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fullicide-SD avatar 1:41 PM on 06.01.2013  (server time)
Webcomics...and I'm not dead, at least not yet...

Hey guys, long time, here are 5 of the 11 images I have finished (9 left to complete, hopefully hundreds to follow).  Can safely say I'm launching before summers end.

So this was really THE first comic conceived for Fullicide.  When me and my perverbial brother, Marc, used to spend hours in game we’d talk about everything.  Mostof the time it was down at his apartment with a couple of beers.  When I finally told him about this kinda quirky idea I wanted to strive for it seemed on queue that he soon after made the joke about gaming ondrugs.  All credit for this idea, and honestly much thanks for making it to site launch (if or when), goes to him.

In all seriousness though, I’ve had friends who’ve gamed after smoking or what have you, and it’s always just 
kind of sad :\.  Hell, I’ve even done some gaming after a night of drinking.  It’s sloppy, and really not much fun.
The best gaming experience comes from being at your most me, drugs suck.

I’ve felt some pride in these art pieces as I feel like I’ve grown in skill with the software, sketches, and the comics as a whole.  The one thing I still lack in is the dialogue, but I want to say part of that is learning to write the piece as I’m drawing it up.  Here’s hoping to continue improving in all these things.

This was a bit of an odd one.  Initially I had written this piece while in the drawing process, however, once Iwent into photoshop the dialogue didn’t really feel like it fit anymore.  So this is the writing I wound up settling on, I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.  Eventually I had to decide to come down on somethng that would only be ok because I spent too much time trying to reword this.  I intend to do better moving

I do like the art though, especially panel two.  It turned out better than expected and it was with this one that I began to strive for a more elaborate background.

The topic covers something I’ve always felt, a certain lack of logical steps in horror films.  Not to say that logic or reasonable moves are
entirely required but it makes the actions much more believable.  I always feel like the next smart step is to just go by a gun instead of staying in the home or location where the deadly element is...but then of course it wouldn’t be a horror film.

I know there are ways for a person to receive the nutrients they need to live without ingestion through themouth, but really?  Did anyone else ponder this same thing?  Does Bane take the mask off and stuff his face real quick like, while screaming in agony? :P

The biggest challenge I set for myself with this one was making the food look delectable, maybe even makingthe viewer/reader hungry.  I think I came close for art that isn’t meant to look real to life.

I could have done a little more with the background, adding a little more color, or another layer of color. Still, as far as writing and art are concerned this is one of my best starting comics.

This was the first Review Art I completed.  My intent was to portray the sense and feeling of the story behind BioShock Infinite.  I thought the story was the best part of the game and was capable of making up for any issues one could find.

After the other Review Art peices I’ve done, I wouldn’t call this one my best, but I still like it...I liked the challenge of all of the different directions of the image, the concept of “light facing dark, dark facing light”.The execution for this art was done decently, with some minor faults that were experience and skill based; I’ve already improved upon them now.

As for the game itself, I don’t think it’s perfect.  Extremely good, but I don’t think it’s worth declaring game of the year, not yet.

Also known as “Lessons in Dirt and Blood”, going into Photoshop with this one I initially didn’t like what I had.  I had a shocking amount of difficulty in drawing this piece, for some odd reason, even though it’s not that complex.  

The problems I had with the sketch were Lara’s dimensions.   I felt I hadn’t done well with her proportions by comparison to the images I find online I use as a basis to do my works.  Her hips are a lil too small, waist a lil too long, etc.  Yet, after the completion of this piece, it’s turned out fantastic. 

I’ve had some great compliments on my skills with shading, and I really feel the layer of dirt and blood/grime I used in this image really helped it to be a cut above the rest.  Oddly enough this was initially an easy one to do.   I say initially because I then lost half the work Ihad done when my computer took a shit :P.  Normally this wouldn’t bother me but I had been saving through most of this piece and suddenly, the work I knew I had saved was lost.  Lessons.


As for life, well...since I've come home from college I've been having health issues that I don't really like to share.  However, I feel like I'm on the right track to getting better.  PT is doing wonders by comparison to how I felt before.  Stress was effecting my body in some rather harsh adverse ways.  

Originally when I was pouring everything I had into getting these images done I was able to do three to four a week AND typing up a review.  At the request of my family, for the sake of my health, I agreed to do a more regular 6 to 8 hours a day of work.

At the current pace there should be no issue with launching before the end of summer.  Sadly, I don't see the time to return to blogging with launch, or not on a regular schedule.  With the inability to use images from the entertainment I use in reviews, there seems to be a need to push into the next stage of the site.  So, aside from all of the work that will be put into the site, behind the scenes I'll be prepping for live content.  I really want blogging to be a central part of my day/week, but there never seem to be enough hours in a day...

If you'd like to share any critiques on these pieces, please, feel free.  I take criticisms seriously, and always consider how I can make my work better.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed a couple if not more of these pieces, and have a great day!

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