, very much, and even though he was old, I guess I just expected him to last a little longer. He was my best friend where I'm living now, and he's gone. I still hear him sometimes too. I've been wanting to tell anyone this since we lost him, and I haven't...When I lost my sister I had a lot of people around me; but that's something for another time. This times been pretty different...

Anywho, the whole things had me thinking about what my dad said, that I'm never in front of a Tv really, not even for gaming. I'm most comfortable with a lot of what I do at my desk. It's been that way for a good 4-ish years. This spot isn't just work, but play as well. I run my ps3 and 360 through a splitter that is fed into my monitor. I've got a decently powerful custom pc that a friend helped me build (yeah, that's windows 8 in the pics, and I love it). I could fall asleep many night in my big comfy chair. It's likely this spot here, with all it's work, and gaming, and leisure has kept me from losing my mind these last couple of weeks; these weeks that have felt so long. It made me recollect how all of our "comfort zones", these places where we can be so secluded yet feel so safe, are so different from one another. Some are on couches or recliners in front of a massive Tv. Others have their own room. I used to game with someone I'd still like to call a good friend, on Armored Core V, I think he said he was on a 13" Tv haha. We've each got "our spot", where's yours? Mines my two monitors, in an unfinished basement, in my big comfy managers chair that I could pass out in.

Ps3 squeezed between the monitors, a powerful switch for wired connections, very old Boston speakers from like 92 or something...

Yup, that's SG-1, no idea why but I love and miss their adventures.

I think I'm going to make myself take a day off tomorrow. Play some Spartan Ops. Sorry I've seemed so stiff, it's because I have been haha. I think posting this, whether anyone reads it or not, likes it or not, cares or doesnt, this has been pretty relieving. I promise I'll be a more involved member of the community. Focus realigned.

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